Video: Twilight Tent City Going Up at Comic Con

This is the first time I recall camping starting on the Tuesday. Usually it starts Wednesday.

Video via TwiFans and uber camper Alison

Another Volvo Marketing Pitch Coming This Fall

The Twilight Examiner unearthed this tidbit on A Direct Marketing News Item that announced Allyson Witherspoon as Volvo’s new global digital brand director.

“The automaker will launch a “global online event in November” for the release of Breaking Dawn, the fourth film in the Twilight series, said Brooks. He declined to provide more specific information about the initiative.

Doug Speck, CEO of Volvo Cars of North America, said in January that the company would boost advertising spending this year and that it had planned to spend as much money in the first quarter alone as it spent in 2010.

Witherspoon said she has already held meetings with Volvo and “gone through” her vision for their work.

“Volvo has a rich history of innovation in the digital space,” she said, adding that she has also “reached out to all the [agency’s major] clients.”

Volvo obviously has a history with the franchise. The Examiner has a great rundown on the campaigns that Volvo has run before.

There is at least some good news, and that is that Silver, sports car-type, Volvos were spotted in the Vancouver area (by the TwiFans website see photo above) for filming back in the late spring. So at least they are coming way closer to getting the car in the film to match the car in the book.

Comic Con Camping Advice

When you want advice you go to the experts. It’s probably safe to say that Alison from Twifans has taken camping out for Twilight events to an art form. She has some very practical advice for old timers and newbies:

“1.  Hotel– You should have got this long ago but if you haven’t start looking in the surrounding areas like the harbor or Coronado.  Even if you have to stay 10-15 minutes away to get a good priced deal, it’s worth it.

2.  Line buddies are essential for a good experience in line. Line buddies can be the people in your group or friends you make on either side of you in line.  Line etiquette:  Make sure to let everyone around you know how many friends are in your group and if it’s more than just a few, people may not be happy.  Best bet is to all go at the same time.  Security will get very strict about adding additional friends to the line.

 Being comfortable in line is different to everyone.  Some people bring a chair and survive with a chair forever and others want luxury hotel like digs.  Whether you want to pack the whole car or fly in with just the necessities, we have some suggestions and plans for how to build your outdoor line living room.”

See more on TwiFans.

Rappelling Time For Breaking Dawn Actors

No we don’t mean that the actors are fighting off aggressive fans or paparazzi, or even a Team Edward vs. Team Jacob knock down and drag out fight in the sense of repelling. This is rappelling as in rock climbing. TwiFans during their trip to Canada discovered a set that looked like it was set up for a rock climbing and forest exploration sequence.

Based on the books it’s seems likely this might be a Bella’s first hunt kind of location. Check out more photos and details on TwiFans.

TwiFans Takes Helicopter Tour of the Filming Area

Alison from TwiFans continues her coverage of the Vancouver filming area:

“The Squamish hunting team (aka Alison & Dawn) knew that ‘Breaking Dawn’ filming was closed down on Saturday and Sunday and decided a “tour” of Squamish from the air would be a fun fact finding mission. Before anyone freaks, we went on a day off so that we would not be in any danger of harming any audio or filming.

Armed with our mega, 8 inch Nikon zoom lens for some “Twilight” nature pictures, we had no idea of what our adventure would uncover, but knew what general idea of where we wanted to look in. We boarded the TwiCopter to begin our hunt. What did we find? We found the Cullen home, the Cullen driveway, Cullen backyard, and the river that Bella jumps over on her first hunting trip as a newborn Vampire.

In the TwiCopter we were given headphones to help with the sounds. Little did our pilot realize that these headphones were for his protection not ours. Dawn and I were screaming like a 12 year old boy flying in the Millineum Falcon with Han Solo. The pilot was gracious or muted us and give us a tour that would make any Twifan scream with joy.”

See more on TwiFans for details on their adventure and similar photos of outdoor scenery and house location.

David Slade Signs For Fans as a Last Eclipse Hurrah

David Slade signed Eclipse DVDs down at the Burbank Horror Shop, Dark Delicacies. Alison from TwiFans attended and took the photos below.

Find more photos like this on Twifans

There is also a video of the adventure found here.

David Slade put out the following message on Twitter,”Thanks to everyone who braved the LA winter at Dark Del this evening. It was a fun event, now resting my signing arm for a while. Dark Del signing my last official duty under the Twilight Saga regime.”

Given David’s commentary in multiple interviews that once he concludes a project, he never looks back on it, this is probably the end of his Twilight related interaction.

Twilight Tidbits Overheard At The Scream Awards

Several people were at the Scream Awards in the audience and on the red carpet for TwiFans(seenbelow), Twilightish(seen above), and other LA-based blogs. Here are some of the details that they tweeted out last night.

From the TwiFans Twitter:

“We are stillllll uploading our Jackson Rathbone BUT he said “they show how Renesmee gets made.” FTW”

Jackson Rathbone give acceptance speech. Thanks fans, SM, Melissa & Summit (you have to tune in to find out what the award was)

Kristen gave a sweet acceptance speech! Very gracious & thankful!(you have to tune in to find out what the award was)

From the Twilightish Twitter:

Omg!!! Just met Kristen backstage!! Get security guard took a pic of us!!! She was awesome…uploading asap

Jackson said that Nikki Reed is directing an upcoming 100 monkeys music video

Jackson also said he was looking ver forward to filming breaking dawn in Louisiana because that’s where his dad is from

Jackson told us he wished that there was an Alice and Jasper love scene!

