TwiGuy Kaleb Nation Does Twilight Spoof

Check out Kaleb’s latest.


  1. I love Kaleb. He’s so funny & entertaining. I’m glad I discovered him through his twilight guy blog. (If you’ve never been to the twilight guy blog you should go! When he read the books he blogged after every chapter & it’s so funny.)

  2. halrious i love how hes copying pottermore i’ve been trying to get into that websight with no freakn sucess yet

  3. The “I h8 Twilight U ruined vampires I will hunt you and eat your bones” message is a hilariously on the mark parody of obsessive, idiotic Twi-haters (many of whom don’t know jack squat about vampires outside of a handful of movies).

  4. smitten_by_twilight says:

    LOL again, I love Kaleb! I don’t know how to praise part of that vid without praising every part. I guess the “I have moved to Forks and already drunk the blood of two tourists” probably tickled me the most. Gotta watch that again now!

  5. Even the people on the Harry Potter sites are posting They are freaking out! hahahaha I absolutely love HP, but their fans aren’t always very friendly to us Twilight fans!

    • I’m a Harry Potter fan as well and the reason why the Potter fans are not nice to us,is because Twilight overtook the limelight from the boy wizard. I don’t know why they’re so freaked out over this. It’s just a parody. I’ve seen more and more over time,that the Twilight fans are alot more peaceful-minded than the Potter fans. They have inner turmoil within their own fandom. At least we’re more like a family,whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob. In the long run it doesn’t matter as long as we all love the series.

  6. Great!

  7. Oh, I love this! People are totally freaking out about this without even realising it’s fake. I don’t get why people for one second think that Stephenie Meyer or Summit would actually do such a thing. I’m so tired of Harry Potter fans who bash anything that has even a remote link to Twilight. It’s not like Twihards have something against Harry Potter. Not at all (that I know of). Some people fail to realise that you can love both series. Kaleb Nation himself loves Harry Potter. I wish there would be more people like him!

  8. I very much loved his video it’s just too funny

  9. I love this! So freaking hillarious! Although, I am really excited about Pottermore. I was one of the last people to get early access! I’m WildMahogany212.

    Anyway, it’s a bit ridiculous that the HP fans are freaking out, but I’ve known some cruel Twilight fans about it and other things… every fandom has its annoying members.

    I was actually a Twilight fan before I was a Harry Potter fan. I’d stopped reading books around middle school because the selection there was terrible.

    Ironically, I discovered Twilight MY Junior year and fell in love with it. I read all the books in a week, ended up going to all the movies (a lot of the midnight showings), and generally was a huge fan. My worn out books are proof of this. Yes, it was Twilight that got me reading again.

    Admittedly, I just got into HP recently. Mainly because when I was a kid, some people were on a “HP is an evil book about witchcraft” kick. My parents didn’t want me to read them then, and I just now read them because I wrongly judged it, but also because the series got SO long. And I also sort of forgot about it.

    So when I realized that the final Harry Potter was coming out, I decided it was time I read the books and then see the movies. I wanted to go to the final midnight showing, and I did just that.

    I love Twilight, but Harry Potter is now my fav book series. The world J.K. Rowling created is incredible. And it’s its own world, too. The foreshadowing, the character development, the mysteries… it’s all amazing! Everything’s important, and it’s not obvious. I love everything about this world and its characters.

    That’s the reason why I think there’s so much hate about Twilight from Harry Potter fans.

    Twilight (the first book), in all honesty, didn’t really have a plot. Stephenie has said this herself. She was just trying to see where her dream took her, and it wasn’t until much later that she decided to add even a villian.

    But that’s why I love Twilight! I love that love was the driving point. That the characters drove the story, and not the other way around. I loved the characters and character development.

    I also liked how there was really only one villian. It’s not like The Vampire Diaries books (not to bash that) where you suddenly have kitsune terrorizing our characters for no real reason.

    That’s actually a connection to Harry Potter. Twilights main villian was Victoria, and Harry’s is Voldermort (who sort of reminds me of Aro…)

    So yes, I love both series, and I wish that people could understand you can like both, but sadly I don’t think that will happen. Mainly because I don’t think all the fans would enjoy the other series they haven’t read. But I guess that makes sense. And I guess I understand.

    But I’m here to say, I’m a Harry Potter AND Twilight fan, and I’m proud of it!

    • I loved what you said, and totally agree with you! =)
      I’m Twilight and Harry Potter fan too.
      This “war” between the two sagas it’s quite ridiculous…what about the respect to each other and the hard work that everyone done?

  10. I will say one thing: Stephenie Meyer needs to learn how to kill off characters when needed. It doesn’t need to be Hunger Games level, but its just needed sometimes.

    In war there will be casualties, and even though we’re sad to lose favorite characters, that and how the other characters deal with it is life.

    • I think Stephenie said in an interview with USA Today, that in her next book some characters will die. The Twilight saga was about the Cullen family, surviving all the trials they went through and were still standing strong at the end. So in her next book or series,there will be some character death.

  11. In many ways JK’s Pottermore is a wonderful concept that allows fans to unite, share story ideas, write fan fiction, art, and add to the already growing world of the Harry Potter series. It’s brilliant because this will enable the HP world to continue to grow and expand without JK ever writing another book!

    I wish Stephenie would embrace the fandon like this as well. Create the enviroment, set the rules, and then allow the fans to have fun in a “safe” enviroment. I think Kaleb has the right idea.

    Just so you know, JK isn’t the first writer/screenwriter/producer to do such a thing. George Lucas has been hosting a Star Wars (fan film/ ect.) site for years. Some of the stuff is Hollywood level.

  12. *goes to*

    YAY! My vampire name is SPARKLEVAMPIREHeartz!

  13. ahahahaha! friday is die day! 🙂


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