Rappelling Time For Breaking Dawn Actors

No we don’t mean that the actors are fighting off aggressive fans or paparazzi, or even a Team Edward vs. Team Jacob knock down and drag out fight in the sense of repelling. This is rappelling as in rock climbing. TwiFans during their trip to Canada discovered a set that looked like it was set up for a rock climbing and forest exploration sequence.

Based on the books it’s seems likely this might be a Bella’s first hunt kind of location. Check out more photos and details on TwiFans.


  1. Faith Galleon says:

    OMG. im so excited 😀

  2. or the cliff Irina drops off of…

  3. smitten_by_twilight says:

    If they follow the book it would seem likely to be a hunting scene with Jacob … but I could understand that the screenplay might get kind of inventive, so maybe it bears little or no relation to any book scenes. It is exciting!!!

  4. Jenn Hollett says:

    I agree with it being the cliff Irina is on while watching Bella Nessie and Jacob hunt.

  5. I just want these movies already !

  6. it is qwere jacob nessie and bella hunt and irana watches them hunt

  7. I would love a Team Edward/Team Jacob knockdown drag-out fight/war. It would be EPIC!!!

  8. I will be get fun site to cenecte on the team edward,

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