EW Sexy Beast: Jacob vs Louis

So the next pairing in the ongoing EW Sexy Beast contest has Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black facing off against Brad Pitt’s Louis from Interview With a Vampire. At the moment Brad is winning.


  1. switzy4ever14 says:

    ahhhh! 50 50! come on guys!

  2. Jean Brown says:

    Sorry but going with Pitt on this one

    • TwilightRocks!!!! says:

      Me too! Now if you had said Taylor in New Moon maybe… I just didnt think he looked as good in this one. Plus Brad Pitt will always be better looking than Taylor in my opinion!

  3. I voted for Louis. i am a vamp girl all the way through.

  4. DaniBrook says:

    Go vampires, man
    Sorry…. but I hate smelly werewolves

    Gots to love Mr. Pitt X3

  5. I had to vote for Brad Pitt on this one because he is just way hotter, and he is more my age.

  6. Louis casted my vote. Sorry vamp girl forever also it would be great to see my two favorite tortured vampires fighting each other for the sexy beast symbol! Of course it looks like Team Jacob is delivering the heavy artillery.

  7. I’m Team Switzerland & a total Twilight freak, so I had to vote for Taylor! Looks like Brad isn’t in the lead anymore!!! 😛

  8. I went with Pitt. COME ON GUYS! There is no way Taylor should beat Brad Pitt in anything. Darn Teenyboopers. You cant compare koolaid to fine wine

  9. I totally voted for Brad Pitt. He’s way hotter than Taylor in Twilight. Sorry Taylor fans, but it’s true.

    I would love to see this thing end vamp v. vamp. But honestly, I think it’s rigged to end up Edward v. Jacob.

  10. Oshin Daniel Lautner says:

    Haha! Looks like Taylor’s having an easy win over Brad Pitt. He deserves it!
    Go Team Jacob/Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 🙂

  11. I voted for Louis as well. Loved Brad Pitt in the film and I love tortured Louis as well as Edward. Gotta love my vampires!

  12. Wait, is this poll to see who is sexier or who is whinier?

    Either way, tough call.

  13. Lautner over Pitt,your kidding right?

  14. Sunday evening polls are closed, next round has Edward vs Jacob.

  15. MariposaAlice says:

    I find this absolutely hilarious. Not even based on looks, Louis was more of a gentleman, and way more interesting than Jacob (I’m not putting down Jacob, I’m just saying that most girls in every day life would choose Louis over Jacob).

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