Kaleb Nation Goes a 60 Second Rant/Review on The Host

Check out Kaleb’s take on The Host. Is it romance or is it scifi…or is it both?

Kaleb Nation and the Breaking Dawn Pillow!

Kaleb Nation takes on the oddities of collecting Twilight Saga merch by focusing on the recent ebay offer of a pillow from the Breaking Dawn honeymoon scene.  What do you think of his suggestions?


Twilight Guy Kaleb Nation Lands His Own TV Show

Many Lexicon readers are familiar with Kaleb Nation, AKA “The Twilight Guy”. Kaleb caught Stephenie Meyer’s and our attention back before the first Twilight movie came out with his Twilight Guy blog where he covered Twilight chapter by chapter from a guy’s perspective.

In the time since then, Kaleb has been a web personality with his own popular YouTube channel, an author, and he’s still a devoted Twilight Fan covering various events. Well now he can add something else:

According to Hypable
, who got the scoop on this news, “Mark Morgan (“The Twilight Saga”), NYT bestselling author Kami Garcia (“The Beautiful Creatures Series” & “Unbreakable”), Michael Pollack (“Black Forest”) and Brett Hudson (“Cloud 9”) are giving the YouTube Generation its first reality show, KALEB’S NATION, starring YouTube personality Kaleb Nation. Nation will also produce, and Hudson will direct.

The show will follow Kaleb Nation, as he develops the parodies, music videos, and pop culture commentary that have garnered over 28 million views on his YouTube channel, while throwing Nation into a totally new arena—Hollywood. Celebrities and other YouTube personalities will guest star, while Nation experiences a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make it on, and off, the red carpet. The producers are keeping the details under lock and key, but we were able to get a few comments.

According to Kami Garcia, “Anyone who watches Kaleb’s videos will immediately see the potential of the show, and I’m excited to be part of it.” Mark Morgan added, “I find Kaleb to be a fascinating and highly entertaining piece of talent. This is more than a TV show. Kaleb is a brand in and unto himself, and I am happy to be working with someone who has his finger on the pulse of current pop culture.”

See more at Hypable.

On behalf of the staff of the Twilight Lexicon, we’d like to say congratulations to Kaleb.

Kaleb Nation’s Twimore Spoof Going Viral

We posted the other day about Kaleb Nation’s spoof called Twimore. Well his video is really going viral with all sorts of folks chiming in, some not realizing (from both the Potter and Twilight camps) it’s a parody because they didn’t read the info under the video.

He also has a spoof website to go along with it that just added a feature (look in the upper right corner)to “Find Your Vampire Name”. I just got SHIMMERJACWERD8 for mine. It’s become so popular he had to buy more bandwith. Make sure you check out the video below AND the website (sorry Kaleb on the bandwith).

As we write this post the video’s public hit count is a 85,999. Pretty amazing for something uploaded 3 days ago!

Follow Kaleb on Twitter @KalebNation

TwiGuy Kaleb Nation Does Twilight Spoof

Check out Kaleb’s latest.

Kaleb Nation Named a Finalist in YouTube’s NextUp Program

From the moment we first saw a video from The TwiGuy, Kaleb Nation, we knew he was on to something! We’ve followed Kaleb’s career as a writer and blogger for years now and can honestly say he’s one of the nicest and most clever guys we’ve met!  Heck, we even dedicated an April Fools joke to him!

Kaleb’s 60SR Show has been selected as a finalist in YouTube’s NextUp program where Kaleb could potentially win a grant for $35,000 towards developing his show! If you have enjoyed reading Twilight along with the TwiGuy or have laughed at any number of the funny videos Kaleb has put out over the years (my personal favorite is the “Stephenie Meyer is dead?” video! LOL!) then take a moment to vote for Kaleb over at The YouTube Creator’s Site.

We wish Kaleb the best of luck!

Kaleb Nation AKA The Twilight Guy Needs Your Help

We’ve made no secret that we have loved Kaleb Nation ever since we first spotted his site Twilight Guy back in 2008. Pretty much the term Twi-Guy was coined because of Kaleb. We loved Kaleb’s guy centric, goofy commentary as he read his way chapter-by-chapter through all the Twilight books. We even turned the Lexicon into a Kaleb worship site as our 2009 April Fools joke(see our video from that day).

Aside  from having a Twilight website, Kaleb is also an incredibly talented, web designer, children’s author, photographer, and YouTube vlogger. We partnered with Kaleb on the red carpet for the Twilight premiere. Without Kaleb, we wouldn’t have had footage from that event.

Right now Kaleb needs your help. His YouTube channel is one of four YouTube channels that is up for a fantastic prize and he needs your vote. See the explanation below from YouTube.

“More and more of our YouTube partners are hitting subscriber numbers in the 100,000s and even in the 1,000,000s. We want to help more of you to get to those kind of subscriber numbers, which is why we’re starting a new monthly feature called “On the Rise.”

Here’s how it works: every month, we’ll pull together a list of partner channels whose subscriber rate has quickly accelerated in the last 30 days but who still have less than 100,000 subscribers. We’ll winnow that list down to a handful of channels, and then we’ll ask the community to vote on one channel to be featured on the YouTube homepage and get promoted through our social media channels on Twitter and Facebook.”

So if you’ve enjoyed our Twilight movie red carpet footage, seen Kaleb’s actor photos, enjoyed Kaleb’s blog, liked the Bran Hambric series, and loved his videos GO VOTE FOR KALEB!

Clevver TV Interviews Twilight Guy Kaleb Nation

Check out Kaleb’s site Twilight Guy here. Moment of “squee” Laura was the camera person Kaleb mentions.

The LA Twilight Convention Photo Tour

Kaleb Nation, the Twilight Guy, has put together a photo montage of the Eclipse cast as seen at the Official Twilight Convention in Los Angeles. There are fantastic shots of Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson…everyone.

Jen and Laura (Be My Escape and Pel) will be at the Official Twilight Convention this weekend in Phoenix.

Kaleb Nation Interviews Nikki Reed at the New Moon DVD Release