9 Signs Your Daughter is Dating Edward Cullen

This post just made me laugh buckets today, especially with all the melodramatic “save the children from the horror of Twilight” critiques that pop up every time a movie comes out. It’s nice to see someone putting Twilight into tongue-in-cheek perspective. Lists like this can be kind of predicable, but this one was actually, truly funny. I laughed out loud on number 4 particularly because of the way a colleague was talking about her 13-year-old at lunch.

5. He CLAIMS he’s a vegetarian, but on that night you made Blood Pudding, he mysteriously materialized in your kitchen, scooped himself a big ol’ plate and then politely asked for seconds.

4. He’s the only person who can stand your daughter when she’s PMS-ing.

3. She’s not sleeping with him. NOT THAT YOU ENCOURAGE TEENAGE SEX.

Check out the entire list on NickMom Blog. Apparently Nickmom is a new site that just launched this week. Hope it continues to bring on the funny!


  1. Gigi Cullen says

    What is PMS-ing ?

  2. number 1 is my favourite.

    1. You keep getting messages on your answering machine that are nothing but quiet sobs. When you check to see who left them, Caller ID shows, “A WEREWOLF.”

    just funny.

  3. Haha now that’s funny.

  4. Foreverinyourheart says

    The werewolf one made me giggle!

  5. One through four were the best. The quiet sobbing on the answering machine, hilarious!

  6. Gabby that the whole point lol its stupid yet funny

  7. This was dumb. Not funny at all.

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