Eclipse Staffing Change

EW reported a staffing change on the Eclipse behind the scenes team.

“Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the uber-successful Twilight series, confirmed this morning that it has replaced Eclipse editor Art Jones with Nancy Richardson, the editor of Catherine Hardwicke’s original Twilight film. The studio is not placing blame on Jones, who previously worked with Eclipse director David Slade on his horror film 30 Days of Night as well as Slade’s Ellen Page-starrer Hard Candy. They do believe, however, that Slade’s material – which they call “very good” – needed a stronger edit. The studio has more confidence in Richardson, who they say understands the emotion of the characters and is an ace at balancing action with the other elements of the film.”

We checked out Art Jones’ resume on the IMDB.  Counting Eclipse, he has worked as an editor on five films in total. Two are short films. Short films generally run no more than thirty minutes and, more often than not, they run under twenty. His full-length film work is limited to movies that David Slade has directed: Hard Candy, and Thirty Days of Night.

We also checked out Nancy Richardson’s resume on the IMDB. Nancy has worked on over 30 productions in movies and TV. She has served as an editor, foley editor (sound specialty), and consultant.  She’s worked with Catherine Hardwicke and Greg Nava on multiple projects as well as a variety of other people.

We sat on this story for 24 hours to see if industry insiders like Nikki Finke might weigh in, and so far no other industry insider is commenting. That’s a little unusual if there was some kind of behind the scenes turmoil.  Lots of Monday morning quarterbacking going on about this on various fansites ranging from grand conspiracy theory to amicable parting of ways, but industry insiders seem pretty quite.  So, take it for what it is, your guess is as good as ours. It’s going to be interesting to see if anything new develops here.


  1. fantasyfan says:

    No doubt, to much blood and gore and not enough love and romance.

  2. mschicklet says:

    Hopefully this ends up helping the film (keeping the romance the focal point), but with Scummit you never know 😉

  3. I sure hope this means they are gonna focus more on the love story also! I gotta say though that between them firing Rachelle, not putting Muse on the soundtrack and this! We are screwed for breaking dawn! They are gonna ruin our movies! I absolutely have low hopes about it now 🙁 what is wrong with Summit!

    • Julie M. says:

      Has there been an anouncement about the Eclipse soundtrack? Muse was on the Twilight and New Moon soundtrack?

      • NikkiBear says:

        Muse was on the New Moon soundtrack. I have it. The song is I Belong To You which was remixed for the movie. I also have the Twilight one and Muse was on there too. the song was Super Massive Black Hole. They should have Muse on all of them. They are awesome.

  4. I will admit this makes me nervous. However I have a theory that there was probably too much of a focus on the fight and not enough on the love triangle. Which I understand the temptation, the fight will be more entertaining to watch, but the love triangle is also very central to the book.
    There is a lot to fit into Eclipse: Love triangle, Jaspers’s story, Rose’s story, fight prep and fight. I can see how it would take an experienced editor to fit all this in.

  5. Elizabella says:

    Ok I’ll fully confess I’m not very knowledgeable with what an editor does but if it involves cutting lines and/or important scenes then I am potentially very worried. Who’s to blame for so much missing from Twilight, was it CH or NR? Then again we were nervous with NEw Moon and I love how that turned out so we’ll see.

    • I agree. If I understand things correctly, this person only edited Twilight, right? Who edited New Moon? In my opinion, New Moon turned out great & followed the book closely. Summit should get that person, if in fact it is a different person.

  6. inhiding says:

    I too hope that Summit knows what they are doing although the editing job on Twilight was a joke!!! Seriously, hitting the mute button when you can CLEARLY see the actor’s mouths still moving is NOT EDITING. Or piecing in all the weird angles and then NOT relining up the shot (the say it, out loud scene anyone?) is AMATEUR work. I have a bone to pick with the editing of Twilight, obviously. Hopefully they aren’t going to butcher Eclipse. I have to say, I hope a few years from now, someone can come back and redo the saga on a much better scale.

  7. The editor usually works more on the flow of the story. Movies are not filmed chronologically and it is the editor’s job to put it together. Also the editor has to deal with time issues, so that it is not an extremely long movie. The director should be thinking about time when filming but usually the directors tries to provide as much material as possible for the editors.

  8. I agree with JJ, I am very, very nervous. If they screw up Eclipse with too much gore, what will be Breaking Dawn be like? Eclipse is my favorite book and will very disappointed if the movie is not staying true to the book. Hope this editor change is for the better.

  9. edmascull says:

    i completely agree with you all im worried about how theyll turn out and i do think they needed to pu more love into it rather than gore and as for summit seems like they are just putting the movie together with out even trying, their in it for the money because they probably know that even if the movie isnt really great that they will still make a lot of money because the fans will still go and watch it

    • pauleta says:

      did any of you watch hard candy by mr slade and this guy, the movie is brillant and the emotionnal part are great. i would even prefer gore to a cheese fest. i’m going to wait for the review. i watch this cheese fest just for kristen. But new moon was really to much shit. if eclipse has the same cheesy line, i will pass.

