Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner on EW Cover

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart are going to be on the cover of this Friday’s Entertainment Weekly. Entertainment Tonight broke the news last night.

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  1. If they are going to leaving RP out of these..big mistake. I don’t see anything “sexy” about these. A cute friendship, but not that spark.

    • u r sooo right… It’s not the same when she is doing this with Rob… the vib is TOTALLY different… Everyone can c it & feel it…

      • I agree also… if you compare this to the vanity fare shoot you can totally see the difference. Like you said about the spark between them.
        When i saw this video i thought ‘cute friendship’.

        awsome backflip from taylor though!

    • I think that (and Rob has said) since Edward is only a “supporting character” in this film (and book), that it is right to focus on those predominantly featured.

      Nice flip Taylor!

    • What could we expect…they are mediea haha. They will say it’s a sexy photoshoot. I mean people should ignore that becaseu it wont go away.

  2. omg they are so cute!
    i love the picture of them 🙂
    they obviously get alone so well and i like it 🙂

  3. I will be going out soon to buy my copy…cant wait

  4. Stephanie says:

    that backflip is so awesome… oh the power in those legs of his.

  5. Magdalena says:

    In a book, there IS a chemistry between them. J-Team, girls 8)

    • In the book, Bella continues to be in love with Edward. In “real” life, we know Kristen and Rob are on fire (for good reason) and it jumps off the screen. Kristen and Taylor look like brother and sister. Summit needs to stop trying to sell something that isn’t there and use what they have.

      • I totally agree- the studio is pushing Jacob/Taylor way too much.

        • Have you two even READ New Moon? Summit is SUPPOSE to show some chemistry between Kristen & Taylor. No….she never loves Jacob the way she loves Rob, but there IS CHEMISTRY.

          • Agreed-and according to the comments Charlie made in New Moon and Eclipse, Bella is more normal around Jake, and more intense and serious with Edward.
            They said that Jacob is the natural path Bella’s life would’ve taken, so of course things between KS and TL should be more laid-back, while she and Rob should be more uptight.

  6. I agree no on screen chemistry between them. Taylor still looks too young to me. Just my opinion. Another year or two and he would probably be perfect to play Jacob, but not now….Still like him though!

  7. I think Summit will do a disservice to Twifans by forcing the Bella/Jacob relationship. Of course, we know the connection, love the story and the photo shoot looks fun, but don’t try to make us think that Jacob has a chance… we’ve read Eclipse.

    • Jacob luver says:

      they r just trying to make it convincing, its their job!! in this book jacob DOES have a chance its just tht sum ppl havent read the books and dont know how it ends so its good to make it seem jacob CAN end up with bella even though we all know what happens!! and dont take all this to heart!! its just a movie and set of books for crying out loud!! taylor and kristen DO love each other as FRIENDS and no one can stop or change how someone feels about someone else!

  8. Yaaay Kristens hair is back!!!

  9. I’m happy that Taylor is getting a cover.
    There is no “sexual” chemistry between the
    two though. The chemistry between RP and KS
    jumped off the screen. I am not getting in any
    way vested in TL.
    I have read the books after all.
    Most fans would like more RP and less TL with

    • That’s the thing. We HAVE read the books, we know how it ends. We’re not going to start pulling for Jacob just because the put Taylor on magazine covers. Lame.

  10. Summit made a HUGE mistake on this. If they think they should push the “Bella/Jacob” friendship for New Moon, they are taking the wrong route. Like it or not Robert Pattinson IS the face of Twilight and it’s the chemistry between Kristen and Rob that is making these movies HUGE, Taylor looks like her little brother. They DESPERATELY need to include ‘Edward’ in the sale of this movie. New Moon was deathly slow in the middle without Edward and promoting that part of the movie is a HUGE mistake.

    Not going to buy this magazine and it makes me groan over the movie. They should have included Rob, it would have sold better and had more of a punch. Taylor can’t sell this without Rob.

