The 12 Days of Twilight 2010

We started this musical tradition last year. Check out the 2009 version here.

We also want to say a HUGE TY to OpenHome from our fabulous forum mod team for the matching Bella and Edward Santa hats and 24601 (aka Laura’s husband) for making it snow!

Step Up 3-D, Meets Harry Potter, Meets Twilight, Meets Spoof

Remember about a month ago when people thought Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were filming a Volvo commercial in Louisiana? Then it turned out that YouTube vlogger and Kaleb Nation idol Shay Carl explained it all that it was just the latest Take 180 Electric Spoofaloo video. Well now the spoof is out.

So, what did you think? Honestly, we don’t think that they have ever topped this one.

Via Teletoast on Twitter

Spoof: Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle

TY to Amz51093 On Twitter

Upcoming Take 180 Twilight Spoof Features Shay Carl

Last week news broke about Rob and Kristen possibly shooting a Volvo commercial in Louisiana. In the end it turned out to be the folks of Take 180 doing their most recent Twilight spoof. The mystery was solved when YouTube sensation Shay Carl (the one that Kaleb Nation routinely mentions in his tweets) released the below video that more or less explained the filming that was originally assumed to be of Rob and Kristen

Story via Twifans

Take 180 has done Twilight spoofs before, some better than others. Our favorite is the New Moon spoof seen below. In particular it’s Laura’s (Pel’s) favorite spoof ever.

Twilight spoof

Twilight Christmas spoof

Preview Video of Simpson’s Twilight Spoof

We told you about the upcoming episode of The Simpson’s where Daniel Radcliffe will voice a character that is a spoof of Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen. Now there is a video preview for the show that airs on November 7th. Check the Simpson’s website for details.

Via RpattzNews

I Wanna Be a Vampire (Parody of Billionaire by Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars

TY to LilyNThorns on Twitter who turned us on to this. It’s the best original lyric spoof we’ve ever seen.

E! Meet Edward Cullen, The Pussy

This is one of those times where you just have to read the story to learn about the picture, no intro does it justice. Check out “Edward Cullen Is a Pussy” on E!.

Supernatural Actors Talk about Upcoming Vampire Episodes

Yesterday we told you how the TV show Supernatural would be doing an spoof episode on Twilight and other vampire series. At Comic Con they also briefly hinted at it. TY to Hilda for finding the video. FYI, does contain brief swearing.

Eclipse Spoof From HipHowHang

This one is pretty good. These guys have obviously read the books and seen the movies.

TY to Sarah for the heads up

Twilight Poster Spoofs

These actually cracked up Eclipse director David Slade and he tweeted about them. It’s well worth looking at all of them but numbers 20 and 21 are the Twilight themed ones.

Also on the spoof scene today is Cinematical. Eric Snider has come out with his version of Eclipse. Think of it as Eclipse in 5 minutes.