      • It will probably have cheesy lines. Most of the cheese is direct quotes from the books. But that is partly why I love the books.

  10. I’m just going to wait and see. I don’t have a right to say anything about the editor because I don’t even know her. All I hope for is that they keep Eclipse true to the book, like Chris Weitz did for New Moon.

  11. I hope Eclipses pace isnt way too fast like Twilights was.

  12. So my question is, was he not focusing on the books love story, and mid edit just got the axe? If so bravo to them, but I hope they can fix what mess he made.

  13. sillygirl says:

    Maybe summit IS trying to please the fans on this one. At least we can look at it like this. They saw something they didn’t think worked, and rather than just sitting on it and letting it be, they are trying soemthing different. Could be a good thing. It’s always good to get a new perspective.

  14. I agree with the hope that the new editor keeps the movie as true to the book as New Moon was. The first Twilight movie was good, but seemed more juvenile than New Moon and I’d hate to see that happen again, especially with the maturing of the characters that should be happening with each new movie.

    I’ve been looking forward to seeing Eclipse, and this announcement makes me nervous that now it won’t live up to our expectations. I’ve re-read the book (4th time) and have been so excited to see the movie and moaning because June 30 seems so far away. Hmmmm.

    On a positive note…I’ve talked so much about the Twilight Saga book series, that my husband is now letting me read Breaking Dawn aloud to him . I hesitantly read one chapter at a time to begin with…but he kept saying “go ahead and read another one” so now I’m reading five chapters every day to him. LOL

    Don’t forget “Remember Me Saturday” on March 13…which Twihard fans are going to see the movie starring Robert Pattinson en masse !

  15. I wanna see a red headed vampire beheaded. Blood, gore, the who scaa-bang. That said, it makes sense to have a truly EXPERIENCED editor, over someone who’s up and coming. Like seriously, who wants to risk such a globally anticipated film on someone who’s unproven?

  16. Just an after thought… is anyone else worried, that by replacing the editor, they’ll delay the release of the movie that none of us want to wait any longer to see.

  17. ellen, i love that you are reading it to your husband!!! lol….i’m gonna try that on mine!

  18. Neil,
    you have an excellent point. I hope they do not delay the release of Eclipse. I, too, hope that they stick close to the book this time. I also want to see Victoria beheaded, and a lot of fighting and gore. Come on, we are talking about an epic battle between new born vampires and a bunch of adolesent wherewolves here.

  19. suzyquzy says:

    I am relieved that this has happened. I was not
    happy when Slade was named in the beginning. There
    was very little said by Kristen or Robert about him
    or his directing style. I checked frequently on
    Slade twitter page. I saw a pattern of who he
    sent pics of and who he talked about. Summit is not
    going to let this go down as anything but a huge
    success. They will do what ever they have to.
    Rob did say when they were filming that he was
    having to defend his character.

    • Suzy, wow, did Rob really say that? The actors really haven’t said much about Eclipse. I wonder if there is indeed something more going on.

    • suzy, I totally agree! Robert’s comment at Comic Con scared me when I was already feeling very negative about Slade. Slade doesn’t do heart or soul in his movies and that is the core of the Twilight saga. I also got the sense that Rosenburg was making Eclipse the “Jacob” show and have no interest in that. We already got that with New Moon.

      • Wow suzyquzy that is a very good point! During filming of New Moon, we heard TONS of comments about Chris Weitz; you’re right in saying that very little to nothing has been said about Slade. The only comments I heard were before the film was being shot. It’s interesting that Rob said that too, that he had to defend his character. That sounds really serious. Also, we haven’t heard much from Stephenie about Slade either…I do remember her commenting on how much she liked Chris though. Oh boy, I wonder what we’ll see in Eclipse?

  20. I think this is the first time that I’m actually worried about Eclipse. When they recast Victoria, I was like “that sucks for her, but I’ll go with it.” When they announced David Slade, I knew his work in Hard Candy, which I actually enjoyed, and I thought it could be interesting, especially when it comes to the end. I just thought that the flow of the story in Twilight was just so-so. I do my best with these movies to give Summit the benefit of the doubt and I thought New Moon was a big step up from Twilight.

    I’m fine with them delaying the movie if need be. I’d rather then take time and edit it well and put it all together well than throw out a crappy movie, especially since Eclipse is my favorite book.

  21. ugh. i did not like the editing in twilight. And i agree! a little action and gore wouldn’t hurt the twilight saga

  22. Twilight Nymph says:

    I just hope they don’t cut out too much of the fight scenes or that they cut down on the good love scenes either. I want to see both the love story and the blood and gore.

