EW: Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Sing

Well, maybe not so much sing as talk about American Idol and squeak a few notes.

Check out the video on EW. Via TwiCrack

EW Cover Shot Info Is Out

The Entertainment Weekly cover story, at least part of it, featuring Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart is now online.

“With a new director, a new level of fame for stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and a new set of washboard abs for Taylor Lautner, the second film in the Twilight series, due Nov. 20, promises even more swooning-opportunities for its fans. This week’s double issue of Entertainment Weekly places Stewart and Lautner on the cover, while revealing secrets from the New Moon set inside.

New Moon, a far different beast than Twilight, is steeped in heartbreak, focusing on the recovery Bella (Stewart) undergoes after Edward (Pattinson) breaks her heart and her new feelings for her friend Jacob (Lautner). Pattinson couldn’t be happier with his downsized role: “It was a stress-free job for three months,” says the actor. “All the pressure was on Taylor.”

Read the rest on EW.

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner on EW Cover

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart are going to be on the cover of this Friday’s Entertainment Weekly. Entertainment Tonight broke the news last night.

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EW: New Moon Trailer Strategy

Entertainment Weekly has great article up about the trailer

“For years now, Hollywood has played a deft bait-and-switch game of announcing that the new trailer for an upcoming Must See Movie would play in front of another film from the same studio that, quite frankly, could maybe do with a box-office boost. So Summit Entertainment’s announcement today that it will put the brand spankin’ new preview for The Twilight Saga: New Moon in front of Summit flick Bandslam when it opens this weekend should shock nobody, especially considering just how crowded this coming weekend will be at the box-office…” Read the rest on EW

EW’s Vampire Cover

EW has a vampire theme going this week and Twilight has made the cover. According to EW:

“This week’s Entertainment Weekly delivers the ultimate guide to vampires. You’ll find interviews with the authors behind Twilight and True Blood, our list of the 20 greatest bloodsuckers ever, and Anne Rice’s pick for the best new vampire — as well as a talk with her about how she revolutionized the vampire legend decades ago with Interview with a Vampire.”

The article covers the current vampire craze and covers long-running favorites like Anne Rice and relative-newbies like True Blood. Other than Twilight, do you follow any vampire series, and if so which ones?

EW Comic Con Videos

EW has a series of Comic Con videos:

Video 1: Chris Weitz, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Ashely Greene

Video 2: Rachelle Lefevere, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed

Twilight Goes Manga

The Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive on the new Twilight Saga Manga (we’ve been asked not to embed their exclusive photo so we are compiling.)

EW.com has exclusive sketches online and this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly (which is the annual Comic-Con preview issue) has the finished illustrations of Edward, Bella, and Jacob.  The sketches don’t look simply like an artist’s rendering of Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson, but are true to the novel’s descriptions. Yen Press,  a division of Hachette Book Group (the parent company of Little Brown that publishes The Twilight Saga), is publishing this venture.

“For those of you who can’t get enough Edward and Bella, EW can announce — exclusively — that Yen Press will be publishing Twilight in graphic-novel form. Though Korean artist Young Kim is creating the art, Meyer herself is deeply immersed in the project, reviewing every panel.”

The Lexicon asked a spokesperson for Stephenie Meyer when the novel would be release and we were told the following: A publication date for Twilight: The Graphic Novel will be forthcoming.” So hang on, as soon as we know, you’ll know!

Get the full details of the Twilight Manga on EW. So, how about it Manga fans, how many of you are interested in this, or for that matter, Manga newbies, are you interested?

EW Reveals Exclusive New Moon Cover

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive look at the legit cover (not the one erroneously reported by numerous other sources this morning) of the movie trade paperback tie-in edition of New Moon. The cover features a a never before photo of  Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

We have been asked by EW to only link to the story and not post the image to our site. We are respecting their wishes. the cover shot can be found here. It comes with an exclusive poster inside.

According to a representative from Little Brown, the book will hit shelves September 15, 2009.

New Moon: Battle of the Sequels

EW’s Popwatch has a poll going as to what the most anticipated sequel is this year. The choices are:

Harry Potter



Angels and Demons


Right now Harry Potter is in the lead followed by the Twilight Saga.

Entertainment Weekly New Moon Coverage Online

Entertainment Weekly has posted the article online that is in their current issue. The Newstand issue features some fabulous photos taken during the birthday party scene, the confrontation with Laurent, and more.

“‘When you get broken up with, it really is the worst thing in the world,” says Weitz. ”Meyer gives a kind of supernatural context to people’s real feelings, which sums up what we all go through.”

Get total New Moon coverage on EW.