Another Volvo Marketing Pitch Coming This Fall

The Twilight Examiner unearthed this tidbit on A Direct Marketing News Item that announced Allyson Witherspoon as Volvo’s new global digital brand director.

“The automaker will launch a “global online event in November” for the release of Breaking Dawn, the fourth film in the Twilight series, said Brooks. He declined to provide more specific information about the initiative.

Doug Speck, CEO of Volvo Cars of North America, said in January that the company would boost advertising spending this year and that it had planned to spend as much money in the first quarter alone as it spent in 2010.

Witherspoon said she has already held meetings with Volvo and “gone through” her vision for their work.

“Volvo has a rich history of innovation in the digital space,” she said, adding that she has also “reached out to all the [agency’s major] clients.”

Volvo obviously has a history with the franchise. The Examiner has a great rundown on the campaigns that Volvo has run before.

There is at least some good news, and that is that Silver, sports car-type, Volvos were spotted in the Vancouver area (by the TwiFans website see photo above) for filming back in the late spring. So at least they are coming way closer to getting the car in the film to match the car in the book.


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  2. You are so boooored -.-‘

  3. they should do lost in forks again!! and keep it up! i LOVED it soo much!


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