EW Reveals First Batch of New Moon Easter Eggs

Earlier we told you that the IPhone/ITouch Twilight Tracker app would reveal 5 secret Easter Eggs and so would Entertainment Weekly. Well, the EW eggs are now out!

EW tells us, “New Moon director Chris Weitz spills the beans on a few things he hid in the film – exclusively in this week’s Entertainment Weekly. Some clues include hidden wolves, vampire elevator music, an element to Bella’s baggage, speed tricks, the answer to what Jacob says to Bella before he almost kisses her.”

Get the full details here on EW. The issue that features this info and more is the one currently on  newsstands.

According to EW, “Want more? Come back to EW.com tomorrow for five more New Moon secrets from director Chris Weitz”


  1. I wish Chris had just told us what the translation is. I don’t even want to imagine how much email the tribe is going to get now.

  2. Me too.. I will just wait until someone posts the meaning. I don’t want to be part of the e-mail attack on the Quileute Nation.

  3. That explains Taylor’s cryptic statement to MTV that it was an “Easter egg that only the most hard-core ‘Twilight’ fans will be able to crack.”

    Unfortunately I wouldn’t hold my breath on getting a translation out of the tribe. They released a statement only days after the movie came out saying:

    “Please know we would love to translate the phrase for you, but out of respect for Jacob and his feelings for Bella, we are going to keep that private for now,” Jackie Jacobs, tribal publicist, said in a prepared statement.

    “We are very excited that Jacob’s ‘Quileute whisper’ has generated worldwide interest in our beautiful and very unique language.”

    This makes Taylor’s statement all the more frustrating because no matter how “hard core” you are about Twilight, this isn’t something you can just research. There are only about four people left that speak the language, so I think we’re out of luck!

    Also, apart from all the hidden wolves in the movie (there is also the picture in Bella’s room that has been there since Twilight.) I also noticed that the gauze is shaped into a heart. So when Carlisle sets fire to it, it looks like a heart on fire, which made it look like the heart on Romeo’s gun in Baz Luhrmann’s version of Romeo and Juliet.

  4. soozabooza54 says:

    rumor is that it means “stay with me forever”… not sure though. hope that helps. 🙂

    • That rumor was based on the fact that people thought he said four separate words, so “I love you” left them one short. Now we know it’s two words we’re all back to the drawing board! Maybe it’s something simple like “My love”.

      • yea but that doesn’t mean much-some big long sentence in Japanese, for example, can mean something really simple in English- you know? So I don’t know..lol-I REALLY wish some body figures it out and posts it somewhere though-and soon! lol 🙂

  5. i caught the wolf trinket on the dream catcher my first viewing of the movie. you can see it real well when Charlie’s talking to Bella in bed. i feel proud of myself…

  6. I heard it means “I puked” but I think that might have been a joke.

  7. Wow…thats almost cruel to share a hint that is practically useless lol. Not gonna email, but if anyone does figure it out please post!

  8. he give link for it look it up

    • No…he gave us a link to the Quileute Nation’s website and told us to contact a tribe member. Not the same thing.

  9. *Don’t read this if you don’t want to spoil the secret*
    It means “Stay with me forever”. I already know! 😀

  10. Of course, the librarian in me set right to work trying to find some translation for whatever Jacob said to Bella. What Chris Weitz did was give us the pronunciation, not the Quileute letters/words. The obvious phrase Jacob would say is “I love you.” That’s too easy. So, I looked and listened to some of the MP3 files…no luck. It’s too soon in the Saga for “stay with me forever;” that wouldn’t make sense. What I did find was some phonetic spelling having to do with hot and cold. Hmmmm, fire and ice. Foreshadowing of Eclipse, perhaps. The implication being “Bella, I am alive, warm-blooded, Edward is not.”

  11. Those Italian words aren’t correct, actually. They make no sense at all, and I wonder who wrote them…

  12. what’s the point in having Jacob say a possibly swoon-worthy plot-related thing like that if you don’t actually wnat movie goers to hear/understand it? gah….

    people are stupid…

  13. The link that they provide doesn’t give the answer. According to web research, it appears to be “stay with me forever” just like some earlier posts mention. While it may be too early in the book series, the movie does move a little faster. Remember just minutes later, he is asking her to stay with him and he basically tells her to choose btw him and Edward a few times in the movie. I figured it had to be something similar to that and “I love you” seemed too obvious.

    As far as the Italian, I don’t know if the words are right, but the sentiment is kind of cool. Seems to be some kind of foreshadowing.

    • Although I like the idea of Jacob saying “stay with me forever” there isn’t any evidence to support the theory. All it is is a widely published guess.

      Besides, I think it’s a little over the top to think that that would be the first thing he would say to Bella. I would guess it’s something more along the lines of that they belong together. Plus at that point there was no risk of her going anywhere, so why would he be asking her to stay with him?

      Like I said, there are only about four people who speak the language, and none of them are talking. That’s why no matter how many people from the Quileute tribe are asked for the translation, they decline to answer. They don’t know either.

      I’m willing to bet that Chris anticipated this and has either given them a time that they will reveal the answer, or he has included it in the DVD extras. At the very least it would be mentioned in the commentary – and that IS something that “the most hard-core Twilight fan” would watch.

  14. I had actually noticed most of the Easter Eggs in New Moon. I can’t wait to see five more tomorrow.

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