Video : Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene on The Today Show Talking Breaking Dawn 2

Ashley and Kellan wrapping their final Twilight Saga Interviews.

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Videos: Cullen Family Interview Roundup!

Here is a sampling of interviews from various members of the Cullen Family. Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed talk about parenthood, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz discuss the fandom, and Peter Facinelli is still promoting his new dance craze!

And Now For Something Completely Different Kellan Lutz Talks Football and Fashion

Kellan Lutz is a major Arizona Cardinals fan, do you know? We can’t embed the footage, but watch it here.

Video: Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed Talk Breaking Dawn Part 2 With the AP

We can’t embed the footage click the photo to be taken to the interview














There is also another interview here that we can’t embed

Kellan Lutz Emotionally Moved After Seeing the Final Breaking Dawn Movie

Kellan sounds really touched!

Kellan Lutz in Human Trafficking PSA

Kellan Lutz is joining other celebrities to raise awareness of this important issue.

Via Twifans

Kellan Lutz Shares New Dating Rules on Ryan Seacrest

Probably not a lot to argue with the honesty theory being a good one.

Behind the Scenes Kellan Lutz’s Time Warner Commercial

Remember back in May when we told you about Kellan Lutz appearing in a Time Warner cable commercial. Now go behind the scenes.

Via Twilightish

Video: Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli & Jackson Rathbone Discuss The End Of The Twilight Saga

Access Hollywood is just now releasing some footage shot at Comic Con. Here’s what the guys had to say.

Momma Will Take You Down and Other Twilight Tag Lines

MTV asked Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, and Kellan Lutz what their character’s tag line would be.