Comic Con For Twilight Fans in 2013

We know of so many Twilight fans who have experienced Comic Con and are intending to go back again. Despite the media stupidity in thinking Twilight fans like only Twilight, we know that we have seen fellow fans at Game of Throne, Doctor Who, The Hobbit, Fringe, The Walking Dead, Firefly, Once Upon a Time panels…just to name a few. In any case, next summer there probably won’t be a Twilight presence, but there will likely be two franchises there that Twilight fans are into: The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments. Here’s the scoop on the tickets that went on sale this weekend and upcoming sales in 2013.

Many are confused about the badge registration process, so let us try to explain it, simply. The registration process is split into two phases, as it has been in subsequent years. The first phase is called the pre-registration, and is for people who attended the current year’s convention, which is what was held this past Saturday. The second phase is the open registration , which is registration to the general public, and will be held sometime early 2013. Generally pre-registration is held on-site during the con, but after last year’s mammoth lines, CCI opted for an online-only sale for 2012 attendees, with some additional restrictions on how many badges they could purchase and for whom.

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Comic Con, Females in Geek Culture, and Where the New Generation Fits In

CNN has a really great article up that includes attitudes about Twilight fans attending Comic Con and a prevalent boy’s club mentality.

There are big differences between the mature, established, mostly Generation X women, who developed their interests through actual comics and comics-related media (and can be every bit as marinated in the minutiae of continuity as the hardest-core male superhero reader), and the younger cohort, who are largely drawn into the worlds of fantasy and pop culture through manga and young adult fiction: not just “Twilight,” but also “Baby-Sitters Club,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” and, of course, “Harry Potter.” But at least girls and teens are coming into the social and participative world of fandom rather than just sitting on their couches playing Xbox.

You would think that male comics fans would have no problem with women getting into both the hobby and the business. Traditionally, guys who are into comics and related subcultures did not suffer an overabundance of female attention during their adolescence. Now that they are grown-ups, they might see the advantages of having women around who share their interests and passions.

Indeed, most of them do. But there remains a hard core for whom arrested adolescence extends beyond the persistence of childhood interests. These are the boys who put the “no girls allowed” signs on the doors of their clubhouse, and those signs are there still.

Perhaps this is why the “Twilight” phenomenon activates such intense passions among the Comic-Con crowd. Back in 2008, when the Con was “invaded” by thousands of young, female “Twilight” fanatics, some guys caused a ruckus by walking the floor with signs and T-shirts reading, “Twilight Is Ruining Comic-Con!”

That attitude has gone underground, but it has not gone away. Sure, a lot of the hostility is wrapped around objections to the series itself and its lightweight treatment of the supernatural (fans take this stuff very seriously). But it’s telling that many of the same folks who pitch a fit over a couple of twinkly, sparkly boy vampires mooning over Bella Swan have no problem with unorthodox treatments of the material that feature mostly naked girl vampires and sexually depraved demons, as can be seen in many modern horror comics.

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Low res Breaking Dawn Comic Con Clip

Here is a low resolution version of the clip shown at Comic Con. Sometimes the studio is fine with these sometimes they aren’t We’re playing this one by ear. It is the beginning of the movie as Bella wakes up.

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MTV: Cullen Character Art

MTV has their artwork up with the Cullens.

Take a look on their site.

More Breaking Dawn 2 Art from Fandango

Fandango has more artwork from Breaking Dawn Pt 2.

Check it out on their site.

Yahoo Movies: Posters revealed at Comic Con

Yahoo Movies has Breaking Dawn 2 Posters that were revealed at Comic Con. Check out the slide show at Yahoo

Video: Breaking Dawn Comic Con Panel See it All

Here is the full Q & A session from the Breaking Dawn 2 Comic Con Hall H panel.

Via TT

VIDEO: Clevver TV talks to Taylor and Kristen at SDCC

SPOILERS: The Host Footage at SDCC

The first footage from The Host was shown at the tail end of the Breaking Dawn 2 panel. If you don’t want to be spoiled I suggest you stop reading now.

We saw a series of small clips, not a full trailer.

Melanie falls from the window.

Wanderer wakes up and is asked for her name.

The Seeker questions Wanderer about her host. Wanderer remembers Melanie and Jamie playing in the water when the Seekers came from them. Melanie screams at Wanderer not to tell about Jamie and then says “I hate you” when Wanderer does tell.

Melanie and Jamie are playing in the rain with Jared. They run inside to take cover, but Jared and Melanie kiss before going into the house.

Jared is outside of Wanderers cell in the tunnels when Ian and the others come to get her. Ian and Jared fight until Ian manages to pull her out and tries to strangle her. Jeb comes around the corner, shoots the roofs, and says that everyone is a guest in his house, including Wanderer.

The final scene shown was a chase scene between the humans and the Souls. The Souls drive all silver cars and fly all silver helicopters. Instead of being taken prisoner, a few humans (not Jared or Ian) drive right at a wall intent on crashing and killing themselves. We did not see the crash as the footage cut just before they hit the wall.

SPOILERS: Breaking Dawn 2 footage at SDCC

Here’s a run down of the footage that was shown at Comic Con. If you are trying to avoid spoilers, don’t read any further.

Bill Condon introduced the first clip and said since it has been 8 months since Bella opened her eyes, he figured it would be a good place to start. Then we saw the first 7 minutes of the film.

Bella opened her eyes and honed in on every specific detail of the room highlighting her new vampire senses. Then she and Edward touched hands and Edward said the line from the trailer, “We’re the same temperature now.” Bella hugged him and he said she was going to have to be careful with him now. Then they kissed.

Bella asks to see Renesmee. Edward points out Bella’s thirst and takes her hunting. She ends up smelling the human mountain climber and instead of killing him, jumps off a cliff and heads in the other direction. She then takes down a mountain lion, biting it in the jugular.

Bella and Edward go home and are greeted by Jacob who says the line from the trailer, “I didn’t expect you to be so you” Jacob explains that he’s the test to see if Bella can handle seeing Nessie. Bella smells him and tells him he stinks.

The second footage we saw was the Cullen family giving advice to Bella on how to act human around Charlie. They put in brown contacts and then proceed to deliver the lines from the book about moving slowly and crossing her legs when she sits. So Bella darts across to a chair a d then very carefully crosses her legs. They say not to sit too straight, so Bella slouches. Blink every 3 seconds, and Bella blinks very fast. Move your shoulders so you look like you’re breathing, and she awkwardly lifts her shoulders. Then she stands up and says she’s got it, move slow, blink, and slouch.

Everything looked just wonderful!