Video: Tinsel Korey “If You Love Me Let Me Go”

Check out Tinsel performing her music from her debut album.

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Tinsel Korey to Perfrom at Teen Groove today

Tinsel Korey is going to be performing her music at Teen Groove. (Editor’s Note: Our mistake we read the press release too fast. )down at The Grove today. For those of you not familiar, The Grove is this major “see and be seen” outdoor mall in Los Angeles. EXTRA broadcasts a segment from there every day. You have the chance to ask her questions.

The show starts at 7PM EST.

We are taking some fan calls so… call us at 858.956.2128 or tweet your questions to me @LenoreLuca

Listen live here –

Good luck to Tinsel with her debut album!

Post Twilight Tinsel Korey Concentrates on Her Music

According to her press release:

Twilight saga actress and singer/songwriter Tinsel Korey is set to release her new EP “Seize the Day” on August 30, 2012. Tinsel has been developing her musical talent from a very young age and the release of this EP will be the result of several years of work. Recorded at the famous WAX studios in Washington, the Indie-Folk Rock EP will consist of five news songs, in addition to Tinsel’s previously recorded single, “Letter,” which will be available on iTunes and, in addition to other major online outlets. A labor of love, each track was written by Tinsel herself, and produced by Brian Blake.

The title track “Seize the Day” is the pivotal song on the EP. The idea for the song came up when Tinsel created her “Wolf Girl Boot Camp,” an appealing and exciting way for her to get healthy along with her fans. Tinsel shares, “I wanted something positive, an upbeat message to myself and anyone on the same path to never give up, and to live life to the fullest. To not let fears dictate how grand to live life. I think I’m on a journey of transition, of learning, of growing, of living in the moment. It’s mirrored in the tone and direction of the entire EP. The song is the catalyst for everything else on the album.”

Tinsel’s songs are not solely centered on stories of relationships and love, but on emotional elements that make up the situation in one’s life. They are about the recognition of growth in oneself. She shares, “They’re all very reflective. They center on learning to love, whether it be oneself or another person and growing from the trials and tribulations that come with the territory.” “I Surrender” is another key song on the EP as it describes the challenge of not wanting to give into fear. She adds, “The song is about ultimately knowing that if you don’t change, you could be losing out on something that could have been amazing. Most of my songs are inspired by a relationship, and they are a way for me to look at what was going on in that moment, from an outside perspective, and figure out how I wanted to move forward.”

Tinsel also did a recent interview with Ology

How does it feel now that the production on the series is wrapped?

TINSEL KOREY: It’s bittersweet. You’re sad that this huge chapter in your life is coming to an end, but you’re excited about the new possibilities that are out there. Like the wolf pack and I are family. I had this moment when I was like, ‘Are we still going to be friends after this is over?’ But I feel like we’re so bonded by it that we will remain family. It’s bittersweet.

Would you be open to doing another film series?

Of course! Absolutely. If they put me on Hunger Games I’d be happy. [Laughs]

What was your favorite book in the Twilight Saga series?

I would probably say New Moon. I’ve heard a lot the Twilight cast from the first movie say that was theirs. I think also because that holds a dear place in your heart because it’s the beginning point of your role in the franchise. So I think New Moon was definitely my favorite book.

What was it like auditioning for the role of Emily? Did you audition opposite any of the werewolves?

No, it’s funny because the other boys apparently had a really long process! I had one audition and that was it. And they shortlisted me for that part and I booked the role. So I had no idea who else was cast when I got this opportunity.

Tinsel Korey Joins Campaign

Tinsel Korey is joining this year’s DoSomething Campaign. Previous Twilight connected participants have included Chaske Spencer and Nikki Reed., the nation’s largest organization for teens and social change, has partnered with Lenovo, the world’s second largest PC maker who helped found the campaign last year, and Bing, the search engine from Microsoft, to launch “The Hunt: 11 Days of Doing.” The campaign inspires young people to partake in 11 days of challenges, starting July 10, focused on creating positive community impact.


According to the 2012 National Survey on Young People and Volunteering, 93% of teens in the US say they want to volunteer.  Yet, only 22% of them actively do.  What’s the #1 reason why they don’t volunteer? No one asked them to.  Well now is! With the help of campaign spokesperson, 90210’s Shenae Grimes, teens will receive a new series of challenges focused on a specific cause daily. Challenges will be issued to participants via and’s favorite social change weapon: cell phones. Teams will work together to complete all the challenges and report back to show how they created a measurable impact in their community, all while collecting points to win prizes like Lenovo IdeaPad Ultrabooks and scholarships.


“I am excited to be a part of such a cool campaign with, Lenovo and Bing,” said Shenae Grimes. “If we can motivate young people to do such amazing things in 11 days, think of what else we can do!”

