New Face Friday: Meet Patrick Brennan as Liam

Introducing our newest member of the Irish Coven Patrick Brennan who plays Liam. For a refresher on his character see the character bios section.


You’re one of the new vampires who has gotten a chance to interact with the fans at some Twilight conventions. Can you talk a little bit about what your experience has been with the Twilight fans so far?

Sure yeah. It’s been absolutely amazing. When I got involved in Twilight I knew it was a big deal, but I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was. And then you get to these conventions & you see these people who have formed a community, and they all support one another and are there for one another. And the way they support us– it’s almost a little— it’s a little crazy at first. But the way they support you and show you so much love it’s a great thing. I’m always humbled by it, and not to be corny or anything but I’m really touched by it.

When you found out you were going to work on this movie, who were you most excited to work with?

You know I have a scene with all the guys- Robert Pattinson – the 3 of those guys- and Kristen- I found them to be so… I was looking forward to meeting those three – I found them to be so welcoming and down to earth and normal.  I don’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting that. I found them all to be really really great people. And funny and weird and cool. And when I did my scene with Jacob I was stumbling over lines and thought “wow—it’s too odd. I’m sitting across from these Twilight stars.” It took me awhile to get in my body & get in the scenes.  I was nervous. And Michael Sheen- I’ve always admired him as an actor. And I didn’t get to do much with him, but I got to know him a little bit on set. I’ve always admired his work as an actor.

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We also had the chance to interview Patrick at his first Twilight convention ever about a year ago (see video below)

Video: Meet The Irish Coven: Lisa Howard, Marlane Barnes, Patrick Brennan

Meet the Irish Coven

Bill Tangradi and Patrick Brennan: Vampires and Powdered Doughnuts and More

Bill Tangradi plays Randall (BTW he was on Person of Interest last week as a Russian mobster) and Patrick Brennan plays Liam. The will be in Breaking Dawn part 2. Photos of them at RingCon here

Patrick Brennan Talks About Breaking Dawn, Casting, and Fandom

While at the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Convention in Nashville in March we had the chance to sit down and talk with Patrick Brennan, who plays Liam in Breaking Dawn.  This was Patrick’s first ever convention and he was overwhelmed by the love and support he felt from the Twilight fandom!  As the son of Eileen Brennan (Clue, Private Benjamin) Patrick grew up around Hollywood.  He even told us a story while we were setting up about being taken out of school to go to the set for Clue and hanging out with some of the cast members.  But none of that put any kind of damper on his humility and gratitude for being a part of the Twilight Saga as you will see in this interview.

You will need to turn the volume up all the way for this one.  We had limited space and time for the interview.  This took place while everyone was getting ready for their photo ops in the next room so there is quite a bit of background noise that we apologize for!  Still, we feel this is a great introduction for the fans to get to know Patrick.  He is going to be at several stops of the Official Twilight Convention along the way.  Your next chance to see him is at the Arlington convention April 15 – 17.

Our thanks go to Creation Entertainment for allowing us to film the interview and to Patrick Brennan for taking the time to talk to us.  You can follow Patrick on Twitter at @thePatBrennan.

The Official Twilight Convention in Nashville Comes Off as a Success!

Last weekend the Official Twilight Convention came to Nashville, TN for the second time. The original line up for the weekend was totally pulled due to a change in filming for Breaking Dawn for the wolf pack as well as some last minute family obligations for Peter Facinelli. I’m sure this left the staff at Creation Entertainment scrambling for alternate guests. What they came up with was a lineup of rarely seen and brand new faces to the convention circuit.
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