Charlie Bewley Q & A Burbank Convention

He’s making jokes about sitting in Aro’s throne. They are using that instead of their regualar chairs.

He says he’s seen the movie and everyone is on for a treat

His favorite part of playing Demetri: He said it hasn’t gone on enough for him. He loves it. Doesn’t want any other part in teh franchise. He says he’s 1,000 times better than Jane and Felix.  

After his filming of New Moon he went to Greece on a running holiday, then filmed in Germany then back to filming Eclipse

Most bizarre thing was having someone tatoo his face on her body. It looked good when done but he saw it him process when it was all red and blotchy.

Says Twilight fans are very respectful of him he’s never had issues with them

Jokes he was doing the Gangnam style video

 He enjoyed his stint on stage but he doesn’t feel in the long run it’s for him

Charlie jokes I have no pick up line I’m reaaly bad with women I’m on

On change since movies, he says he’s less mature

He feels bad for the intrusion of what’s happened to Kristen Rob and Taylor and doesn’t want that kind of life

Next role he’d love to be a superhero. There is actually an Australian novel that he’s working with

He feels really blessed to be a part of Twilight. He just wants to says thanks to all teh fans for making it what it is. He still can’t believe he’s a part of it

Worst scene to film was the elevator scene in New Moon because he was so new and unprpared he didn’t know what to think


Charlie Bewley Runs for Cancer Charity in Underwear

It looks like Charlie Bewley literally stumbled on this event and took it off for charity. You can see Charlie’s previous commitment to cancer charities and his Run For Your Life campaign here.

Bewley’s involvement in the race was happenstance — he was vacationing in the city when he heard about it.

“I literally turned up about half an hour before the race and asked if I could join,” Bewley told The Province on Sunday.

But it wasn’t his first time getting involved with the B.C. Cancer Foundation — the Twilight actor, who plays Demitri, organized the Run For Your Life campaign last year and raised $20,000 for one of his friends suffering from lung cancer.

She was being treated in B.C. where Bewley would visit her.

“You could just really feel … her fears and helplessness,” he said. “And at that point I realized I had to try and do something to help her.”

She died a week before the run. Bewley still completed the run and donated the proceeds to the B.C. Cancer Foundation.

“Cancer touches everyone at some time in their life whether it’s them or someone else,” said B.C. Cancer Foundation CEO Doug Nelson. “With Charlie’s star power, of course, it raises awareness both for the cause and the event.”


Check out more on The Province 

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Charlie Bewley Talks Breaking Dawn and Upcoming Work With Verge

Charlie Bewley sat down with Verge Magazine to talk his whirlwind career. Watch it all the way through to watch Charlie trance dance.

Charlie Bewley and Bronson Pelletier Talk Breakign Dawn Experience and Upcoming Work

Bronson and Charlie did an appearance at the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut. The crew talked to them about their upcoming projects and Breaking Dawn experience,

Charlie Bewley and Bronson Pelletier to Make Appearance at Mohegan Sun

Charlie Bewley and Bronson Pelletier are heading for the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

Friday, December 2nd
Spin Street Stage,
The Shops At Mohegan Sun

It’s the dawning of a new day as Mohegan Sun’s Signings & Sightings presents two break-out stars of the most sought-after vampire movie series. Join Bronson Pelletier & Charlie Bewley of The Twilight Saga on Friday, December 2nd at 8:00pm for a free signing event in The Shops at Mohegan Sun. Then, have a howling good time as they make a special appearance at the Diva Fridays dance party on the Patio of Todd English’s Tuscany.

Charlie Bewley, Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene

This is a rare combo of people in one interview. Check it out

Video: ET Talks to Cast at Atlanta “Twilight Tour”

Entertainment Tonight talked to Ashley Greene, Jackson rathbone, Nikki Reed, and Charlie Bewley at the Twilight Tour that took place in Atlanta.

Video: Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Charlie Bewley Q &A: Atlanta Soundtrack Tour

Last night was the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack track tour in Atlanta. Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Charlie Bewley hit the stage for a Q & A before the artists played. The video isn’t HQ but the audio is good enough to hear the Q & A

Charlie Bewley Appears on the West End

Charlie Bewley is in a production of The River Line in London at the Jeremy Street Theater. Also in the show is his sister Lydia.

According to the official description of the show,”Drawing upon his own wartime experience Morgan tells the story of a group of downed, allied pilots in occupied France in 1943 hiding from the Nazis in the granary of a farmhouse owned by a member of the resistance. Tensions rise as they await news of the last leg of their journey through occupied Europe to the Pyrenees along the escape route known as ‘The River Line’. As midnight approaches, one brutal action of terrible suddenness is to haunt their lives forever. It is the story of normal men and women are caught in the turmoil of war and how ordinary people are forced to face up to extraordinary circumstances. ”

New “Like Crazy” Trailer

Here is the second trailer from the film that stole the show at Sundance and features Charlie Bewley.

In an interview with IAmRogue, director Drake Doremus talked about how the project came together.  “The project came from trying to make a really personal story that hopefully resonates with audiences as being really true and really authentic. The film is mostly improvised from a fifty-page outline that my co-writer and I wrote. We wanted to just do a story from our generation’s perspective that was really honest.”

Read the whole story at IAmRogue.