Bella’s Wedding Dress on InStyle

InStyle asked a couple of top designers for their take on Bella’s wedding dress. You can find their versions here. The sample below is designer Monique Lhuillier’s contribution.

However, Stephenie Meyer once gave out the dress descriptions and photos (seen below) to the Lexicon’s very own TrueLove who used to have a Bella’s Wedding Dress site. That site recently was taken down, but TrueLove gave the photos to us.

Stephenie’s description on the old Lexicon forums was, “I wish I still had the picture I based the description of Bella’s dress on, but it was lost in my fateful computer crash. Those of you who are going with the old fashioned look are on the right track. Two key words to aid in the search: art nouveau. It’s a simpler style than the frillier Edwardian stuff. Elegant white satin, cut on the bias, with long sleeves (the strapless thing is a very recent development. It wasn’t even popular when I was getting married, only 13 years ago, much less during the modest turn of the century). I search google images for the dress every now and then. I’ll let you know if I find something close one of these days.”

Love2dream based on Stephenie’s description, found the above images and asked if she was on the right track. Stephenie replied that the look was close, but not the exact photo that she had seen.

So what do you think of the EW collection and love2dream collection?


  1. Wow….I had no idea she was 37 feet tall. Those first pictures are insane.

    • hahaa yeah i know its hard to rly get a good look at wut the dress loox like wen its on a freakishly tall and very skinny drawing of a person

      • phillygirl19119 says:

        Those photos are too old fashion. The gown is suppose to have a modern look. Monique’s gown hits the nail right on the head. I would love to see her gown but with the train/back of Lela Rose. That’s the perfect Bella gown.

        • Melanie Cullen says:

          its not modern at all. its around 1918 with a few minor improvements.

          • The dress is from Edward’s era and it comes right out of the bag as Bella has not seen it nor does she look at herself until Edward forces her to during the reception. Bella does make some reference to the “train” of the gown as she is trying to walk. This gown can in no way be modern as Bella wants this to be Edward’s day more than her own and he wants his time period. I am so in love w/Edward but sadly men like Edward don’t exist these days.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That is hilarious! I agree with you!

      • I’m a 56 year old woman whos been married 30 years and I hava a husband and a son who are just like Edward. Our son is 27 and he will make some girl a very happy wife someday. Our daughtors say Edward was molded after there dad and brother. There out there you just have to look for him

    • lol…nice.

  2. I love TrueLove’s collection. I find them to be more elegant.

  3. I like the Monique Lhuillier the best. None of them are what I pictured, but the ML one is closest (minus the sleeves) of what I thought.

  4. They’re better than what I had invisioned reading the book. Can’t wait to see what the final product ism this was one of my favorite parts in BD.

  5. i like the first pic of the dress .. 😀

  6. says:

    i like the Monique Lhuillier one the most even though i’m sure it said in twilight Bella was 5’4 not about 50 ft. i supose there jsut trying to show us the design better or something. so yes what was i saying? yeh the Monique Lhuillier is my fav but i imagined it with long sleeves and without all the detail but i like the detail. if they added longer sleeves (in still the same see-through style the top of the dress is done in) i think it could work really well. v beautiful. dont really like the other 2. i quite like the SM ones but not that yellow id like them whiter and with maybe transclucent sleeves.

  7. Interesting. Erin Fetherston & Badgley Mischka came closest to what I envisioned when reading the book. The others seemed not to have paid attention AT ALL. Cap sleeves vs. long sleeves; full skirt vs. fitted and fishtail skirt; nope, sound nothing alike…

  8. Devon061381 says:

    I love ML dresses, they are gorgeous…but I REALLY hope that they go with an old-fashioned dress like one that Stephenie visualizes. I’m sure that if she worked with Costuming they could find the perfect vintage-y dress for KStew to wear, and not have it come off as “grandma”-like, but still evocative of the time period, just like Alice went for in BD.

    I haven’t see the rest of the photos from InStyle yet…but did they even tell the designers to keep in mind it’s supposed to look like something from the 1910’s??? *Any old designer dress* will NOT do for Bella. SM made the whole reasoning behind that very plain in the book.

