Photo Gallery of Costumes and Props From the Burbank Twilight Convention

They have everything from Volturi thrones to Bella’s first hunt dress.

Breaking Dawn EW Costumes Up Close

A little over a year ago Laura attended a one of the Official Twilight Conventions run by Creation Entertainment (I think it was San Fransisco but I’m not 100% sure.) They had just put up on display a bunch of costumes that had arrived fresh from the set of Breaking Dawn. At the time, we didn’t know if they were from part 1 or part 2. All we knew was that they were definitely used on set because the clothes (especially the shoes) had dirt all over them. So in other words they weren’t just photo-shoot or standby costumes in case something ripped, they had actually seen use and wear and tear. Well based on what Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are wearing in the EW photo that is teasing tomorrow’s cover shot, they are the same clothes! Here they are up close, and you can clearly see the dirt on Rob’s shoes in the photos:

They also had clothes worn by Jacob that are not in the current EW photo.

Photos of Breaking Dawn Costumes From The Official Twilight Tour

Hot off the set in Vancouver, the Official Twilight Tour by Creation Entertainment was displaying several costumes from the original Twilight movie and newer ones from Breaking Dawn.  We have some higher resolution photos in the works, but here are some IPhone snaps to tide you over. Creation Entertainment will have them at various shows throughout the year.

Kristen Stewart’s Jacket, pants, and shoes:

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What Was/Will Be Kristen Stewart Wearing in Breaking Dawn

When pictures came out of Kristen Stewart wearing that white dress in Brazil everyone wanted to know who made it and where they could buy it. Right away, eagle-eyed fans realized that her shoes were Michael Kors peep-toed pumps…but the dress?

Summit provided the answer to us. Sadly for people wanting to purchase it, the dress is a one-of-a-kind vintage item, so sorry you won’t find it down at Macy’s. On the other hand, COOL! it’s exactly the type of item that Alice would have selected for Bella to wear.

In other news, there are various rumors about Kristen Stewart not wearing a lot of anything in Breaking Dawn. Gossip Cop addresses those rumors.  The movie will still be PG-13, but you can have sexy scenes in PG-13 movies assuming things are strategically covered.

Halloween Prep Twilight Style

Our friends over at Twilight Poison have updated their Twilight costume guide to reflect both New Moon and Eclipse. It’s a really in depth look at how to achieve the right look down to the details. They have also added a new section on how to achieve an actor’s look from a specific awards show.

Check out the character costume list here.

Check out their actor costume guide here complete with how to make your very own MTV Golden Popcorn prop!

Twilight Pumpkin StencilsThey also have some terrific ideas on make-up and how to make yourself over in Photoshop as a vampire. As usual their tips are easy to follow and come with step-by-step instructions with illustrations so you know that you are on the right track!

While you are in full Halloween prep mode, don’t forget to do up your pumpkin Twilight style. You can download the stencils anywhere in the world, and since it is a download file and not a one shot paper item you can keep it for future projects. If you accidentally rip it, not worries, just print a new one.

So good luck shopping and carving this weekend!

EW: The Costume Process in Eclipse

EW had a chat with designer Tish Monaghan on how the clothing has evolved in the third movie. Tish Monaghan was also the costume designer on New Moon, whereas Wendy Chuck was the designer for Twilight.

• Robert Pattinson wanted to wear karate pants for the training sequence. “So we got him some karate pants, and it’s like the crotch hangs down to the knees, and I just thought, Ugh. Who’s gonna go for this? Because everything has to be approved by Summit,” Monaghan says. “We took them in a little bit, and they loved the karate pants. Who knew? I was so surprised.”

• Even at the film’s premiere, people squealed when Taylor Lautner turned around in that black T-shirt. “It was almost embarrassing. I felt so bad for him,” Monaghan says, with a laugh. “They were screaming and going ‘Wooooo!’” As she’d done on New Moon, her M.O. was to put him in smaller size Gap or Banana Republic T-shirts to emphasize his biceps, tightening the tees around the arm holes and taking them in down the side. (Pattinson wore Gap T-shirts, exclusively, she adds. “They were what fit him best. They had the best colors. So that’s what he ended up wearing, even when Edward takes Bella up to the tent. It may strike people as odd, but he doesn’t feel temperature, so that’s why we only put him in a shirt, and Bella’s all bundled up, and Jacob, of course, is running around shirtless.”

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Via Twilight examiner

Details on the Costumes of the Eclipse Trailer

After viewing the Eclipse trailer, MTV gave costume designer Tish Monaghan a call to ask all sorts of questions, including the all important query of, “is that an engagement ring on Bella’s finger???”  She confirms that it is, indeed, an engagement ring as well as giving details on many of the other costume choices we see in the trailer.   Hillywoods… are you paying attention?  John Henson?  The article gives the exact stores some items were purchased from, so die hard fans can get the same look as the characters.

Win a Red Cloak From Volterra

You can help the victims of the Haitian earthquake and win a New Moon costume at the same time.  Eric Moro, the Editor in Chief of IGN Movies, writes:

” I wanted to let you know that we are hosting a very special eBay auction – all proceeds from the auction are going to Habitat for Humanity to help those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. The reason why I’m writing is because we have a cool piece of costuming used in NEW MOON that’s being auctioned off. It’s one of the eye-popping red robes worn during the shooting of the San Marco’s Day Festival in Volterra, Italy.”

Check out the Ebay auction here.

Get Alice’s Fingerless Gloves

Laura from Craftzine sent us this.

“When a professional knitter and a movie critic live in the same household, there’s bound to be some crossover. In our house, that convergence takes form as “Movie Mondays” on my blog. Every week I post screenshots of the knitwear I spot in one of the many flicks we’re watching — we’ve become veritable eagle eyes of Silver Screen yarn; my sons even commenting when a beanie or blanket flashes across the television. Recently, while researching Twilight for his movie news website,, my husband came across this photo still of Alice wearing fingerless mitts in the upcoming sequel, New Moon. Enter this project: simple wrist warmers for a complicated girl!”

Check out the pattern instructions here.

Twilight Costumes: John Henson Opens His Website

Designer John Henson has opened his website. John has a collection of both actual clothes worn in Twilight and replicas of those clothes. We saw John’s collection at the Creation Entertainment Twi-Tour Atlanta.

John pays incredible attention to detail when making his costumes right down to making sure he has the exact bolt of fabric. He’s has contact with people like Tish Monaghan to make sure that he “gets it right”. John will also be working with The Hillywood Show creating many of their costumes for their upcoming New Moon parody.

Check out John’s website as he continues to fill it out as the months go by.