Stephenie Meyer:Fan Junket Interview: Eclipse Flashbacks

Twilight Series Theories has the transcript of this next part of the luncheon discussion four fansites had with Stephenie Meyer.

“TST(Kallie): Ok, I have a question… It is movie related… In Eclipse we get a lot of background for Rosalie, Jasper and the Quileutes. Which I love, love, love!  it’s my favorite part of reading the book, and getting to know the characters.  So which of the backgrounds are you most excited, or have you been most excited to played out on film?

SM: I found Jasper’s really exciting.

TST(Kallie): That’s what I’m most excited about!

SM: I think that having read them… Well, when I was writing them I really liked the Quileute background.

TST(Kallie): I love the Quileutes, and so for me, I was so excited to see the third wife and all that.  But because reading Bree (The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner) I am so excited to see Jackson’s background being played out.

SM: They’re short in the movie, becasue they have to be.  That’s always the heartbreak of them. The biology scene… it kills you because you want to see Rob and Kristen do that.

LT: It’ll just be five hours long!

SM: Yah! So it was hard to have them shortened down.  I think that Nikki Reed will surprise you in her section, she does so great!”

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The Stephenie Meyer Fansite Interview: The Midnight Sun Answer

You can hear or read this part of the fansite discussion that took place last weekend in Los Angeles. Twilight Series Theories, Twilight Source, Twifans, and Letters to Twilight were all there for a four hour discussion.

Much of that discussion can’t be made public until after Eclipse comes out so as not to spoil the movie; however, the sites were given permission to broadcast/write-up the first thing Stephenie talked to the group about which was the status of Midnight Sun.

You can listen here and hear Stephenie herself in her own words:

For those of you who prefer to read rather than listen, we understand that Kallie of Twilight Series Theories is transcribing.

EDITED: Written transcription here:

Full Stephenie Meyer Interview on Twilight Saga Site

The complete version of an interivew with Stephenie Meyer now appears on the Twilight Saga website. Excerts from that interview appeared in USA Today earlier today; however,the full interview can be found here. Note that you have to join the site in order to see the content.

In Breaking Dawn, Bella feels what it’s like to be a newborn and now readers will get to see Bree do the same. Were you thinking about Bella’s experience while writing Bree’s, or vice versa?

Absolutely—I was always comparing the two in my head as I wrote, because they have very different experiences as newborns. Bella goes into her new vampire life with a ton of preparation, expectation, and stubborn determination. Bree didn’t have any idea of what was happening to her; she goes in blind. But both do exceptionally well given their circumstances. I imagine Bella’s behavior would have been very similar to Bree’s if she had been changed in a similar way.

Over the course of the Twilight Saga, we are introduced to a rich hierarchy of vampires. Is Bree the only vampire outside of the core Twilight cast you’ve established such a firm story for? Is there any other character you would enjoy exploring in a similarly involved way?

Given all the time in the world and no distractions, I could write a short story for every one of my characters; some would turn into novellas and some would turn into novels and some would turn into series. Some of the stories are pretty firm—Aro’s early days for example, Marcus and Didyme, Jane and Alec, Charlotte and Peter, Alistair, the Denalis—and some I haven’t given as much thought to. Most of these stories don’t feel as necessary as Bree’s, because Bree’s story affects the central story so directly. I don’t know that I’ll ever do a companion story like this again. It was a lot of fun, though.”

Check out the full interview here.

We also can’t wait until representatives of Twilight Source, Twilight Series Theories, TwiFans, Letters to Twilight get to interview Stephenie later this month about Eclipse and the Bree Tanner novella.

Julia Jones SEGN Interview Part 1

SEGN interviewed Julia Jones who is playing the Leah in Eclipse. There is an audio interview and a partial transcript.