    • Devon061381 says:

      Okay I have looked at them all…and have decided that NONE of them fits the bill. The basic style of dress for the time period wasn’t picked by any of the designers. They focused on one thing that was from an era surrounding the 1910’s (i.e. Victorian, 20’s, etc.) and yet still came off mish-mashing different styles with tons of notable modernity.

      Not even close enough for the cigar. Max Azria’s probably got the edge on the rest of them, but only by a smidge.


  9. I loved Monique’s design and Lela Rose’s. When I was reading the book I wasnt thrilled about how her dress was supposed to look and I’m not crazy about the truelove pictures but I’m sure they’ll come up with something great

  10. OK!!IM READY TWIFRIENDS PLEASE let them get this right.Sorry but the clothing so far has not looked to good..I like Monique, Parabal, and Lela. I know Parabal may be a little to sexy for everyone.Those truelove dresses look scary.

  11. To be perfectly honest what Stephenie wrote for Bella’s wedding dress sounded old. Not old-fashioned, just old. So I envisioned what I thought Bella would look good in. But from the options, I like Christian Siriano, but that’s probably to high-fashion, and I like Monique’s. It’s simple, yet elegant, old-fashioned, but modern.

  12. Martina B Fields says:

    Yes I really enjoy Monique Lhuillier’s interrputation Its a very good balance of the 20’s foundation with the modren inspiration. I also agree with that to really represent the 20s style to complete the look with sleeves that are still transclucent like the top but may with a 3/4 length instead of the full. Bella and Alice would do the 20s/10s style justice without forgetting that Bella herself is youthful, delicate, and further more short. white/off-white not yellow

  13. Monique’s are too sappy, too much material. Geez, Bella is tiny and would look like a giant marshmallow in
    all the satin. I like the InStyle one that is on this page best.

  14. wow! they are so pretty! ugh i wonder how bellas dress will look like in breaking dawn. it so important in the wedding scene. i decided which one would look like her dress. from what it says in the book i think instyle’s dress are closer to description..the other look kind of puffy but still pretty.

  15. OK….the Lela Rose one seems to be the best version if they add the long lace sleeves. The TL collection does not have a single dress that I would picture Alice giving the time of day to. This is going to be a tricky design…..some were waaaaaay too avant-garde….not Bella at all….some were just yuck. Congrat’s to the designer that gets to say that they did the “Twilight” gown! Cha-ching! 🙂

  16. Love the wedding dresses from both sites, although what a few of the designers envisioned leads me to thinks they have NOT read BD.

    IMHO – Monique and Max are closer to the “Anne of Green Gables” concept.

    My hope is that Stephanie and Kristen are involved in the concept design, as they “know” the character/ story best.

  17. Let’s hope they manage to successfully combine Stephenie’s description of a throw-back era gown with something that wouldn’t look Grandma like and rediculous in 2010. I liked most of these designs, while I found the True Love pictures to just look matronly and … old. KStew would look rediculous in all of those. It’s the IDEA of a dress from Edward’s time – it doesn’t have to actually BE over 100 years old. 😉

  18. I gotta say what the hell was that Brian Reyes one, it looked like an anime monster. Never in a million years would I have considered it to be a dress.

  19. I LOVE the Monique dress pictrued above its gorgeous!!! Too bad Kristen Stewart will be the one to waer it. She is so unkept and messy looking, not elegant.

    • Ha ha…I guess that’s why Kristen and Rob are so perfect for each other! They are both unkempt at times but they also can look gorgeous when they need to. She is absolutely beautiful and looks great! Can’t wait to see her in the wedding dress and then as a vampire!

  20. Magdalena says:

    I read somewhere, that there was a Twilight fan, who actually found the picture of the dress that Stephanie had lost – I have seen the photo, the dress was really pretty 8] But I cant remember, where it was 8(
    And all those dresses – I hope they will come up with something more romantic and less granny 8/

    • Are you sure you aren’t thinking of Bella’s prom dress? Stephenie lost that picture too, and someone sent her a copy of it (which she then posted on her website). Now THAT was a beautiful dress!

  21. i think the lela rose dress would be the best from the instyle collection. its fits the book discrption best and i think its also very bella.

  22. i think twilight lexicon should do the same thing except have us, the fans, draw out what we think the dress would look like and post them on the sight.

