About :: Lori  Joffs (A.K.A. Alphie) ~ Site Founder, Co-Owner, News Writer, & On Air Personality

Lori is responsible for a vast amount of the Lexicon material from the timeline, to chapter summaries, to character bios. If there is a quote from the book she can tell you exactly where it is located on the page having practically a photographic memory. Lori is also the on-air personality for much of our YouTube footage. She was the Lexicon’s representative on the official set visit of both of Twilight and New Moon. She has interviewed Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson live.

Lori has been involved with various fandoms for several years now, writing mostly Remus Lupin fiction. She obviously has a thing for unnatural creatures, as her obsession for werewolves and vampires tends to be a bit out of control. She is the mother of two, and when she isn’t playing with them or on the Internet she can be found acting or singing on a stage somewhere in the Midwest. If ever she gets a moment of free time(HA!), she likes to scrapbook, play mindless video games, and watch pointless reality TV, which to her is an oxy-moron.

About :: Laura Byrne-Cristiano (A.K. A. Pelirroja  or Pel)~ Co-Owner, News Writer, & On Air Personality

Laura is the chief content writer for much of the Lexicon’s daily news. She notably debunked the Vanessa Hudgens casting, and Stephenie Meyer lawsuit rumors ahead of major media. She evaluates items of interest to the fans of the Twilight world on a daily basis. She routinely connects with representatives from EW, Access Hollywood, and EXTRA to name a few.

Back in 2003 Laura “met” Lori on a Harry Potter site devoted to the character of Remus Lupin. Lori, with whom shares her Remus Lupin and Jane Austin obsessions, got her into Twilight by nagging, begging, and pleading for someone else to read it. Lori, in case no one has noticed, is persistent.  Laura is still stunned that she bought the book, since she has been terrified by vampires as long as she can remember.

Laura is a native New Yorker who has now jumped the river and lives in New Jersey. Fan obsessions have lead her all over the world for movie and book releases, and she’s sure that even more travel awaits her now that she has found the Twilight universe. When not mulling over the lives of 100+year old vampires,Laura can probably be found on a stage somewhere acting, singing, or trying to dance without tripping over her own two feet.

About :: Jennifer Lamoureux (A.K.A. Be My Escape) ~ Administrator, Camera Person, Music & News Content Writer

Jen is the chief content writer for all music coverage from well-known groups like 100 Monkeys, Bobby Long, MuteMath, and Muse to up-in-coming stars of tomorrow like The Bella Cullen Project and Goodnight Juliet.  She is also the genius behind the lens at all Lexicon filmings. She was responsible for much of the footage during the Lexicon’s set visits, was on the red carpet at the Twilight premiere teaming up with Kaleb Nation (A.K.A the Twilight Guy).

A teacher by day, Jen works with special needs students in New England.She became a fan in the summer of 2006 after looking at the book numerous times due to the cover but always putting it back down because of the vampires. Eventually she bought the book, read it in one night, and went on the internet to learn more about it.Jen met Lori and Laura when on a whim she flew to Nashville for a New Moon book signing.Since then she has become an integral part of the Lexicon team.

About :: Shelley Harper (A.K.A. SomethingBlue) ~ PR/Promotions Manager, Our Gal Friday( and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…)
Shelley Harper, a successful book blogger, got sucked into Twilight just before Eclipse and we’ve kept her around since. She assisted in the organization of the Lexicon’s first trip to Forks in July 2008. She brings over 18 years of experience in developing advertising and promotional materials to the position of PR/Promotions Manager. She largely handled the art design for our new look along with the fabulous Justin and Leslie. Shelley’s  experience, which spans a variety of diverse industries and markets, coupled with her passion for the Twilight Saga manifests in her progressive, creative, innovative approach to marketing and promoting the Twilight Lexicon web site. In her role as PR/Promotions Manager, Shelley manages special events, public and media relations and marketing for the Lexicon.


About:: 24601 ~ The Tech Guy

24601 is our tech genius who helped resurrect the blog in February 2008. He’s also married to Pel and is slightly mystified about her obsession with fictional characters, but as long as she knows they aren’t real, he’s willing to but up with this. 24601 is an avid hiker and if he isn’t on the computer, you can probably find him out on the trail somewhere.


About :: December ~ Forum Moderator

December recently moved back to the US after several years abroad. Her levelheadedness is often in play in our debate forum.

About:: Openhome ~ Forum Moderator

Openhome is our goto gal for manips and special banners.  She is very active in the fanfiction community and would love to publish an original novel of her own some day.

About:: Una ~Forum Moderator

By day Una is an architect.  By night she reads all sorts of paranormal fiction and spends far too much time with the Gutter Gals dishing about the current topics.

About:: Bac ~ Forum Moderator

When she isn’t sending out forum wide announcements, fixing chapter summaries, or playing in the Gutter, Bac is a wife and mother to two wonderful girls.

About :: Eri ~ Forum Moderator

Eri has been with the Lexicon since it opened and comes from Northern Spain. She is a technical wonder and can explain anything having to do with banners and avatars in multiple languages.

About :: Nena Cullen ~ Forum Moderator

Nena Cullen speaks several languages and is the queen of hunting down obscure news stories.

About :: SprtyGal~ Forum Moderator

SprtyGal has a great sense of humor and has even sucked her husband into Twilight.  Tarl makes the comic book style images found on many banners and avatars.

About :: Bronzehaired Girl ~ Forum Moderator

BHG wandered into our boards one day and we’ve loved her brand of common sense ever since.  She survived meeting Alphie and Be My Escape at the Nashville E-Prom and didn’t run screaming into the night. We’re glad she’s still around.

About:: Seraphyn ~ The Super Sweet Technical Helper

Seraphyn is a recent college graduate who is seriously doubting the draw of the “real world.” She has always been a bookworm and hopes to continue being one for the rest of her life. She was introduced to Twilight by one of her younger sister in May of 2006, and proceeded to read the book four times in the first week alone. From there it was a natural leap to the beauty of the lexicon.

She first met Stephenie Meyer, Alphie, and Pel in Nashville in November of 2006, and became a part of the lexicon’s moderator staff a couple of months after that.  She helped organize Eclipse Prom and, if you took a picture with “Edward” and “Jacob,” you saw her and her other half keeping watch on the front of the line. For the next couple of years Sera will be working full time and finishing the numerous novels she hopes to publish in the future. She is married to her Edward.