Quileuete Wolfpack Interviews Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart

They set up the story behind the video on their blog. Check it out.

The Quileuete Wolfpack Meets Gil Birmingham, Chaske Spencer, and Tyson Houseman’s Dad

This is one of those stories where you just have to read it to believe it. What started out as a simple day to attend  the North American Indigenous Image Awards (NAIA) with press passes where Gil Birmingham and Chaske Spencer were both nominated, ended up with the Quileuete Wolfpack team bonding with a major casting director, chauffeuring Chaske Spencer around town to buy clothes, and then ended with them meeting Tyson Houseman’s dad, who by the way happens to be a fairly famous comedian…who knew?

Check it out on the Quileuete Wolfpack.

Quileuete Wolfpack:Behind the Scenes at Hillywood’s Wolfpack Eclipse Parody Shoot

This is kind of like a Mystery Science Theatre meets pop-up video rendition.