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This was put together by our friend Alison over at Twifans. We’re fairly sure we know the answer to this one, but please feel free to expand on the reason for your choice in the comments section.

Peter Facinelli: Arizona State Fair

Peter Facinelli was at the Arizona State Fair over the weekend where TwiFans caught up with him.

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Kiowa Gordon Hometown Hero

Kiowa Gordon is incredibly popular in his local Phoenix area as Twifans reports. Pel met Kiowa when he unexpectedly stopped by the Phoenix TwiTour and he is just the nicest person ever!

According to TwiFans

“Kiowa Gordon wasn’t at TwiTour Phoenix signing autographs but he had his own signing event just miles away from the event. Fans showed up via fliers to Kiowa’s event which was held at Tang’s restaurant in Goodyear, AZ. Kiowa is a Arizona local resident and his presence was helping Tang’s sell some amazing smelling food. He had a table full of very HOT poses. I was having trouble picking one for myself and for the site. Kiowa signed a special photo for a giveaway for”

More Photos of Piazza Scene Via Twifans

Again we are only going to link so people aren’t spoiled if they don’t want to be.

Note that the make-up dept made sure that Kristen has a scar on her arm from James.

Photos on Twifans.