A Twilight Themed Video To Get Guys To the Dentist?

Here’s the story according to The Portsmouth News:

“THE NHS is making dentistry ‘sexy’ with a new online campaign aimed at encouraging more young men to visit the dentist.

The campaign centres on a raunchy vampire clip where a female ‘victim’ tells a vampire he’s got bad breath.

The film – inspired by the hit vampire movie Twilight – is being streamed on social networking sites including YouTube and Facebook.

It comes after research in Portsmouth showed that not enough men aged between 16 and 35 are visiting their dentist.

The video plays on the key thing known to motivate men to think about tooth care – being with a partner and wanting to have fresh breath and an attractive smile.”

See more on the Portsmouth News.

So, do you think this will work, and did they really make a good Twilight connection?