Gil Birmingham Q & A Live Blog Boston Convention 2011

Gill will be out in a second

The crowd is uber excited to see Gil

He is doing a film in the Danvers area locally

It’s called Crooked Arrows with Brandon Routh of superman and Chuck fame

Gil just gave major props to Hillywood

Gil jokes he’s doing Billy Black Twilight Saga Part 6 My Unknown powers revealed

He will have a 300 type film in the works

Rango is the closest gig he’s ever had to Twilight as far as a similar genre because it’s fantasy

He thought Rango was amazing fun. They would act out the sequences as they are recording.

His creepiest fan experience, he doesn’t have one knock wood fans have been great with him

Acting in a wheel chair is a challenge he has a lot of respect for people who have no choice but to use one daily. He enjoyed the parody Vampires Suck where his character flew over people.

It was fun back in the day when he was a Conan lookalike at Universal. Best part was taking photos with young kids who were totally into it

A favorite actress is he doesn’t really have just one. Is impressed with a lot of up in coming young talent.

He loved the lizard in Rango and just did a dead-on impression. real animals he loves white tigers

Gil jokes “Taylor who”

Gil says there’s been such a transformation with Taylor from the young kid on Twilight to where he is now. But thinks he’s still a down to earth and realistic person.

Gil misses the days of Twilight when they were all more anonymous and could all go out to dinner without lots following

Wedding scene was very cold and wet weather.

He fell asleep waiting for his scene and Peter Facinelli pranked him by tickling his nose with a feather.

Pet peeve is rude people. He tries not to be rude when he has a short temper

When asked if he was president for a day what he’d do he say quit and then get rid of taxes give Indians back their land and then we’ll play monopoly

Gil has read teh Twilight Guide and wished it was out before the filming was over. He would have wanted to know more details