From Marc Malkin at E!

Kristen rehearsed with Rob and Taylor for last day and a half.

Kristen, Taylor and Rob have been rehearsing breaking dawn…

The Stephenie Meyer Fansite Interview: The Midnight Sun Answer

You can hear or read this part of the fansite discussion that took place last weekend in Los Angeles. Twilight Series Theories, Twilight Source, Twifans, and Letters to Twilight were all there for a four hour discussion.

Much of that discussion can’t be made public until after Eclipse comes out so as not to spoil the movie; however, the sites were given permission to broadcast/write-up the first thing Stephenie talked to the group about which was the status of Midnight Sun.

You can listen here and hear Stephenie herself in her own words:

For those of you who prefer to read rather than listen, we understand that Kallie of Twilight Series Theories is transcribing.

EDITED: Written transcription here:

Fansites Have Lunch With Stephenie Meyer

stephenieMeyerHeadshot2The websites Twilight Source, Twilight Series Theories, TwiFans, and Letters to Twilight spent a 4 hour lunch with Stephenie Meyer yesterday. They have tons and tons of information, some of which they can’t share until after the movie comes out so it doesn’t spoil the movie,but they can release some tidbits starting next week.

We talked to Kallie, from Twilight Series Theories, after the meeting. Kallie and her sister, Kassie, run Twilight Series Theories and are two of the coolest Texan ladies you ever want to meet! Kallie has been our broadcast buddy at the New Moon red carpet and she will be our broadcast buddy again for Eclipse.

Kallie said, “It was wonderful, fantastic, it was the chance of a lifetime. Stephenie is so down to earth. All the fans will love the information. We can’t wait to share.”

Kallie and Kassie have plans to put some of the material into their podcast as well as have transcripts.

Matt Britton from Twilight Source said via Twitter. “NEWS: Imprint LIVE: Saturday, June 19th at 8 PM ET to talk about our meeting with Stephenie!

Alison and Kim from Twifans summed things up here releasing the questions that they asked but not the answers:

“Here’s a little teaser of the questions (Alison & Kim) asked Stephenie Meyer during our 4 hour Q & A. Some questions are Bree Tanner spoilers so we’re not going to post those in this teaser:

1. What rule did Bree actually break according to the Volturi? (Fan question credit to – jencwu)

2. When will The Official Twilight Guide be released?

3. What do you think about Fan Fiction?

4. How do you feel about creating a fictional character all men are measured against?

5. Edward’s movie Volvo (hatch back & mom mobile) &is different then the book Volvo, what do you think about this?

6. Based on the clips, Hot Angry Edward seems to be a fan favorite. Why do u think the fans seem to be so excited about this?

7. In the book Eclipse Bella jumps between Edward & Jacob in the tent scene to stop them from fighting. If Bella hadn’t done that, our members want to know who would win – Edward or Jacob?

8. During the motorcycle scene in the parking lot Bella leaves Edward & rides off with Jacob. Our members don’t think book Bella would ever treat Edward like that, what’s your opinion?

9. What made you put your producer hat on for Breaking Dawn & what will you bring to the table?

10. Do you have a message for the fans?

These are just questions. Each of the 4 fansites ( Letters 2 Twilight, Twilight Source & Twilight Series Theories) asked their own great questions so there’s a lot more info coming your way. We’ll be posting a little more on Monday but can’t post anything Eclipse movie related until after the is released. Stay tuned! “

Letters to Twilight stated: “We have so much to share. SO.MUCH.TO.SHARE. We interviewed Stephenie Meyer yesterday. No, scratch that- we hung out with Stephenie Meyer yesterday for four hours. Yes. You heard that. FOUR HOURS. We have amazing photos (We’re pretty sure the photographer got some good ones of us stuffing strawberries in our faces & feeding each other grapes) and H-O-U-R-S of conversations to pour over.”

Four Fansites to Interview Stephenie Meyer


Letters to Twilight


Twilight Series Theories

Twilight Source

They found out today that they are going to get to interview Stephenie Meyer. Here’s how the news was broken on Stephenie’s site:

“Hey guys,

I want to do something different with publicity for this movie release. For Twilight, I did the normal press junket, for New Moon I got to go on Oprah. Both of these were fun, exciting experiences. However, they both had the same drawback—the interviews were designed for a very broad audience, and because of that, most of the questions were about things you guys have known the answers to for years. I feel like all of the basic questions have been answered, and for Eclipse I want to focus on the more specific questions of the readers. To accomplish that, I’m hosting my own mini-junket with a few fansites. It will be held on Friday, June 18th, the week before the L.A. premiere.

Unfortunately, I can’t talk to every single site, and I want to keep this as low key and enjoyable as possible. So I put all the U.S. fansites in a hat (for logistical reasons, we had to keep this in the country) and drew out four names.

The names I drew were:

Each of these sites is invited to send two members of their staff (or one member and a guest) to our fan-centric mini-junket. You will be contacted shortly by my assistant, who will give you all the specific information. In the event that any of the sites is unable to send representatives, I’ve already drawn four back up sites, which I will post if it becomes necessary.

I’ll answer all of your questions (and your readers questions, if you want to poll them) about the Eclipse Movie, and the Bree story, as well, which will have been out for a few weeks by then. We’ll have lunch, hang out, and hopefully have a fantastic time. I hope you all can make it!”