Spoof: Kristen Stewart Explains July 4th

As part of the ongoing Kristen Stewart spoof series that Barely Political has been doing for about a year, the crew at has just put up a July 4th themed one.

Robert Pattinson Quotes in Modern Poetry Book

It’s all a spoof in good fun that uses celebrity quotes. Most of the Robert Pattinson quotes used were taken from Twilight-based interviews.

According to Hypable

The creators of the The Stupidest Things website and companion books have brought us another masterpiece in the form of The Anthology of Really Important Modern Poetry: Timeless ‘Poems’ By Snooki, John Boehner, Kanye West and Other Well-Versed Celebrities.

Kathryn and Ross Petras offer a timeless collection of “found” poetry—real quotes formatted as verse for hilarious and surprising effect. The quotes are entertaining and the use of verse only makes the words sound more ridiculous. This is parody at its finest.

The Robert Pattinson one is featured below. Check out others over on Hypable.

Kristen Stewart Explains Valentine’s Day Spoof

The their ongoing Kristen Stewart Explains It All series, barely political and the Huffington Post now have a Valentine’s Day themed one. It’s very tongue-in-cheek and satirizes some of Kristen Stewart’s mannerisms as well as Twilight.

Spoof Video: Robert Pattison, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Bill Condon, Stephenie Meyer Say Happy Thanksgiving

We made this video the other day, but the service was backlogged and we didn’t get it until five minutes ago. Still, we figured you all might enjoy our moment of Thanksgiving silliness!

Spoof Videos: Twilight Dads & Girls on Film

Breaking Dawn spoofs are officially starting to crop up. Jimmy Fallon has his ongoing Robert Pattinson in a tree routine. When their parody releases in a few months, The Hillywood Show will end up blowing everyone else out of the water on production value and attention to detail, but lower tech versions can be really funny. There have been some really good spoofs over the years. Our personal favorites are the New Moon hamster one, Kaleb Nation’s TwiMore, and the Stephenie Meyer Onion one.

First up it’s Twilight Dads…a secret support group.

Next up it’s girls on film with a flip flop on the sexes on the Eclispe tent scene.

How do these parodies rate for you?

9 Signs Your Daughter is Dating Edward Cullen

This post just made me laugh buckets today, especially with all the melodramatic “save the children from the horror of Twilight” critiques that pop up every time a movie comes out. It’s nice to see someone putting Twilight into tongue-in-cheek perspective. Lists like this can be kind of predicable, but this one was actually, truly funny. I laughed out loud on number 4 particularly because of the way a colleague was talking about her 13-year-old at lunch.

5. He CLAIMS he’s a vegetarian, but on that night you made Blood Pudding, he mysteriously materialized in your kitchen, scooped himself a big ol’ plate and then politely asked for seconds.

4. He’s the only person who can stand your daughter when she’s PMS-ing.

3. She’s not sleeping with him. NOT THAT YOU ENCOURAGE TEENAGE SEX.

Check out the entire list on NickMom Blog. Apparently Nickmom is a new site that just launched this week. Hope it continues to bring on the funny!

Edward’s Meadow Does Twilight Spoof

The folks at Edward’s Meadow are probably best know to Lexicon readers as the people who do the yearly “Battle of the Twilight Bands”. They have just done something new and created their own spoof. Aside from the video below, check out their website for outtakes, bloopers, etc.

Video: Winky Dink Media Parodies Twilight

So is the parody funny enough? What do you think?

TwiGuy Kaleb Nation Does Twilight Spoof

Check out Kaleb’s latest.

A Twilight Themed Video To Get Guys To the Dentist?

Here’s the story according to The Portsmouth News:

“THE NHS is making dentistry ‘sexy’ with a new online campaign aimed at encouraging more young men to visit the dentist.

The campaign centres on a raunchy vampire clip where a female ‘victim’ tells a vampire he’s got bad breath.

The film – inspired by the hit vampire movie Twilight – is being streamed on social networking sites including YouTube and Facebook.

It comes after research in Portsmouth showed that not enough men aged between 16 and 35 are visiting their dentist.

The video plays on the key thing known to motivate men to think about tooth care – being with a partner and wanting to have fresh breath and an attractive smile.”

See more on the Portsmouth News.

So, do you think this will work, and did they really make a good Twilight connection?