Twilight Tidbits Overheard At The Scream Awards

Several people were at the Scream Awards in the audience and on the red carpet for TwiFans(seenbelow), Twilightish(seen above), and other LA-based blogs. Here are some of the details that they tweeted out last night.

From the TwiFans Twitter:

“We are stillllll uploading our Jackson Rathbone BUT he said “they show how Renesmee gets made.” FTW”

Jackson Rathbone give acceptance speech. Thanks fans, SM, Melissa & Summit (you have to tune in to find out what the award was)

Kristen gave a sweet acceptance speech! Very gracious & thankful!(you have to tune in to find out what the award was)

From the Twilightish Twitter:

Omg!!! Just met Kristen backstage!! Get security guard took a pic of us!!! She was awesome…uploading asap

Jackson said that Nikki Reed is directing an upcoming 100 monkeys music video

Jackson also said he was looking ver forward to filming breaking dawn in Louisiana because that’s where his dad is from

Jackson told us he wished that there was an Alice and Jasper love scene!

From Marc Malkin at E!

Kristen rehearsed with Rob and Taylor for last day and a half.

Kristen, Taylor and Rob have been rehearsing breaking dawn…


  1. loved to watch the scream awards cant wait. so glad to here the movie and the cast did so well at the awards :-[

  2. I would love to meet Kristen and Rob AND Stephenie Meyer!

  3. i love how “eclipse” is mispelled in the headline

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