  23. Not what I envisioned on either site. would love to see the one Stephenie imagined. It would be the correct one. I hope she has something to do with the sketch of it for breaking dawn. Everyone concerned about the cars, I think the dress would be soooo much more important. Steph, if you’re listening, jump in there and set them straight! We want to wedding to be Alice perfect!

    • I agree, Stephenie’s choice would be the best one. I did prefer TrueLove’s dresses, but not all of them. Some were way too old and too yellowish. But there was one that was quite elegant, to me anyway.

  24. I find it funny that a bunch of magazines and Nordstrom has jumped on the Twilight bandwagon! Hey, they’re smart, anything Twilight related is a big money maker!
    I think Bella’s dress should be very old fashion and lacy, but not old lady-ish.
    I’m dying to see what the actual dress will look like when BD comes out!!

  25. None of the pictures from True Love were what I imagined, she said the dress was based off the ring and the ring had intricate gold around the diamond so I thought it would have lots of lace, old fashioned but with a modern twist since Alice is involved. I pictured it with lace sleeves, long flowy skirt but not too conservative. I thought the closest one’s were Monique’s and Lela Rose’s, Lela’s was gorgeous but the train was a little too much I thought just toward the very bottom it would fan out.

  26. Sandra Bullock wears a similar dress i The Proposal…it’s beautiful

  27. It should have vintage lace as Alice describes and
    these are either too modern or too old with no lace.
    I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  28. moniques dress is awesome. i love it. she always makes the most romantic wedding gowns!

  29. Eww I hate those old fashioned photos. I’m sorry, to me they’re not romantic or beautiful at all. They’re just old and matronly. Absolutely horrific. I really hope the dress looks something more like the sample from InStyle.

  30. First of all, what a cool article! Such a unique idea, to get designers to draw inspiration from a detail in the book and put their creative spin on it. There are so many rich visual aspects in the series that this can be done with (clothing, jewelry, art in general) and frankly it’s much more exciting to read a creative article regarding Twilight as opposed to the usual OMG LOOK @ THIS PIC WHERE ROBSTEN MAYBE MIGHT BE SORT OF LOOKING AT EACH OTHER, SCANDALOUS!!! 😉

    Monique Lhuillier was my favourite interpretation personally, it was the closest to how I imagined it and a beatiful design regardless. The dresses in TrueLove’s pictures are… yea, quite matronly. I don’t hate the one that’s on the mannequin with the head, I think that could look not totally hideous if accessorized in an Alice sort of way, although I’d prefer it less shiny. But the modern is missing, and I think that was an important part of the design. I’m hoping they end up going with a dress more Monique-esque than grandma-in-a-big-satin-bag-esque.

  31. hmmmm….Even though I know what the style was based off of in the book, I guess I really didn’t visualize that look so much when reading it. I mean, how can you have long sleeves in the middle of summer? Even in the NW we get most of our sunny hot weather in the middle of August. I know the wedding dress will be something everyone is looking forward to seeing but I hope they go modern-traditional instead of traditional-traditional. If that makes any sense.

  32. Oh, my goodness these dresses are beautiful! I’m absolutely in love with Lela Rose’s design, as well as Monique Lhuillier’s! I couldn’t quite come up with a visual on my own, because I had a hard time combining the vintage with the modern, but these dresses are completely perfect. I can see Bella wearing either of those two. I hope one of them is featured in the movie!

  33. Monique Lhullier’s dress is the best. The Lela Rose dress would be the second chance.

  34. MissBliss says:

    The Monique Lhullier gown is by far my favourite & also surprisingly close to what I had pictured. Next closest would be the Lela Rose.
    The problem I find with the True Love pics is that they all seem pretty frumpy to me. Also, Bella’s description does mention lace & none of the True Love ones have any.
    I feel like since Alice has a hand in designing it, she would know how to capture the old fashioned look without it actually looking old, if that makes any sense, with just the right amount of modernness (if that’s a word). I’m having a hard time articulating my thoughts.
    In conclusion, I vote for the Monique Lhullier (if it were to ever come to a vote).

  35. Did any of them read the book? It’s supposed to be very “Anne of Green Gables” These look modern, or in some cases just plain and boring.

