Twilight Dads Video: Billy Burke, Gil Birmingham, Peter Facinelli

We’ve been looking over the past week and found what we thought was some of overlooked video featuring our Twilight dads.


  1. CullenCoven says:

    It’s really weird seeing Billy without the Charlie mustache. And I just love Peter.

  2. Jackalyn Colpitts says:

    love love love Billy Burke! He was, in my opinion, a standout in these movies. Every scene, every emotion, he was spot on! There has not been one thing he could have improved on in his performance as far as I am concerned.

    He is amazing!

  3. Loved all the dad’s but particularly Charlie. Agree with other posts, Billy was dead on with his performance as Charlie. STILL would like to have his song “Seeing Angels” on a soundtrack, perhaps BDP2.

  4. Just watched “Can’t Hardly Wait” with Peter Fach in it. Love that movie, he is so cute! Love love love Peter!!!!

  5. They’re all great in the movies.
    I especially have loved Billy as Charlie. He made him more lovable than the books. He has been great in every scene in every movie. It makes me wish even more that they included the scene where Bella & Edward go to tell Charlie that they are getting married. I’ve always loved it in the book & I know Billy would have killed it.

    After how amazing part 1 was I am even more excited for part 2. I hate that we have to wait a year to see vamp Bella!

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