Cam Gigandet Still Gets Recognized From Twilight

Next Movie interviewed Cam Gigandet about his movie Priest heading to DVD. This is what he had to say about the Twilight Saga’s impact on his career:

In the final analysis, do you get more attention from fans for killing Marissa Cooper or breaking Bella’s leg?
[Laughs] I’m going to have to go with the “Twilight” fans because… they are really never-ending. I played paintball this past weekend with my dad — the whole day, people would come up and say “Oh, you’re the guy from –” and if it was a girl, without fail, the girl  would bring up ‘Twilight.”  They used to bring up “The O.C.” but not so much anymore.

The guys who came up to me this past weekend — it was always “Never Back Down.” Which is interesting.

Thankfully, “Twilight” set me up for a really long time. Everything that has such success and a fan following makes my job easier. It’ll always help me, for the rest of my career.

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Twilight Nominations 2011 Teen Choice Awards

Here is the rundown of the 2011 Teen Choice Awards sponsored by the Fox Network. If you make the age requirements start voting daily!

Movie Category

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie: Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Actor: Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Actress:
Kristen Stewart

Villian: Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria

Male Scene Stealer: Kellan Lutz as Emmett

Female Scene Stealer:
Ashley Greene as Alice

Also in the movies categories Cam Gigandet and Robert Pattinson are nominated in the dramatic actor category.

Music Category

The are no Twilight specific nominations, but movie and Stephenie Meyer’s playlist artists both appear.

Other category

Male Hottie: Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

Cher is Edward Cullen in Disguise?

Newsweek just reviewed Burlesque. Essentially their review boils down to that in their opinion the movie is so bad, it’s unintentionally a great comedy. So, they then came up with a list of what you might call their top six bad-good parts. The Twilight connection hit on number 4.

4. Twilight. The message of Burlesque is that Cher, like Edward Cullen, is a nocturnal creature who will never, ever die, so we might as well give up and let her bite us. During her big musical sequence, You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me, she even shimmers in the same way as a Stephenie Meyer vampire. Credit the glittery lips, eyelids, tank top, shoes, and belt. Notice: no wrinkles.

See more on Newsweek.

The movie also co-stars Cam Gigandet, who played James in the first Twilight movie. He seems to have escaped a scathing review…at least from Newsweek.

Collider: Cam Gigadent Interview

Ever wonder what Cam Gigadent has been up to since his role as James in Twilight. Find out  in this interview from Collider. Here’s what it covers:

Cam Gigandet

  • Has he been to Comic-Con before
  • Can he walk around anonymously on the convention floor
  • 1:15 – Is he press shy?
  • 2:30 – We talk more about doing press
  • 3:30 – What drew him to Priest? Talks about the world of Priest
  • 4:20 – Talks about his character and what the film is about
  • 5:20 – What are his thoughts on 3D movies
  • 5:50 – What does he take away from being in the Twilight franchise
  • 6:50 – Talks about his next movie Trespass with Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman that’s directed by Joel Schumacher

Cam Gigandet Exclusive Interview at Comic-Con; Talks PRIEST, TWILIGHT and Says He Has Been Cast in TRESPASS from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

See more at Collider!

EW Sexy Beast: Kellan Lutz vs Cam Gigandet

It’s hardly fair to put these guys up against each other but EW has done it.

Cam Gigandet Interview on Cinema Blend

Cam Gigandet has a new movie opening this weekend, and he sat down with Cinema Blend to talk about it.

I imagine since being part of Twilight you’ve been able to make a lot more choices in terms of the roles you take.
Yeah, that’s opened up so many doors, and I’m so grateful for what that movie’s done. It was really kind of a special little slice of life that brought me where I am today. Thankfully I got to do other things.

Do you feel somewhat grateful that you were there for the first one only? Robert Pattinson’s life is never going to be the same. You don’t have to be chased down the street by screaming girls or anything.
Yeah, exactly. We talked about this before we even started the movie, and that was one of the big selling points. Me, myself, I wasn’t interested in doing that for the rest of my life. It was kind of the perfect balance for that movie.

Catch the rest on Cinema Blend, and catch Cam’s new movie this weekend.

Cam Gigandet’s New Sci-Fi Thriller

Cam spoke with MTV about his latest project opening this week called Pandorum.

Cam Gigandet Snags Another Vampire Role

According to ET:

“Stephen Moyer of HBO’s “True Blood” and Cam Gigandet of ‘Twilight’ have taken on roles in the thriller movie ‘Priest’ but this time Moyer plays the mortal, Variety reports.

Based on the TokyoPop comic book, the movie is set in a turbulent time period, ravaged by wars between vampires and humans. The film follows a priest (Paul Bettany) who rebels against the church to avenge a group of murderous vampires who have kidnapped his niece. Gigandet’s character helps the priest because he is in love with his niece, while Moyer plays the brother of the clergyman.”

See the whole story on ET

Cam Gigandet’s New Project

Ty to James for the head’s up.

Young Hollywood Awards

Cam Gigandet and Dakota Fanning were both honored at the Young Hollywood Awards. Each year the group recognizes those on the rise.

Cam Gigandet was recognized for his work in Never Back Down and Twilight in the One to Watch category.

Dakota Fanning was recognized in the Hottest Coolest Young Veteran Actress. Kellan Lutz was also on hand to cheer his co-stars on.

There’s a great video interview with Cam on this page (sadly they won’t allow us to embed it). You have to scroll a bit, but there is two minutes of a Cam interview awaiting you if you scroll.

Another vampire role awaits Cam in his not too distant future.