EW Sexy Beast: Jacob vs Louis

So the next pairing in the ongoing EW Sexy Beast contest has Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black facing off against Brad Pitt’s Louis from Interview With a Vampire. At the moment Brad is winning.

EW: Sexy Beast Top 16

We are now on to the next round of the EW Sexy Beast Contest. Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen pulled ahead of Kellan Lutz as Emmet Cullen ins the last round. Don’t feel too badly for Kellan, because he took out Cam Gigandet as James in an earlier heat. Now Edward as played by Rob is up against Kate Beckinsale’s Seline from Underworld.

Taylor Lautner also survived his last heat. At some point this is headed to the inevitable Team Edward vs. Team Jacob showdown and it’s just going to get ugly

EW Sexy Beast: Edward vs. Emmett

It was hardly fair last week when they pitted Cam Gigandet against Kellan Lutz. Kellan came out ahead in that faceoff. Robert Pattinson easily won against his first round competitor. Now they are pitted against each other and it’s neck-in-neck. Do your worst and vote, we’ve embedded the EW poll below. This could get ugly!

The poll for Taylor Lautner vs. Benecio Del Toro is still open. Taylor currently has it by a mile.

Also if you are so inclined to help out Alphie and Pel’s first werewolf love, give a vote for David Thewlis as Remus Lupin. If it weren’t for the two of the going on for hours about that character than they would never have met and there would be no Twilight Lexicon.

EW Sexy Beast: Kellan Lutz vs Cam Gigandet

It’s hardly fair to put these guys up against each other but EW has done it.

Edward Cullen in EW’s Sexy Beast Contest

EW has their Sexy Beast Contest going again. In this round Edward Cullen as played by Robert Pattinson is up against Keifer Southerland’s David from The Lost Boys.

Right now it’s a pretty tight race. Go vote (we embedded their poll)so Rob can make it to the next round.

Liz Reaser’s Top 5 Filming Moments from Eclipse

Liz-Peter-NikkiEW has a list of Elizabeth Reaser’s top five moments while filming Eclipse.  She addressed working with Dakota Fanning, Bryce Dallas Howard, Xavier Samuel, and Jodelle Ferland as well as the teaming up between the Cullen family and the wolf pack.  But she had this to say about her on screen hubby:

“There was an action scene I did with Peter [Facinelli] where we were in a battle. We fight together — because we’re a team and he’s so protective he wouldn’t let me fight by myself — it’s pretty intense. We both do some intensely violent things, which was pretty scary. And I didn’t enjoy that stuff. I realized I don’t like pretending to hit people because it kind of makes me feel bad, like what if I hit them [for real]? What if I get nervous? And so the director was like, ‘You’re not getting mad.’ He tried to piss me off and it worked. [Laughs] He started yelling things at me off-camera to genuinely make me mad. So then I got really mad and he was like, ‘Yea!’ It was a weird thing but a great tactic on his part.”

Read the whole list at EW.

Eclipse Staffing Change

EW reported a staffing change on the Eclipse behind the scenes team.

“Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the uber-successful Twilight series, confirmed this morning that it has replaced Eclipse editor Art Jones with Nancy Richardson, the editor of Catherine Hardwicke’s original Twilight film. The studio is not placing blame on Jones, who previously worked with Eclipse director David Slade on his horror film 30 Days of Night as well as Slade’s Ellen Page-starrer Hard Candy. They do believe, however, that Slade’s material – which they call “very good” – needed a stronger edit. The studio has more confidence in Richardson, who they say understands the emotion of the characters and is an ace at balancing action with the other elements of the film.”

We checked out Art Jones’ resume on the IMDB.  Counting Eclipse, he has worked as an editor on five films in total. Two are short films. Short films generally run no more than thirty minutes and, more often than not, they run under twenty. His full-length film work is limited to movies that David Slade has directed: Hard Candy, and Thirty Days of Night.

We also checked out Nancy Richardson’s resume on the IMDB. Nancy has worked on over 30 productions in movies and TV. She has served as an editor, foley editor (sound specialty), and consultant.  She’s worked with Catherine Hardwicke and Greg Nava on multiple projects as well as a variety of other people.

We sat on this story for 24 hours to see if industry insiders like Nikki Finke might weigh in, and so far no other industry insider is commenting. That’s a little unusual if there was some kind of behind the scenes turmoil.  Lots of Monday morning quarterbacking going on about this on various fansites ranging from grand conspiracy theory to amicable parting of ways, but industry insiders seem pretty quite.  So, take it for what it is, your guess is as good as ours. It’s going to be interesting to see if anything new develops here.

EW Reveals First Batch of New Moon Easter Eggs

Earlier we told you that the IPhone/ITouch Twilight Tracker app would reveal 5 secret Easter Eggs and so would Entertainment Weekly. Well, the EW eggs are now out!

EW tells us, “New Moon director Chris Weitz spills the beans on a few things he hid in the film – exclusively in this week’s Entertainment Weekly. Some clues include hidden wolves, vampire elevator music, an element to Bella’s baggage, speed tricks, the answer to what Jacob says to Bella before he almost kisses her.”

Get the full details here on EW. The issue that features this info and more is the one currently on  newsstands.

According to EW, “Want more? Come back to EW.com tomorrow for five more New Moon secrets from director Chris Weitz”

Tish Monaghan: EW Edward and Jacob’s Looks

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Anyone who’s listened to the Twilight DVD commentary knows that Robert Pattinson wasn’t a fan of Edward’s pea coat.
TISH MONAGHAN: He wasn’t a fan of the pea coat. He wore it in virtually every scene, and I think maybe he just got tired of it. I’m guessing. [Laughs] He just wanted a more mature look. That was part of Edward’s Grade 11 year, and now he’s getting into his graduation year, he’s in a relationship. He had worn hoodies and jeans and sneakers, and Robert, the director [Chris Weitz], and I all wanted to portray him more as a gentleman, more elegant and classic. With our vampire characters, I always went back to the time period in which they were turned to see if there’s any element I could try to simulate in contemporary clothing. He came out of the Edwardian period, around 1910. Of course, most of the gentleman from that time would be wearing suits, coats, hats, etc. We had to pick something that was iconic for the character that would suffice to be used throughout the whole film. At the very beginning of the film, he has one school outfit, and then there’s Bella’s birthday party and disaster strikes. So Edward ends up in that same costume for the remainder of the film. I was thinking of just putting him in a dress shirt and a pair of pants, but Robert wanted to be in a suit.

See the rest on EW.

Bella’s Wedding Dress on InStyle

InStyle asked a couple of top designers for their take on Bella’s wedding dress. You can find their versions here. The sample below is designer Monique Lhuillier’s contribution.

However, Stephenie Meyer once gave out the dress descriptions and photos (seen below) to the Lexicon’s very own TrueLove who used to have a Bella’s Wedding Dress site. That site recently was taken down, but TrueLove gave the photos to us.

Stephenie’s description on the old Lexicon forums was, “I wish I still had the picture I based the description of Bella’s dress on, but it was lost in my fateful computer crash. Those of you who are going with the old fashioned look are on the right track. Two key words to aid in the search: art nouveau. It’s a simpler style than the frillier Edwardian stuff. Elegant white satin, cut on the bias, with long sleeves (the strapless thing is a very recent development. It wasn’t even popular when I was getting married, only 13 years ago, much less during the modest turn of the century). I search google images for the dress every now and then. I’ll let you know if I find something close one of these days.”

Love2dream based on Stephenie’s description, found the above images and asked if she was on the right track. Stephenie replied that the look was close, but not the exact photo that she had seen.

So what do you think of the EW collection and love2dream collection?