EW Sexy Beast: Kellan Lutz vs Cam Gigandet

It’s hardly fair to put these guys up against each other but EW has done it.


  1. That is a hard choice you gave. I voted for James though.

  2. GO KELLAN! hehe, kellan is waaaaaaaaaay better. cam is ok, but K. is hotter 😀

  3. Easy choice I voted for Emmett/Kellan he is so much hotter than James:)

  4. Tough choice…

  5. Um….Jackson?? Lol!!!

  6. This is so evil!! In real life Cam is really hot. (Not so much in the TW movie.) And Kellan is a hottie too. I might need to vote a couple times for both of them.

  7. I’m all Team Kellan here!!

  8. OH COME ON!!!
    Cam Gigandet ALL the way, that boy just exudes HOT HOT HOT!


    C.J.G FTW!

  9. Kellan is such a sweet heart though! Cam is much more holly wood.

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