Gil Birmingham at the Rango Premiere

Look for Gil at roughly the 5:00 mark

Twilight Connected Movies Dominate Weekend Box Office

According to Gossip Cop Battle Los Angeles, Rango, and Red Riding Hood should place 1, 2, and 3 this weekend:

Battle Los Angeles co-starring Noel Fisher is predicated to take in 40 million

Rango, co-starring Gil Birmingham (his character is the bird with the red and grey striped poncho seen above) is predicated to take in 25 million

Red Riding Hood, directed by Catherine Hardwicke and co-starring Billy Burke, is predicated to take in 15 million

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Check out the trailers under the cut. Have you seen any of the three movies? What did you think? [Read more…]

Looks Like March is Twilight Actor Movie Month

There are a bunch of movies opening in March that have Twilight actors/directors in key roles.

Skateland with Ashley Greene

Battle Los Angeles with Noel Fisher

Rango with Gil Birmingham

Red Riding Hood directed by Catherine Hardwicke and co-starring Billy Burke.

Don’t worry, April isn’t boring. That’s when Water for Elephants releases.

What movie do you want to see the most?

Gil Birmingham to Star in Rango With Johnny Depp

According to the LA Times Hero Complex Blog(Gil is in the back of the photo in the poncho and then in the video at the 1:35, 1:44, and 1:49 marks—you can spot the poncho!):

“When Gore Verbinski was directing his upcoming movie, “Rango,” a spaghetti western-like tale set in a desert town overrun by bandits, he did what he typically does: have his principal actors, led by Johnny Depp and fellow cast members that include Harry Dean Stanton, Abigail Breslin and Ray Winstone, act out key scenes.

The actors wore western costumes — Depp sported a giant cowboy hat and bandana and Winstone packed a sidearm. They had the usual array of props, including whiskey glasses and sawhorses, on a stage at Universal that also featured a saloon with a 40-foot-long wooden bar and the requisite swinging doors and even a chuckwagon. This wasn’t a run-through for another one of Verbinski’s big-budget live- action movies. It was all done as part of a 20-day shoot to capture the voice tracks for his first animated film, “Rango,” about a chameleon — played by Depp — with an identity crisis.

In animated movies, actors usually voice the lines of their characters in a recording booth. But Verbinski figured he’d draw out more lively dialogue if the actors physically performed their scenes onstage — just like on a live action set. “It was just like rehearsing a high school play,” said Verbinski, best known for directing the first three “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. “Why give up on what we do in live action?”

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Chaske Spencer and Gil Birmingham’s Shouting Secrets Trailer Released

Shouting Secrets starring Gil Birmingham and Chaske Spencer just released its trailer. At TwiTour in Orlando, Chaske said that they will be bringing the film out on the festival circuit so look for it at places like Southwest, Tribecca, and Toronto. They won’t have it at Sundance because it was still being edited at the submission deadline.

Shouting Secrets – Trailer
Uploaded by thevampireclub. – Full seasons and entire episodes online.

Here’s  the description on the official website:

“SHOUTING SECRETS is the universal story about a family coming back together under the chaotic event of a parent’s sudden illness.

Siblings separated by their past along with their misunderstood father are left dealing with each other both in the tight confines of the hospital where their mother June now lays in a coma and back at the old family home on a Native American reservation in the nation’s southwest.

Although growing up within the circumstances unique to their ancestry, the children have each followed distinctly different paths in order to separate themselves from each other and their upbringing on the reservation. Wesley, the middle child, is a young author who found his fortune by writing a “fictional” tell-all of life on the reservation at the expense of his family. Tushka, Wesley’s brother, is a washed up athlete who falls victim to his own mediocrity, finding adultery with a young “Lolita” to fulfill his need to once again matter to himself. Pinti, the youngest, seeks love in the embrace of a musician and is left dealing with how to tell the family that she is pregnant with her Caucasian-pot-smoking-Buddhist-of-a-boyfriend’s child.

June, mother to the three children, is the beacon of this family and the light of her husband Cal’s life…but now that she’s not strong enough to hold the torch anymore, will the family be strong enough to hold it together?

Cutting through the harsh themes of family struggle with the precise balance of honest humor and raw conflict, Shouting Secrets relates to the moment we all will eventually be forced to deal with as a family ages together, regardless of the effort we can try to take to avoid those we are bonded to for a lifetime.”

So what do you think, is it something you’d like to see?

Visit the official site here.

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Twilight Tweets: December 17 Update

Here are the latest batch of Tweets from the twilight stars. A big TY to Maddie for making the banner for us! We will round up the best Tweets of the cast every week in our Twilight Tweets feature!

First off it looks like the food in Louisiana is a huge hit. Mia Maestro who plays Carmen Tweeted, “Yes… I’m paid to be in New Orleans :). 1 beignets, 2 beignets, 3 beignets, 4… 5… 6… At this ingestion pace Carmen Denali is gonna be unrecognizable. Someone has to stop me!” She also gave us a picture of the local atmosphere.

Gil Birmingham seems to have found the local crepes. He tweeted “Where in the world is Gil Birmingham? Let’s see if you can guess my latest adventure location. Where in the world can you get a pancake like this. They told me it would be big…but wow!” and he gave us a photo of his food! He then Tweeted, “And yes I ate it all!”

Judi Shekoni tried out a local fried food hit, “Quiet day – tried the famous Louisana “Po Boy” today – very tasty!!”

Judi also talked about transforming into her role as Zafrina, “Gud morning All!! Its Bright & early here… realized I need to find some nail varnish remover!!! there are no nail salons in the amazon!”

