TwiFans Takes Helicopter Tour of the Filming Area

Alison from TwiFans continues her coverage of the Vancouver filming area:

“The Squamish hunting team (aka Alison & Dawn) knew that ‘Breaking Dawn’ filming was closed down on Saturday and Sunday and decided a “tour” of Squamish from the air would be a fun fact finding mission. Before anyone freaks, we went on a day off so that we would not be in any danger of harming any audio or filming.

Armed with our mega, 8 inch Nikon zoom lens for some “Twilight” nature pictures, we had no idea of what our adventure would uncover, but knew what general idea of where we wanted to look in. We boarded the TwiCopter to begin our hunt. What did we find? We found the Cullen home, the Cullen driveway, Cullen backyard, and the river that Bella jumps over on her first hunting trip as a newborn Vampire.

In the TwiCopter we were given headphones to help with the sounds. Little did our pilot realize that these headphones were for his protection not ours. Dawn and I were screaming like a 12 year old boy flying in the Millineum Falcon with Han Solo. The pilot was gracious or muted us and give us a tour that would make any Twifan scream with joy.”

See more on TwiFans for details on their adventure and similar photos of outdoor scenery and house location.


  1. AliceKikiCullen says:

    ROFL!! Love the star wars comparison!!!! NIce. Lucky ducks. 😀

  2. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Ditto on the lucky ducks! The river looks perfect. Thanks for the side by side Eclipse and set comparisons.

  3. Pmsl good stuff 🙂 xx

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