EW: Sexy Beast Top 16

We are now on to the next round of the EW Sexy Beast Contest. Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen pulled ahead of Kellan Lutz as Emmet Cullen ins the last round. Don’t feel too badly for Kellan, because he took out Cam Gigandet as James in an earlier heat. Now Edward as played by Rob is up against Kate Beckinsale’s Seline from Underworld.

Taylor Lautner also survived his last heat. At some point this is headed to the inevitable Team Edward vs. Team Jacob showdown and it’s just going to get ugly


  1. Don’t forget David Tennent as the 10th Doctor Who. Rob vs David would be a hard choice for me.

  2. switzy4ever14 says:

    yeah! edward made it thru! as much as i love emmett, i was really scared…. haha the lex is right, if this becomes a team battle it’s gonna be freaking ugly.

  3. Best. Description. Ever, Lex!

  4. I feel compelled to let you guys know that you really need to put up the new poll involving Jacob vs. Louis, if you really want to see Team Edward vs Team Jacob. He’s losing, and I feel like you guys have the most influence to make this happen.

  5. I’m not eager about the Edward v.s. Jacob poll at all. I’m devoted to Team Switzerland…

  6. ashleigh says:

    I actually really want Selene to win this. She’s sexy and not creepy so my votes with her.

  7. we love you robert,your not creepy your perfect.

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