On reading the books: “I got very obsessive and went through all 4 of them. In the last week and a half, I’ve read the first 3. I just finished Eclipse today. I think the books are incredible. Stephenie Mayer[sic] managed to capture a level of humanity, especially with Bella’s character. Her inner thoughts are the similar thoughts you’ve ha d in similar situations but they’re so deep down, ones that you sometimes don’t even admit to yourself.”

Get it all on SEGN. Via TA

Boo Boo Stewart Interview

About a month ago Boo Boo Stewart, who was just cast as Seth in Eclipse, had a phone interview. It’s a little weird because you can hear bowling alley noises in the background, but it’s kind of really cute in a way.  He seems to be channeling the Seth adorable factor in a big way. And in keeping with the ever present Twilight theme he is musically talented: guitar, drums, and he sings.

Justin Chon Interview On Beeheard

The Beeheard blog interviewed Justin Chon:

“I caught Justin after what sounded like a very long, very intense day as he had just finished an audition for nothing less than one of Shakespear’s classics.   Obviously this young man has some serious acting chops to even be considered for such a role.  But clearly I am not the first to take note of his talent.

Insightful, introspective, humble and damn funny-Justin stood proudly by his days with Nickelodeon noting “not many of my fans may even remember me from that, but no matter it was fun and it is all part of the ride.”  He also noted that he had the worst luck with cell phones – of which I had no idea of what he was referring being that he only dropped my call three times.”

Check out the whole story on Beeheard. TY to Krystyna for the heads up.

Hit Fix: Melissa Rosenberg Interview

Hit Fix got an exclusive with Melissa Rosenberg regarding the writing of the Twilight Saga movies and how involved the directors were/are in the process:

Q: What’s your working relationship with each of the directors for each movie?

It’s been different every time. In ‘Twilight’ Catherine was on-board before I came on. So, I had her input right from the start and because we were working on a very, very tight schedule.  Over the course of about a month I wrote the outline and then they said ‘Can you do a draft in five weeks?’ And I said ‘Sure.’ (Laughing.) And then they said ‘When do you want to get it made because of the writers strike?’ We were fighting the October 31st date, and well, what should I do? And that was a 24/7 slam fest and Catherine was very, very important in that process because I was able to get her immediate feedback. So, I’d finish a draft or scene or act or whatever and shoot it to her and get her immediate feedback right there so I could really tailor it very clearly for her and what she wanted to make it — what she wanted the movie to be. It was a very, very collaborative process. You know as you can imagine ‘New Moon’ we didn’t have a director on-board when I started writing that and so that was kind of me alone. Of course the Summit folks, you know the producers of Summit, they’re all the people who I then become collaborative with and get their notes and their feedback, but it was pretty much me until Chris came on and that was November, I think.  So then Chris got involved and I start tailoring it to what he’s looking for and by then the project’s kind of done and then he goes off and he starts shooting it and Chris is a writer himself so he was really able, and by the way I don’t know if you’ve met him yet?

Q: Not yet.

He’s really a lovely guy and you’ll see. So I did like one or two drafts with him and then was really able to trust him to take it from there to make any changes that might need to be made for production or for whatever reason because I trust [him because he’s a] wonderful writer. But basically the script is a script and he’s got that and I jumped from there and here you go and ran on to do ‘Eclipse.’ So that’s been a pretty wild ride.”

Get Melissa’s full interview on Hit Fix

MSN: Cameron Bright Interview

MSN was able to get a few moments with Cameron Bright who plays Alec in New Moon. Cameron probably had one of the easiest commutes to work during the film shooting as he is a Vancouver native.

Is there pressure to kind of come into a movie that’s so big, as a new person?

Well it’s definitely different. Like, I was in “X-Men 3,” right? So that was kind of the same, but that was the last one of it. So I was in the last one, but this one there’s still two more coming. So it’s kind of mixing in and you know, it might give me a chance to finally be recognized and get bigger. Because all my other movies didn’t really have anything going for them until they came out; that was when they got it. Whereas this one already has a huge fan base because of the books and everything.”

Check out Cameron’s full interview on MSN.