Lisa Howard who plays Siobhan(It’s pronounced Sh-ah-von for you non-Gallic folks), “I’ve had my costume and wig fittings so far and now I’m off to the make-up dept. So cool:-). Chillin’ with my coven waiting to get into hair:-)” Her coven mate Marlane Barnes who plays Maggie agrees with Lisa and Tweeted, “Having a great great great time!”

Angela Sarafyan who plays is also enjoying her castmates, “I met almost all of the vamps — pretty cool bunch of bloodsuckers :)”

Erik Odom who plays Peter is also enjoying Lousiana, “There is no substitute for southern hospitality” As a North Carolina boy he should know!

Guri Weinberg who plays Stefan Tweeted on behalf of his coven mate Noel Fisher who plays Vladimir, “Hi all. hello from Noel to all of u. Sorry I haven’t tweeted back to u guys.”

Video: Gil Birmingham Interviewed on Mingle TV

According to the press release Gil was interviewed at the Screen Actors Guild President’s National Task Force for American Indians & NBC Universal’s world premiere of the short video American Indian Actors and the Los Angeles premiere of the feature documentary director’s cut of Reel Injun at LA Skins Fest, the premiere Native American film festival in Los Angeles. American Indian Actors is a look at contemporary American Indian actors in the entertainment industry. This 10-minute video was produced by Multinesia Productions, commissioned by SAG President?s National Taskforce for American Indians and funded by the SAG-Producers Industry Advancement Cooperative Fund. Reel Injun, directed by Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond, is an entertaining and insightful look at the portrayals of North American Natives through a century of cinema and how the myth of “the Injun” has influenced the world’s understanding-and misunderstanding-of Natives. Interviews include Clint Eastwood, Adam Beach, Sacheen Littlefeather, Chris Eyre, John Trudell, Jim Jarmusch and more.

Team Edward POV Interviews Gil Birmingham

chaske_gilThis summer at the first Italian Twilight convention in Rome, I had the pleasure of meeting Cleopatra who runs the website Team Edward POV. Cleopatra hails from Greece, she is a fanfic author, and she runs a great website. Today, she is sharing her interview with Gil Birmingham who was also at the convention.

Would you like to tell us more about your new movie with Chaske? It is called Shouting Secrets, right?

Yes, Shouting Secrets is a story of a family dealing with the history of the interactions between the different members. When one member tells the stories of the family in a book and then that book becomes a best seller. The writer of the book separates from the family and starts living in the big city, enjoying the big life being a celebrity. He is not revisited his origins for many years until his mother befalls sick and he is forced to come back and deal with all the tension, resentments and the love that still really exists between all the different family members and how they have come to a resolution with that.

It was hard to play that character while Chaske played another, considering your history with Twilight and your dynamic? Or you had chemistry so it was easier for you to fight?

Yes, we have a chemistry because we have done 5 movies together already, it’s not just Twilight. And we have great trust between us to be able to access that emotional body that was necessary for these characters. It’s like two people kind of jumping off a cliff together and trusting each other and what would come from that. So, it was really a wonderful experience to deal at safe with another actor.

Read the rest of the interview on Team Edward POV.

Check out Shouting Secrets on Twitter and the next Italian Twilight convention here.

Gil Birmingham Presented Flag

Gil Birmingham was presented a flag by the Quileute Nation by Chairwoman Anna Rose Counsell-Geyer and Vice-Chairman, Lonnie Foster during Quileute Days, on July 17, 2010 after the blessing of the newly opened wolf den.

Check out the Quileute website and Facebook page.

Gil Birmingham to Be Honored at La Push Quileute Days Festival

gilbirminghamGil Birmingham will be honored at the annual Quileute Days Festival in La Push. You can see the entire schedule of events here. The event is open to the public and admission is free.

According to the press release:

“In honor of actor Gil Birmingham’s portrayal of tribal chairman Billy Black and his telling of the legends of the Quileute tribe in the block-buster film Twilight Saga Eclipse, the Quileute Nation has invited him to participate in Quileute Days, Saturday, July 16 at the Akalat Center Grounds. Quileute Days will run Friday through Sunday and will include traditional tribal games, softball games, a parade, vendors and more. The annual event is free to the public.

“We are delighted to welcome Gil to La Push and Quileute Days,” tribal spokeswoman Jackie Jacobs said. “It is an honor to have him join us in this very special celebration of Quileute culture and traditions. How wonderful to have Gil Birmingham, who portrays Council Chairman Billy Black in ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ meet the true Chairwoman Anna Rose Councell-Geyer and the other members of the Quileute Tribal Council.”

On Saturday, Birmingham will join in the festival parade at noon, hold a 3 p.m. autograph session — a $20 contribution is required(proceeds benefit the elders of the Quileute Nation) — and will make a 4 p.m. guest appearance at the Talent Showcase.

“I am truly honored to be invited to the Quileute Nation this weekend as they celebrate their culture and traditions,” said Gil Birmingham (Comanche) from his home in Los Angeles, CA. “In the three Twilight Saga films, I attempted to portray Billy Black and Quileute tribal members with honor and respect. The entire premise of the Twilight books and movies is based on Quileute tribal legends which are deeply rooted in the ancient cultural traditions. It was important to me that the legends, as well as an honest portrayal of modern day Native Americans, come through in the film Eclipse.”

The theme of Quileute Days this year is “History through Our Traditions,” focusing on education about the authentic Quileute history, legends and culture.  Stick games — a traditional betting game — will begin at 6 p.m. Friday and at 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Also, there will be a Jacob Black and Bella Swan look-alike contest.”

Also the Quileuete Nation just redesigned their website, and it’s stunning! Check out their website here. Don’t forget that the Quileuete Nation has a store with all proceeds benefiting the tribe. If you want authentic Quileute goods, get them right from the source!