Video: Winky Dink Media Parodies Twilight

So is the parody funny enough? What do you think?


  1. LMAO. That was actually not horrible, but why is it that so many parodies make Taylor out to be gay?

  2. for some weird reason I find that funny 😀

  3. I didn’t move one face muscle.
    Talk about suck.

    • Unfortunately I have seen much worse when it comes to Twilight “parodies.” At least this one actually had a punchline whereas a lot are just randomly awkward.

  4. This seemed like a one-linchpins joke rather than a parody. I didn’t laugh.

    • It definitely is not a real parody. It seems people use that term too loosely these days. Plus it is not that original. That is not the first time someone has made the wolf turn into a cute little dog or tried to make Taycob out to be gay. At some point you would hope for some creativity if they are going to come after Twilight.

  5. If anyone is interested, that’s Warner Bros Studios.

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