Kristen Stewart in “Just One of the Guys” Music Video

Kristen Stewart is featured in a music video from Jenny Lewis’ new album Voyager.  The song is called “Just One of the Guys” and features Kristen along with Ann Hathaway, and Brie Larson  as back up singers and musicians who sometimes dress as guys.   


Kristen Stewart Lists Her Top Twilight Moments

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Kristen Stewart Talks Twilight and Future Plans With V Magazine

There is a full fashion spread to go along with the interview.


Stewart has never conquered the Great White Way, but she’d be up for it. (“Theater is a completely different way of working, but, yeah, I would be very much down.”) She also tosses out the idea of being part of an ensemble cast that would ideally include fellow actresses whose work she greatly admires. (How many starlets do you hear saying that these days?) “There are so many cool girls out there!” she says, name-checking Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, and her best friend, Dakota Fanning. 

“I am not closed off to anything right now,” she says, smiling. “That is what I was saying about not having any more walls up. I don’t want to deprive myself of any bit of life.” By the end of our conversation, Stewart is a bit more relaxed—hair down, glasses off, bomber jacket removed—and cracking jokes aplenty. That nervousness she was experiencing before has apparently been channeled. Like a true Beatnik, she is embracing life as it comes.  

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Kristen Stewart Talks to USA Today

As part of her promotion for On The Road, Kristen was interviewed by USA Today.  The article has several comments from other celebs, such as best friend Dakota Fanning,  about Kristen and her personality.  As usually, Kristen only opens up about her own personal life as much as she wants to.  She had this to say about what the public thinks they know about her:

“People think they knew a lot about me before. They know even less now,” she says. “People will project whatever. It’s a huge form of entertainment. As soon as you step outside your own life and look at it like that and think that you can shape something — you need to live your life. I’m just going to live my life, actually.”

Kristen also had this to say about her work with the Twilight Saga: 

“I never felt stuck in that. Not at all,” she says. “I had so many opportunities in the midst of that to do a million things. If it kept me from doing other things, I still wouldn’t resent it. You start a project to finish it. I was eager to get back and finish the story.”

Read the whole interview at USA Today.  

Video: Kristen Stewart on The Daily Show

We know we are late getting this posted, but if you haven’t yet seen it, here is the clip of Kristen chatting with Jon Stewart.  

Kristen Stewart Talks Media Attention with Tavis Smiley

On Monday Dec. 10, Kristen Stewart will appear on the Tavis Smiley snow on PBS.  Check local listings for when the show airs.  Here is a clip of the interview where Kristen discusses what it’s like being surrounded by so much media attention.  


Video: Taylor, Kristen, and Peter talk to On Air with Ryan Secrest

Ok, so they aren’t actually talking to Ryan Seacrest, but it was in his booth. They are actually talking with Ariana Grande. When I find Rob’s interview, I will get it posted.

Video: MTV Talks to Taylor and Kristen at Premiere

Video: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner Talk Breaking Dawn With On The Red Carpet

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner Talk Breaking Dawn With On The Red Carpet.

Stephenie Meyer and Kristen Stewart Talk to the LA Times on being in the Eye of the Twilight Storm

In a really great, and rare, interview with the LA Times Kristen Stewart and Stephenie Meyer discuss Twilight, the media frenzy, and what’s next.

“I don’t know what makes people love it, I don’t know what makes people hate it,” said Meyer, seated comfortably in a suite of a Beverly Hills hotel. “But I do know that the feeling of being in love is a good feeling. We want to feel that emotion.”

“I’ve always said that,” Stewart said to Meyer, sitting beside her. “It’s so vicarious. It’s not like you are watching two people or reading two people. You feel like you are doing it. It’s rare.”

Read the rest here on the LA Times.