Fansites Have Lunch With Stephenie Meyer

stephenieMeyerHeadshot2The websites Twilight Source, Twilight Series Theories, TwiFans, and Letters to Twilight spent a 4 hour lunch with Stephenie Meyer yesterday. They have tons and tons of information, some of which they can’t share until after the movie comes out so it doesn’t spoil the movie,but they can release some tidbits starting next week.

We talked to Kallie, from Twilight Series Theories, after the meeting. Kallie and her sister, Kassie, run Twilight Series Theories and are two of the coolest Texan ladies you ever want to meet! Kallie has been our broadcast buddy at the New Moon red carpet and she will be our broadcast buddy again for Eclipse.

Kallie said, “It was wonderful, fantastic, it was the chance of a lifetime. Stephenie is so down to earth. All the fans will love the information. We can’t wait to share.”

Kallie and Kassie have plans to put some of the material into their podcast as well as have transcripts.

Matt Britton from Twilight Source said via Twitter. “NEWS: Imprint LIVE: Saturday, June 19th at 8 PM ET to talk about our meeting with Stephenie!

Alison and Kim from Twifans summed things up here releasing the questions that they asked but not the answers:

“Here’s a little teaser of the questions (Alison & Kim) asked Stephenie Meyer during our 4 hour Q & A. Some questions are Bree Tanner spoilers so we’re not going to post those in this teaser:

1. What rule did Bree actually break according to the Volturi? (Fan question credit to – jencwu)

2. When will The Official Twilight Guide be released?

3. What do you think about Fan Fiction?

4. How do you feel about creating a fictional character all men are measured against?

5. Edward’s movie Volvo (hatch back & mom mobile) &is different then the book Volvo, what do you think about this?

6. Based on the clips, Hot Angry Edward seems to be a fan favorite. Why do u think the fans seem to be so excited about this?

7. In the book Eclipse Bella jumps between Edward & Jacob in the tent scene to stop them from fighting. If Bella hadn’t done that, our members want to know who would win – Edward or Jacob?

8. During the motorcycle scene in the parking lot Bella leaves Edward & rides off with Jacob. Our members don’t think book Bella would ever treat Edward like that, what’s your opinion?

9. What made you put your producer hat on for Breaking Dawn & what will you bring to the table?

10. Do you have a message for the fans?

These are just questions. Each of the 4 fansites ( Letters 2 Twilight, Twilight Source & Twilight Series Theories) asked their own great questions so there’s a lot more info coming your way. We’ll be posting a little more on Monday but can’t post anything Eclipse movie related until after the is released. Stay tuned! “

Letters to Twilight stated: “We have so much to share. SO.MUCH.TO.SHARE. We interviewed Stephenie Meyer yesterday. No, scratch that- we hung out with Stephenie Meyer yesterday for four hours. Yes. You heard that. FOUR HOURS. We have amazing photos (We’re pretty sure the photographer got some good ones of us stuffing strawberries in our faces & feeding each other grapes) and H-O-U-R-S of conversations to pour over.”


  1. This is so cool ! Can’t wait !! Stephenie seems like a wonderful person !

  2. i admire her so much. I am so grateful that she created such wonderful characters and shared them with us. Edward and Bella are unforgetable. I just luv her and hope i get a chance to meet her some day.

  3. What I would give to lunch with Stephenie for hours, get to pick her brain, ask her a bunch of questions, and just hang out with her… very jealous, very happy for the ones who got to do it, and looking forward to seeing all SM’s answers. 🙂

  4. If you click over to the actual Twifans website it says they asked her about Sol de Medianoche.. (sorry I feel as if I can’t write it in English.. like it would be bad luck.. think Edward and the initials MS)

  5. I think it is so cool that Stephanie decided to do this with the fansites! Whenever regular media people interview her, they never ask good enough questions! I can’t wait to hear all about it! People get all worked up over Kstew and Rob, but I get all fangirly over STEPHENIE!! WOOHOO!

  6. I am so excited to read all about this! SO excited! I’m wondering…what kind of things could spoil the movie? Twihards know the story backwards and forwards, so it makes me CRAZY curious to wonder what have we been missing???? Any ideas?

  7. What wonderful questions listed! Those are exactly some of the ones I would have asked. Can’t wait to see the entire list of questions and the answers. Stephenie, you are awesome to do this for your fans.
    Thank You!

  8. “During the motorcycle scene in the parking lot Bella leaves Edward & rides off with Jacob. Our members don’t think book Bella would ever treat Edward like that, what’s your opinion?”

    I can’t wait to see what she says to this.

    • my sentments exactly Bella would never disrespect Edward like that it so unreal and one scene that has me upset at the movies before its even come out.

  9. wow, can’t wait to see what she says about fanfiction…

  10. I can wait to read that interview! 😀

  11. Am I the only one who’s getting tired of all of this “hurry up and wait” stuff SM puts out? If we aren’t going to be allowed to know what they discussed, except for a few little snippets, then why even make the announcement that the event is taking place. All this hype and we still have to wait until Monday and then wait until Eclipse comes out, and then do we have to wait until Breaking Dawn Parts 1 & 2 come out? I’m sorry, but I’m kind of pissed.

  12. Wow!!I wish i could get to hang out with her-this is a once-in-a-lifetime-chance! I’m so happy for d ppl who got this amazing opportunity! Can’t wait to read her answers to all d questions!

  13. why didnt stephenie meyer finish publishing the 5th twilight book it would have been great to see edwards side to the series i think she should really publish the book because not a lot of people know that there is a 5th book and i for one dont want this gloreous gift that stephenie meyer created go to waste i am a TWI-HARD fan and stephenie meyer has created the most gloreous series i have ever EVER read !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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