The Stephenie Meyer Fansite Interview: The Midnight Sun Answer

You can hear or read this part of the fansite discussion that took place last weekend in Los Angeles. Twilight Series Theories, Twilight Source, Twifans, and Letters to Twilight were all there for a four hour discussion.

Much of that discussion can’t be made public until after Eclipse comes out so as not to spoil the movie; however, the sites were given permission to broadcast/write-up the first thing Stephenie talked to the group about which was the status of Midnight Sun.

You can listen here and hear Stephenie herself in her own words:

For those of you who prefer to read rather than listen, we understand that Kallie of Twilight Series Theories is transcribing.

EDITED: Written transcription here:


  1. i totally respect stephenie and her reasons to wait on finishing midnight sun. i just want it so badly and get even more discouraged every time she talks about it because it feels like we are going to be waiting for quite a while…

  2. So her answer was reasonable.

    But I’d wish she put on a Barry White album to hurry up and get into the mood.

  3. I am ok with waiting, if it means she does it right and with the same passion as the rest of the saga. Sounds like she is very excited about the car chase, can’t wait to hear about that. Atleast she knows we want it and is saying she WILL finish it someday.

  4. I totally understand wanting to wait to write it when it feels natural and it doesnt feel forced… but at the same time she’s been acting horribly childish and stubborn about it (like she said so herself) I understand she was hurt and not in a small way but US the fans got punished for one of HER specially chosen few people. And i’m not talking about her holding the book back. Since the leak she cut off pretty much all ties to the fandom. Closed her myspace, has no facebook, only does generic interviews and then very rarely does a fansite interview. *sigh* At this point I almost don’t care… if she’s really cares and wants to she’ll finish and publish it, if not then not. We’ll just have to wait it out I guess

  5. silkoverglass says

    Yeah well….Hum? I’m not interested in it anymore.She shouldn’t write it. I don’t think she could write it, even if she wanted to. It’s been so long now. She won’t be able to do it. And we don’t want to read it anyways! 😉 *wink* Not if she begged us! Right?! Yeah tell her people!

  6. She shouldn’t say she’s too burnt out on vampires to write it when she just published the Bree Tanner book.

  7. Twilight Fan (one of many) says

    I feel stupid. What car chase is she talking about? Is that something she mentioned in the part of midnight sun that she released on her website b/c I haven’t read it.

  8. averii,

    I think she already had Bree’s story written and just decided to publish it as the novella. Marketing wise, it was an incredible manuever, what with “Eclipse” coming out and the novella having a direct impact on the movie and Jodelle’s portrayal of the character.

  9. I have to say I REALLY want to read Midnight Sun, Edward is such a deep thinker that sometimes I found myself a bit confused and bewildered by his re/actions in Twilight, when I read MS (Sorry Stephenie!) it suddenly all made sense! As a direct result of this new insight he’s become my favourite character and I am hungry for more from him.

    I would love to have the book next to all the others on my shelf BUT I would be gutted if it was rushed off just to get it over with! That would be a crime.

    I’m quite happy to wait until Ms Meyers is in the right place to be able to do it justice, its sad that she feels so much pressure as I know that would have the same demotivating effect on me too.

    No one can, or should try to, force her hand.

  10. KSmithGray says

    Stephenie, I’m so not going to read Midnight Sun. It’s totally not the only book I’m looking forward to reading. You should put it off as long as you possible can. Write about unicorns or something…

    🙂 I love you. Take your time. All good things are worth waiting for.


  12. Dear Stephenie,

    I do not want to read Midnight Sun. Even if you wrote it at your best, it would be an aweful book, and your entire fandom would be dissapointed. I would focus on something else that you would be good at and not spend your energy writing something that would turn out poorly. 😉

  13. Stephenie, whatever you decide to do with your writing, can I just say, there will always be haters whatever you do BUT you have touched so many lives with your beautiful writing, men and women of all different ages. As soon as i have read through the Twilight Series I went out and rebought the whole series in Hardcover as i knew they would be classics. From talking to people of all ages, i believe your name will go down in history alongside Austen, Bronte and the like. Whether you believe that or not. I thank you for inviting us into such a beautiful world, that so many people not only today but in the generations to come will enjoy.

  14. la_petite_femme says

    Click on the Twifans blog….It really made me laugh hysterically… *reverse psychology*

  15. Jean Brown says

    Austen and Bronte? Lets not get carried away. But yes, those 4 little books she wrote are classics and will live in our minds and hearts forever. When the curtain falls on the final installment of the BD movies i am sure that it will not be a dry eye in the theater.

  16. I think she has earned the right to do Midnight Sun in her own time….just excited that she is even comptemplating writing it at some point. I actually have always thought she could wirte an entirely new Saga from Edward’s prospective. There is so much, especially in Eclipse, that I would have loved to be in Edward’s head, and all the adventures he had in New Moon to avoid thinking of Bella. And the agony he went through in Breaking Dawn. Ah well, I know it is just a dream of mine, and I would be content with just Twilight, but a girl can dream that it would be another wonderful new series of books. In another vein, has anyone ever noticed that the Jacob doll looks like Adam Lambert! Adam Lambert says he is Team Jacob anyway. I am Team Edward but I love Jacob, too, anyway just thought that was interesting!