  36. Doesn’t look like any of the designers read the description. Inverted lily! Not a puff ball!

  37. This is the problem I have between Eclipse and BD;
    it is very hard to visualize a dress that it “Anne of Green Gables” and a dress that flairs out like an inverted lily (sorry – I see slim, not mermaid).
    The Monique Thuiller (sp?) comes the closest IF you look beyond the dimensions of the dress – we are not dressing the 50 ft woman – only the petite 21st century heroine of modern fiction!

  38. dorothy mercado says:

    i love monique’s dress..i hope she can do bella’s dress for the breking dawn movie..just make it long sleeves..make the sleeves sheer lace so it could really follow the books description! and monique is a filipino like me!!so go monique!

  39. I’d wear what Monique drew over what the other pictures were… I’d actually would have to be dead before that would ever touch me… but thats just me… It’s too plain… way too plain!

  40. I like the Lela Rose, Monique Lhuillier and Max Azria dresses the best. The Lela Rose is especially beautiful. The Monique Lhuillier is simpler though and would probably be more to Bella’s taste.

  41. Valuable thoughts and advices. I read your topic with great interest.

  42. Love the Lela Rose and Monique Lhuillier. The TrueLove dresses are disgusting.

  43. Angela ^_^ says:

    the reference pictures freak me out, to me they are not appealing at all. however the Monique Lhuillier sketches are beautiful and i could actually see myself getting married in that dress ^_^ the lace on the body is gorgeous

  44. I really hate when designers today try to duplicate something elegant and vintage with a twist of modern or contempary thrown in.
    That being said,the first sketches are ugly and too modern.

    the original pics from SM are quite beautiful and simple. But I have still seen some really gorgeous Victorian wedding gowns or “Edwardian” wedding gowns that are even more beautiful then that of what SM liked.

    Oh well,I guess those Vintage fashions of the Edwardian era are too dated for some!

  45. love2dream says:

    Actually, Stephenie found those dress pictures herself and emailed them to me to put on our dress website. She found them and said the dress was close to these ones, but not exactly the same. She can’t find the original picture on Google anymore. We have over 40 pictures of wedding dresses that fit her criteria that we are working on getting a home for.

  46. Ifeellikerain says:

    ok well please don’t hate me for saying this but, honestly, I think SM has the worst fashion sense and I really hated the description of almost all of the outfits in the books (I love everything else SM just not your clothing descriptions! lol). anyways I think the designers were just doing their own take in Bella’s dress and in no way trying to create it exactly. I thought they were all really neat designs. I hope the movie chooses something more contemporary, sort of like they did with bella’s prom dress (the one SM envisioned was horrible and a real fashion-conscious Alice would never have let Bella wear it). I really hope they consider all of the info SM gives on the dress but then do their own contemporary spin on it.

    • THANK YOU. If they do show her dress, I hope to God it looks nothing like the description in the book. I’m sorry, but what SM decribed IS old and matronly. People keep saying that it has to look turn of the century-ish, but still modern. The only way to do that would be to get rid of the lace, shorten the sleeves, and take away the high neck collar. Those elements may seem like it makes the dress romantic; it only makes it dated. Personally, I LOVED every design shown. They were creative and modern with a twist of old-fashioned. Not the other way around. Bella has terrible dress in the books and not even Alice can save her. 🙂

      • I totally agree with these posts, i get everyone has different taste in clothing, but i cant say im a fan of smeyer’s choices. There was way too much khaki for my liking and the idea of Edward in a tutrle neck or Bella in a long denim skirt kind of scare me. I usualy found my self ignoring the clothes discriptions as i read. I like to think Alice would of decided on a better dress as well.

  47. Ifeellikerain says:

    oh and I love the Monique Lhuillier design! it looks like a perfect blend of old and new, and still very sweet and pretty 🙂

  48. i think that the dress would be so much better if the dress was whiter and the dress was strapless i mean that’s just my opioin so idk but thats wat i think

  49. Definetly not the dress I pictured after reading the book and not the dress visioned after the “Anne of Green Gables.” Needs to be made and visioned at least close to what the readers have read from the book or your going to have alot of disappointed viewers! This dress is too modern and nothing like I would picture on Bella. Sorry but honest!

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