“, Lenovo and Bing are all about giving teens the resources to take action on what they care about,” said campaign manager, Sydney Cohn. “This is a great opportunity for teens to do fun stuff with their friends during those dog days of summer.”


“We discovered in our first partnership with that we both share a passion to help people engage in the world, roll up their sleeves and make things happen,” said David Roman, chief marketing officer, Lenovo. “We love making the personal technology tools that help people achieve things, while brings together a community of some of the most active and inspiring young people in the world. Together, we are eager to engage thousands of young people this summer.”


“ does an amazing job promoting activism among young adults, and we’re excited to join forces for this year’s Hunt as part of the Bing Summer of Doing,” said Karin Muskopf, senior product manager, Bing. “Bing’s new social features will play an integral role in helping participants search for the clues, connect with their Facebook friends for advice and see what experts recommend in order to quickly research and tackle the daily challenges.”

Challenges will focus on important issues such as Environment (Energy), Recycling/Reuse, Poverty& Homelessness, Saving, Violence and Bullying, Health & Fitness, Discrimination, Disaster Response & Relief, Education, and Animal Welfare., Lenovo and Bing will work alongside celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Cody Simpson, Rachael Leigh Cook, Keke Palmer, Teresa Palmer, Cassie Scerbo and Tinsel Korey along with volunteers throughout the summer. 

Video: Tinsel Korey, Gil Birmingham and Julia Jones promote Breaking Dawn DVD

Tinsel Korey, Gil Birmingham and Julia Jones all hit the morning talk show circiut today.

Tinsel Korey and Booboo Stewart Talk What Will Rock in 2012

Booboo Stewart won for the Best Sidekick Award, but here’s what they had to say on the carpet

Tinsel Korey Talks Twilight Cast and Continuing Friendships

Heat just interviewed Tinsel Korey

Speaking of Robert Pattinson, she says: “I don’t have any scenes with Robert, but I did get to meet him in the make-up process. The first time that I saw him was in the make-up trailer. He’s very, very nice.

“I get to spend more time with Taylor and Kristen. She’s very nice and very reserved from my interaction. She’s playing a role where people have read the books and they imagine the character, so there’s a lot of pressure, but she’s just very focused.”

“The shyness just comes from the fact that she’s really dedicated to bringing this character to life. That’s probably more what people are seeing than anything else.”

But with the boys, it’s a different story: “With the boys, there’s lots of testosterone. There’s a lot of playing football and things like that.”

On her future with the cast, she admits: “I’m not as close with the top 3. With the other boys, we actually had dinner together one time and I was like “will we all stay friends after?” I would like to think that we’ll all stay in touch in the future.”

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Tinsel Korey Talks Breaking Dawn on Moviefone

Moviefone sat down with Tinsel Korey to talk about Breaking Dawn and her upcoming projects.

“You know her as Emily, Sam’s beautifully scarred fiancé in the ‘Twilight’ movies, but you probably wouldn’t recognize Tinsel Korey walking down the street. While her ‘Twilight’ co-stars are constantly fawned over by diehard fans, Korey says that she can walk around incognito, since her character is somewhat disguised by the bangs and the scar.

Beyond ‘Twilight,’ Korey is best known as an indie movie queen. She garnered accolades for her role as Blue Girl in Carl Bessai’s ‘Unnatural & Accidental.’ She’s poised to wow audiences again in ‘Stained,’ which is being released on DVD on August 30. This time around, she channels her inner dark side to play a schizophrenic serial killer.

Despite all of her serious roles, Korey is actually quite a goofball. She’ll have a chance to showcase her silly side in the upcoming flick ‘Fishing Naked,’ which costars her ‘Twilight’ buddy Bronson Pelletier. Moviefone caught up with the Canadian-born, LA-based actress to get the lowdown on shooting ‘Breaking Dawn,’ learning stunts from Kevin Sorbo and why she was hand-picked to play a killer.”

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Tinsel Korey Dishes Chaske Spencer’s Awkward Fan Moments

Tinsel Korey Talks Breaking Dawn and Future Projects has a new interview with Tinsel Korey where she talks about the ending of the Twilight Saga as well as her future projects.

Question: Were you sad to say goodbye to filming the Twilight Saga when you finished part 1 of Breaking Dawn?

Tinsel Korey: Ofcourse, it’s a chapter in your life ending. I remember being at dinner with everyone, and was like “Are we all still going to be friends after this ends?”

Question: How has your life changed since being cast in the Twilight Saga?

Tinsel Korey: I guess the amount of attention I get has changed. But how I perceive my reality hasn’t, I always remember to stay humble. As fast as something is given to you, it can be taken away just as fast!

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