New Breaking Dawn Footage from ET

Remember the day Rob had to drive a boat in Brazil? ET has footage.

Video: ET Goes Behind the Scenes at Breaking Dawn

Set your TVs to Entertainment Tonight this weekend!

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ET Interviews at Comic Con

MacKenzie Foy: First Video from Hawaii 5-0

MacKenzie Foy is in the next episode of Hawaii 5-0 airing Monday. Here’s your first look at her!

ET: Kristen Stewart Looking Forward to Breaking Dawn and Renesmee

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Cam Gigandet Snags Another Vampire Role

According to ET:

“Stephen Moyer of HBO’s “True Blood” and Cam Gigandet of ‘Twilight’ have taken on roles in the thriller movie ‘Priest’ but this time Moyer plays the mortal, Variety reports.

Based on the TokyoPop comic book, the movie is set in a turbulent time period, ravaged by wars between vampires and humans. The film follows a priest (Paul Bettany) who rebels against the church to avenge a group of murderous vampires who have kidnapped his niece. Gigandet’s character helps the priest because he is in love with his niece, while Moyer plays the brother of the clergyman.”

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Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner on EW Cover

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart are going to be on the cover of this Friday’s Entertainment Weekly. Entertainment Tonight broke the news last night.

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ET: Post Teen Choice Awards

The video is spoiler free and is hilarious to watch Kristen Stewart do a Robert Pattinson impression and for the whole cast to talk about Rob’s hair.

Melissa Rosenberg Interviewed on ET

ET: What can you tell us about ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse’?

Melissa Rosenberg: It becomes bigger in scope. The first film was really a small romance in a way. There was the battle with James (Cam Gigandet) at the end. That was as big as it got. With ‘New Moon,’ we have the werewolf clan, we have the Vulturi — and in ‘Eclipse,’ there is an epic battle, so with every book, with every episode of the movie, it gets grander in scope, which is fun to write. What was great about that, too, is with the small story and the characters … to be able to grow with it and track it through, it has really been a great pleasure.

ET: Are you writing for the chemistry between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

Melissa Rosenberg: When I wrote ‘Twilight,’ I didn’t know who was starring in it, so I wrote in a vacuum. There was some rewriting that had to be done when we knew who they were, because I had started with more of a comedic edge and it wasn’t appropriate for those actors and the tone. I lean toward the dark comedy, witness “Dexter.” So, going into ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse,’ I knew who I was writing for. I knew who the characters were and what their voices were. It got even easier with ‘Eclipse.’ [Author] Stephenie Meyer’s created the character’s chemistry; and those two actors brought so much chemistry. I don’t think the movies would have been so successful without those two actors and their chemistry. ‘Twilight’ was beautifully cast.

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Taylor Lautner Shows July 4th Pride

ET asked various celebrities like Queen Latifa, Josh Duhamel, and Blake Lively about what is the best part of being an American this July 4th.

This is what Taylor Lautner ,who is pictured left at a recent LA Dodgers Game,(what’s more all-American than baseball!) summed it up in three short, but important words:

“The freedom and family and friends.”

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