  23. Action Yes, but there should not be gore. Vampire’s don’t bleed and Jacob is the only one who is seriously injured (even then more internal not bloody).

  24. Honestly I want more fight and gore. It is a vampire movie after all. And of courseeee love is also a main part. The main characters are Edward and Bella! But there are so many other elements to Twilight that are important.

    And yeah… Twilight didn’t impress me (especially) on the script and editing part, so hopefully this goes better! I’m very very very excited for David Slade. 🙂

  25. I am SO relieved! I had all but written Eclipse off, convinced it would be an “action movie” focusing on the physical conflicts and injecting blood and gratuitous gore wherever they could find an excuse to do so. SO not interested in that. That is not Twilight. I only saw New Moon once because I felt that it accented the wrong aspects of the book, spending too much time on the wolves and not enough at all (time nor depth) on Bella and Edward’s reunion and what it meant to both of them. Honestly, I have just been losing interest in the whole thing. However, THIS change gives me renewed hope! Maybe Summit really does get “it”. While Catherine’s original movie was cheaply done and it showed, it had HEART. Catherine’s spastic personality came through, but she did GET Edward and Bella and their love. I was afraid that had been entirely lost. David Slade clearly hasn’t gotten Twilight from day one and I dreaded the mess he would create. This shows an effort to return to the HEART and SOUL of Twilight instead of letting it be turned into a “guy” movie. I have hope (crossing fingers) that this change will get us back to Bella and Edward and their love (with help from Jacob).

    • Cargonza says:

      How can you say Slade hasn’t gotten Twilight when you haven’t seen the movie? That’s an incredibly unfair statement. None of us have seen in. It could be miraculous, and not just compared to the train wrecks of Twilight and New Moon. It could actually be a good movie! I say give him some credit and stop assuming the worst.

      • My concern over Slade comes from his initial comments online being sarcastic and condescending while he dissed of the whole Twilight phenom. From there he went on to talk about action and fight scenes over and over, never mentioning the love story at all. Also, Rob’s comments scared me. Then there is the history of his other movies Slade has done…..ugh, no heart at all. So give him a chance, you say? Sorry, but I am not expecting much in the way of a love story.

  26. I HATED Twilight the movie. I thought it was a horrible representation from the book. I saw some of the leaked Eclipse pictures and read the script, and I thought it was amazing. NOW I am nervous about Eclipse when I wasn’t before.

    • sillygirl says:

      I saw pics too and I loved all the meadow ones. then I saw this picture with Edward in a head lock from Victoria and was disappointed. Edward dominated that fight, it was the first time in the series that we finally get to see Edwards abilities and that picture made him look weak, I hate that! I liked how the story leads you to think that Victoria is this vicious scary vampire, and then Edward steps in and shows Bella that she really didn’t need to be worried after all.

      • oh my goodness says:

        I agree with this. The headlock thing is a total turn-off. He was never in danger of losing that fight..

  27. David Slade as a director has always made me nervous. Eclipse is my favorite book, and I don’t want to see it ruined onscreen.
    I can’t agree with the desire for blood and gore, because SM’s books are not really gory, with the exception of the birth in BD. There should be action, but it should be true to the description in the book.
    Knowing they have replaced the editor this late in the process renews my nervousness about Slade. I hated the rushed editing in Twilght, but thought NM was very much improved in overall quality.
    I can only hope that the current editor will stick to the heart of the story, which is Edward and Bella and Jacob. If they screw up the editing of that tent scene, I will be one angry fan.

    • Close second to the tent scene for me is the fight between Edward and Jacob in the front lawn. I hope they keep it all exactly the same. Especially my favorite bit “May the best man win” “Sounds about right pup”.

  28. i'm too old for Rob says:

    I remember David Slade twittering a while back that they were trying to edit more Edward in (which set the alarm bells ringing)so I’m thinking that the love story had initially been sacrificed in favour of ‘blood and gore’ -hopefully, that’s what is being redressed now.

  29. I’m really really scared about this especially since Eclipse is my favorite book and one that I don’t want to be messed up so PLEASE SUMMIT DON’T LET US DOWN !!! And Breaking Dawn is a close second SO PLEASE DON’T MESS THAT ONE UP EITHER !

  30. I sure hope they don’t mess this up. I am not one of the anti-summit people but i am worried about their choices for Eclipse. but in the end, im prolly gonna enjoy it so im trying not to worry…too much.

  31. I have mixed feelings on the editor change. For example, how much of the awkward cutting back and forth between Bella and Edward in Twilight was Katherine, and how much was editing? I really don’t want a return to that with Eclipse. Ugh. I agree that if they had to change, maybe the New Moon editor would have been a better choice, if available?

    I’m already somewhat concerned that too much time will be spent on the newborns’, Rosalie’s and Jasper’s back stories. Not that they aren’t important, but there is only so much time. Add bad editing, and this may be a see once, then don’t buy the DVD situation.

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