Congratulations to Gil Birmingham for Rango’s OSCAR Win

Gil Birmingham was among the many talented artists who voiced characters in the animated film Rango that won Best Animated Feature at last night’s OSCAR ceremony. Gil’s character is the one in the poncho featured in the photo.

Below you can see Gil rehearsing with the cast.

Video: Tinsel Korey, Gil Birmingham and Julia Jones promote Breaking Dawn DVD

Tinsel Korey, Gil Birmingham and Julia Jones all hit the morning talk show circiut today.

Crooked Arrows Trailer with Gil Birmingham

It seems Kellan Lutz isn’t the only Twilight Saga star to be in a film about lacrosse. Crooked Arrows starring Gil Birmingham with Brandon Routh, Crystal Allen, and Chelsea Ricketts is a story centered on a Native American lacrosse team making its way through a prep school league tournament. It is set to open in April 20112. Visit their facebook page for more information.

Twilight Dads Video: Billy Burke, Gil Birmingham, Peter Facinelli

We’ve been looking over the past week and found what we thought was some of overlooked video featuring our Twilight dads.

Gil Birmingham and Chaske Spencer’s Shouting Secrets to Premiere: You’re Invited

This press release just in from the creative team behind Shouting Secrets


San Francisco, venue of the 36th American Indian Film Festival prepares for opening night festivities today for the annual event which runs through November 12th, 2011. Among an impressive line-up of independent feature length and short films is the exclusive reception and world premiere of SHOUTING SECRETS, a motion picture developed, produced and directed by first time helmer Korinna Sehringer, November 10th at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Joker Film Productions presents a story about an All-American family with unique struggles but universal truths. SHOUTING SECRETS begins its global distribution tour, with pride, honoring a film festival with deep roots and a tradition dedicated to the honor of indigenous peoples in North America.

Every layer of this production from the story development to the stunning visuals, embracing audio and music soundtrack, to the dream cast and dramatic performances of audience favorite actors, by both established and emerging talents, all combine to deliver a most memorable theatrical experience.

Korinna credits her producing partner Josef Bollag, the tireless crew and production personnel, as well as the exceptionally gifted cast for their support and commitment to the success of SHOUTING SECRETS.

That world class cast features Chaske Spencer and Gil Birmingham – both screaming successes in the Twilight franchise, Tyler Christopher of General Hospital fame and Tonantzin Carmelo two exceptional performers, as well as Q’orianka Kilcher who got her big break playing Pocahontas in the 2005 major studio release of The New World. Native veteran actors Tantoo Cardinal and Rodney A. Grant contribute their gifts and talents toward in the telling of this cycle of life story, which affects every human being at some point in their lives.

The producers and select cast members (to be announced) will be attending the film festival, reception and SHOUTING SECRETS premiere eager to engage and interact with their audience and what will become the films first adopters !! The time has come for SHOUTING SECRETS to be shared with independent film enthusiasts around the world !!


For ticket information visit or call 415 -554-0525. To purchase from Brownpaper visit:

Gil Birmingham Q & A Live Blog Boston Convention 2011

Gill will be out in a second

The crowd is uber excited to see Gil

He is doing a film in the Danvers area locally

It’s called Crooked Arrows with Brandon Routh of superman and Chuck fame

Gil just gave major props to Hillywood

Gil jokes he’s doing Billy Black Twilight Saga Part 6 My Unknown powers revealed

He will have a 300 type film in the works

Rango is the closest gig he’s ever had to Twilight as far as a similar genre because it’s fantasy

He thought Rango was amazing fun. They would act out the sequences as they are recording.

His creepiest fan experience, he doesn’t have one knock wood fans have been great with him

Acting in a wheel chair is a challenge he has a lot of respect for people who have no choice but to use one daily. He enjoyed the parody Vampires Suck where his character flew over people.

It was fun back in the day when he was a Conan lookalike at Universal. Best part was taking photos with young kids who were totally into it

A favorite actress is he doesn’t really have just one. Is impressed with a lot of up in coming young talent.

He loved the lizard in Rango and just did a dead-on impression. real animals he loves white tigers

Gil jokes “Taylor who”

Gil says there’s been such a transformation with Taylor from the young kid on Twilight to where he is now. But thinks he’s still a down to earth and realistic person.

Gil misses the days of Twilight when they were all more anonymous and could all go out to dinner without lots following

Wedding scene was very cold and wet weather.

He fell asleep waiting for his scene and Peter Facinelli pranked him by tickling his nose with a feather.

Pet peeve is rude people. He tries not to be rude when he has a short temper

When asked if he was president for a day what he’d do he say quit and then get rid of taxes give Indians back their land and then we’ll play monopoly

Gil has read teh Twilight Guide and wished it was out before the filming was over. He would have wanted to know more details

Next Movie: Who is the Best Twilight Dad

The Male Twihard blogger over at Next Movie just did a piece on which Twilight character makes the best dad.

“I am not a father, nor do I even pretend to know how to be a good one. (It involves owning a briefcase and knowing how to throw a baseball back and forth, I believe?)

However, I do know “The Twilight Saga.” So with Father’s Day coming up this weekend, I’m paying tribute to the dads from the series.

But who is the best “Twilight” dad? (Besides all of them?) Allow me to lay out the facts.

Charlie Swan, Carlisle Cullen, Billy Black and (future screen daddy) Edward Cullen are the men under the microscope. While everyone has their own ideas on what makes the best father, I’ve done some in-depth research (thanks, Ask Jeeves!) and these are the qualities most will agree on:

They should be of high integrity, but never high on other things. They should be able to provide for their kids, meaning they need some cash money — Benjamins, if you will. And a father needs to be responsible, offer guidance, and spend quality time with children. These are proven techniques that keep daughters (and sons) off the stripper pole.”

His analysis is tongue-in-cheek and hilarious. Check it out.

The Quileuete Wolfpack Meets Gil Birmingham, Chaske Spencer, and Tyson Houseman’s Dad

This is one of those stories where you just have to read it to believe it. What started out as a simple day to attend  the North American Indigenous Image Awards (NAIA) with press passes where Gil Birmingham and Chaske Spencer were both nominated, ended up with the Quileuete Wolfpack team bonding with a major casting director, chauffeuring Chaske Spencer around town to buy clothes, and then ended with them meeting Tyson Houseman’s dad, who by the way happens to be a fairly famous comedian…who knew?

Check it out on the Quileuete Wolfpack.

Gil Birmingham and Chaske Spencer Nominated For North American Indigenous Image Awards

We just got this notification from the folks who run the North American Indigenous People’s Image Awards:

“I just wanted to send  you a quick link and flyer about Chaske Spencer and Gil Birmingham being nominated for best actor at the 2011 North American Indigenous Image Awards.  Chaske is nominated for New Moon and Gil is nominated for Eclipse. ”

The awards take place on Friday Apr. 29, 2011 7:00 pm  and fans can buy tickets if they want to the event that takes place in the Hard Rock Casino Albequerque, New Mexico.

The Official Twilight Convention in Nashville Comes Off as a Success!

Last weekend the Official Twilight Convention came to Nashville, TN for the second time. The original line up for the weekend was totally pulled due to a change in filming for Breaking Dawn for the wolf pack as well as some last minute family obligations for Peter Facinelli. I’m sure this left the staff at Creation Entertainment scrambling for alternate guests. What they came up with was a lineup of rarely seen and brand new faces to the convention circuit.
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