Stephenie Meyer Talks to MTV About Being Inspired to Start her Production Company

MTV chatted with Stephenie about Austenland and Fickle Fish Films

Stephenie Meyer Clarifies Her Remarks to Variety

On her website, Stephenie Meyer clarified her remarks to Variety about being “over Twilight” that were found in this article.

Hi everyone,

I’m just back from my short publicity tour for Austenland, and very glad to be home with my boys. I hope you all are having a wonderful summer with your families, and that you have a few more weeks to enjoy (unlike Arizona, where we were back to school last week).

With all the travelling, I only just heard about the current controversy, and I am both surprised and dismayed. I am horrified that my words could be construed in any way to mean that I am “over” the lovely people who embraced Twilight, made it such a huge hit, and changed my life. The time I’ve spent with my fans has been one of the most precious gifts of this whole experience and I will certainly never forget them or think of them with anything but immense gratitude. I was lucky enough to see a few of them Tuesday night at the Apple “Meet the Filmmakers” event, and they were so lovely! I’m always surprised and touched that people still care about my stories.

Any of you who have ever watched me answer a question live, especially to an indulgent inquirer like a fansite, know that I do tend to go on. Though I try to be as concise as possible to make editing easier for whichever news outlet I’m working with, I’m (still) not very good at it. If you look at the Variety article, you’ll notice that I’m speaking in very short statements. Of course, I didn’t actually. I spoke in run-on paragraphs and made the poor, sweet man who interviewed me comb through painstakingly trying to find a few completed sentences that he could use to convey the idea of what I was saying. Unfortunately, in shortening the interview to a usable size, some of the meaning of what I was trying to say was lost, and I believe the statements I made ended up sounding much more harsh than I meant them.

Even those of you who love Twilight the most (in fact, especially those who love it the most) have probably noticed that there’s been just a teensy little bit of backlash following the success of the books and films. I try my hardest to be thick-skinned, but I’m not much better at that than I am at brevity. So when I speak of Twilight becoming a negative place for me, it is entirely that near-omnipresent Twilight antipathy that I am speaking of. And I’m not complaining or saying it’s unfair—I totally understand and even empathize with its existence. I’m just saying that Twilight isn’t the wholly positive place for me that it once was.

Also, in regards to being “over it,” I will admit, it’s getting harder to answer the same questions about Twilight that I’ve been answering for the past decade (especially when I’m so excited to talk about Austenland). I can only imagine you are just as over reading those same answers. And the little bit about posting which characters died? That was referring to a solemn oath I made years and years ago to some cool fans. I swore I would not take to my grave the ideas I had for future stories, even if all I could to was list the outcomes in bullet points.

So please, never think I don’t appreciate the people who read, watch, and love Twilight. I am grateful for your existence every single day. Thanks for the most amazing decade!



Stephenie Meyer Interview in Vulture

Stephenie Meyer talked to Vulture.


But you look fabulous now! You’re camera ready.
Oh, thank you! But I don’t feel camera ready. I was doing Good Morning America, and they had this show beforehand, have you heard of this thigh gap thing? It’s like this new obsession with young girls, being so skinny that their thighs don’t touch, and there’s a gap there, and the bigger the gap, the more excited they are. They post pictures on Tumblr, and they’re starving themselves, becoming anorexic to do this. And they’re already so thin. So in a world like that, do you ever feel … ? I mean, girls that are size one already feel too heavy. And so I always feel bad on camera, which I probably shouldn’t. I should just embrace it. But I see pictures of myself, and my stomach just drops: “Oh, do I really look like that?” Ugh, it’s hard.

Did writing this and producing the film help cure any post-Twilight depression you might have had?
I totally thought that was going to be a thing! I waited for it, and when it didn’t happen, I thought, Oh, it’s because we still have all this stuff ahead. We got to the last premiere, and it didn’t hit. I felt nothing but relief. Analyzing that since then, I feel like it was because I was ready to walk from that world. I don’t miss the characters. Now, I may someday feel like, “Oh, I miss Bella. I want to hang out with Alice” or something. But right now, I’m happy it was what it was, I’m happy to be done with it, and I don’t feel any depression about it, which is nice. And it is nice to have another world to be excited about.

You’re expanding this world into a trilogy?
I’m working on a second book, we’ll see where it ends. I hate to predict anything, even if I have this great outline. You know how they say if you go one degree off, by the time you get to Iceland, you’re 5,000 miles away from where you intended to be? I do that in writing all the time, one little degree change and there goes your ending!

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