Edward Cullen in EW’s Sexy Beast Contest

EW has their Sexy Beast Contest going again. In this round Edward Cullen as played by Robert Pattinson is up against Keifer Southerland’s David from The Lost Boys.

Right now it’s a pretty tight race. Go vote (we embedded their poll)so Rob can make it to the next round.


  1. Edward Cullen all the way!! LOL

  2. switzy4ever14 says:

    hey guys, it lets you vote more than once. I don’t know if it’s actually counting the votes, but it’s worth a shot.

  3. edward cullen all the way. so far i have voted 6 times. i love it

    • LoveMeSomeRob says:

      You can definitely vote more than once, in fact, when I saw Rob/Edward was losing last night but quite a large margin, I went “vote crazy”, so much so that the poll froze me out for a little bit. Got a screen saying I could vote again after a “cooling off period” LOL.

      We have to keep voting thru the whole tournament, cause you know all the Twilight haters will purposely vote for the other person just to spite us LOL.

      • switzy4ever14 says:

        hahahahaha that’s funny. Mine just says, in what I imagine would be a snide tone, “Thank you. We have already counted your vote.”

        • LoveMeSomeRob says:

          LOL!! Mine says that too, but if you click on the place that says “return to poll” you can vote again and again (until you get frozen out and have to have your “cool off period” haha)

  4. Monday when I voted Rob was not doing well at all. glad to see the turn around. Tuesday it is Kellan vs someone. voting is open for 72 hrs.

    • The ONLY reason he wasn’t slaughtering that vote was ‘we’ didn’t know about it…lol

      • LoveMeSomeRob says:

        I agree, in fact, since Entertainment Weekly is one of my “go to” websites (along with Facebook LOL). When they first listed the contest Sunday night, I email contacted the administrator of both Lexicon and eclipsemovie.org (my other “go to” site) so they could post an “official” entry (I don’t know what those are called). I was freaking out on Monday, nothing was posted on either site and Rob/Edward was losing but a large margin. I was so glad to see this posted today and that we all made such a big difference. I hate when I read the message boards over there, everyone is so “anti-Twilight” it drives me crazy.

  5. LoveMeSomeRob, u are 2 funny. Don’t cool off too much! LOL!

  6. What a difference a day makes! When I voted last night, Rob was losing 45% – 55% – just now when I went to vote, Rob is ahead 75% – 25%. Also, they have Kellan/Emmett vs. Cam Gigandet/James and Kellan is ahead.

  7. Jazz Girl says:

    Seriously, this is a question! David was evil and in serious need of a new hair stylist. Edward is…well…Edward. As if this should even be in doubt.

  8. Maybe it’s not fair since I haven’t seen The Lost Boys. But Edward/Rob will always be my favorite & sexiest beast & vampire.

  9. I picked Edward because only he can rock flannel shirts and still be sexy as hell. I hope he wins the votes.

  10. I’ve voted 10 times already! Will vote more though Rob is now winning by 77-23. I love it when some polls or award shows come up,it helps me to channel my obsession by going into a “vote frenzy” lol.

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