Vote Twilight at Teen Choice and Scream Awards

We already told you how Eclipse is up for a ton of awards over at the Teen Choice awards website. Vote for Twilight actors and Eclipse.


Just two notable nominations: Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are nominated for male and female scene stealers! Other franchise are also rallying their fans.

So, vote and vote often (those who are eligible) we need to win this like we won the MTV Movie Awards!

Now the Scream Awards are asking for you to decide if Breaking Dawn is one of the year’s most anticipated movies:

The sixth annual SCREAM awards are coming to SPIKE this October!

This global event is the first of its kind to honor the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comic Books, and Horror, as well as the creative talent behind them.

Beginning today, YOU can get a jump on voting for this year’s MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIE – a category that will be decided by the fans who make SCREAM possible.

With SCREAM-genre films such as The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and The Hunger Games among the year’s most hotly anticipated releases, there is no shortage of great movies fans can name MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIE.

Vote for your Most Anticipated now by sending your pick to us at”

Jackson Rathbone Talks About Rensemee and Breaking Dawn

Twilightish and Twifans were on the red carpet at the Scream Awards and Jackson Rathbone talked details about Breaking Dawn, The Girlfriend, upcoming 100 Monkeys plans, and a new movie that he just booked!

Twilight Tidbits Overheard At The Scream Awards

Several people were at the Scream Awards in the audience and on the red carpet for TwiFans(seenbelow), Twilightish(seen above), and other LA-based blogs. Here are some of the details that they tweeted out last night.

From the TwiFans Twitter:

“We are stillllll uploading our Jackson Rathbone BUT he said “they show how Renesmee gets made.” FTW”

Jackson Rathbone give acceptance speech. Thanks fans, SM, Melissa & Summit (you have to tune in to find out what the award was)

Kristen gave a sweet acceptance speech! Very gracious & thankful!(you have to tune in to find out what the award was)

From the Twilightish Twitter:

Omg!!! Just met Kristen backstage!! Get security guard took a pic of us!!! She was awesome…uploading asap

Jackson said that Nikki Reed is directing an upcoming 100 monkeys music video

Jackson also said he was looking ver forward to filming breaking dawn in Louisiana because that’s where his dad is from

Jackson told us he wished that there was an Alice and Jasper love scene!

From Marc Malkin at E!

Kristen rehearsed with Rob and Taylor for last day and a half.

Kristen, Taylor and Rob have been rehearsing breaking dawn…

Esclipse Wins Key Awards at Scream 2010

Eclipse was up for several awards at the Scream Awards sponsored by Spike TV. The show taped last night and it airs on Tuesday at Spike TV. We’re going to keep our post spoiler free, for those of you wanting to watch the show. If you want to know exactly what Eclipse won, head on over to Hit Fix where they have a full rundown and more photos like the one above featuring Kristen Stewart , Nikki Reed, and Jackson Rathbone.

Scream Awards Filming Tonight

The annual Spike TV Scream Awards are filming tonight in Los Angeles. The show airs on the 19th. In addition to Kristen Stewart who was announced as attending weeks ago, Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed have been added to the attending list.

Twilight is up for a ton of awards in mostly the fantasy categories where it should dominate given the competition.

The awards are also featuring a special tribute to the movie Back to the Future for its 25th anniversary.

Kristen Stewart Heading For Scream 2010

According to Marc Malken at E! (photo credit Tina Gill)

“The Twilight star [Kristen Stewart]has signed on to make an appearance at Spike TV’s Scream 2010 awards at L.A.’s Greek Theater. (Show tapes Oct. 16 and then airs three days later.)”

This is a pretty good sign that Eclipse has won several of the awards that it was up for, otherwise Kristen wouldn’t be there. Last year Taylor Lautner picked up the awards for the Twilight Saga including:

Best Fantasy Movie: Twilight
Best Fantasy Actor, Male:
Robert Pattinson, Twilight
Best Fantasy Actor, Female:
Kristen Stewart, Twilight
Breakout Performance, Male: Taylor Lautner, Twilight

This year Eclipse is up for a ton of awards, but not New Moon even though both movies qualified as far as release dates went. The thought is that the studio only submitted the last film so as not to compete against themselves and split the vote!

Twilight Saga at Scream Awards 2010!

The Scream Awards by Spike TV have just announced their 2010 nominations. Last year Twilight took away 4 awards including Breakout Male-Taylor Lautner, Best Fantasy Actress-Kristen Stewart, Best Fantasy Actor-Robert Pattinson, and Best Fantasy Fantasy Movie-Twilight. Taylor Lautner picked up all the awards in person last year because other cast members were filming. Hopefully more will be able to make an appearance this year.

Here’s the rundown of what Twilight Saga Eclipse is up for this year. Technically New Moon also should have been eligible, but they seem to be focusing on Eclipse.

  • The Ultimate Scream: Twilight Saga Eclipse
  • Best Fantasy Movie: Twilight Saga Eclipse (tough competition with Toy Story 3)
  • Best Fantasy Actress: Kristen Stewart for Eclipse
  • Best Fantasy Actor: Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner for Eclipse (split vote is going to be a problem here!)
  • Breakout Performance Male: Xavier Samuel

Go over to Spike TV and vote.

Taylor Lautner Accepting Twilight Scream Award

Tune into Spike TV on Saturday tune in October 27th at 10 PM to check out some World Premiere Footage in high quality.

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