    • Well said! Summit is trying way too hard to try to make Taylor as popular as Rob- the way they are promoting him is so forced. I did not agree with him playing Jacob- I believed (and still do) that he should’ve been recast, so to have to see him over and over as the “face” of New Moon is beginning to grate on me.

      • I agree! The more they try to push Taylor down my throat by taking Rob out of the equation, the more I resent him. Making Taylor front and center is NOT making me like him more, it’s making me like him less and encouraging eye rolling.

    • HEY GUYS DEB,JP,,I like what they are doing, they should show more of jocob(taylor)Jacob is in most of the book.They cant have rob in all the shots. Im team switz though.Im just tired of all these dating rumors with kris/rob.She is more free with taylor and thats how she should be with rob as well.Peeps just over analyze rob/kris relatonship bc of ed/bella.Cant wait any way N.MOON all the way twifriends..

    • I know! It’s not like there shoudn’t be Taylor, of course not. But in NM Edward is very important. Jacob in Twilight wasn’t, but we had him on promos.
      Edward in NM has the most important scenes. I mean do people really believe that he is in the movie for 5 minutes??? Italy alone should last some time…and not to mention when they come back and do the talk and the vote.
      And I must admit, this just makes me less and less interested in the books and the movies. I was afraid it will be like this, but it’s stronger every day. I just don’t feel excited as I was for Twilight.

  11. I think Kristen and Taylor look cute together. I agree that their chemistry is totally different from Rob/Kristen’s but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s just the way it should it be. I have a feeling that the Bella/Jacob relationship will be very well portrayed in New Moon, I’ve been impressed with the clips we’ve seen so far. At first I thought it was annoying how they’re pushing Jacob/Taylor everywhere, but it’s understandable, New Moon is as much Jacob’s movie as it is Edward’s. However, I don’t think Summit should be selling the love triangle yet, how are they going to promote Eclipse if they have already used that card? In my opinion it is arguable that the triangle even exists. I hope it isn’t too much present in New Moon, this movie should be about Bella losing Edward and forming a friendship with Jacob. My biggest fear is that the reunion in the end will not be as powerful as it is in the book if they push the romantic side of Bella and Jacob’s relationship.

  12. just wait for the movie before you judge on the on screen connection

    • exactly!!!!! how do you know it wont be awesome when you havent seen it yet you cant judge a movie by a magazine cover!

  13. I have to say I agree with Lanie and Maelina. I like both Edward/Rob and Jacob/Taylor. Quite frankly it’s refreshing to see someone enthusiastic and nice about all of this. They’re taking pictures together. What’s wrong with that? By the time Eclipse is released, they’ll probably have all 3 posing and glaring/staring/smoldering at each other. Who cares? Perhaps we should be looking at it as Bella and Edward are old souls who connect on a deeper level, and for Jacob, it’s just like a “first crush.” He doesn’t have a chance. We know this. I don’t think the Bella/Jacob relationship was ever intended to be portrayed as the love of a lifetime, so just try to go with it because it doesn’t seem like it was be portrayed as such in the movie either. I don’t expect Jacob and Bella to sit around looking at each other and smoldering. That’s not what their relationship was about, but there is a certain level of tension and drama there that should be brought to the movie. Hello, Bella is hurt and is USING Jacob just a little, and Jacob, in turn, is taking advantage of the situation to a certain extent. Yet we all KNOW where her heart lies!! And we all knows what happens. Perhaps some just don’t like Taylor. Many probably wouldn’t like anyone cast as Jacob because most just LOVE Rob… BUT, just hang in there, for goodness sake! Edward/Rob comes back, you know. Reference all the pictures of Rob shirtless… To quote Rob, “Guys!”…let’s wait to see the movie! It might just surprise you.

  14. Jacob luver says:

    im soooo jealous of kristen rite now xPP i LUVVVV taylor XP he seems so down to earth and friendly! i wud love to have a boyfriend/best friend like him XP and i dont think taylor and kristen have a “romantic” spark i think its juss “friendly” and “brotherly-sisterly” if kristen annd taylor dated i dont think it wud last… but i doubt they will date[though i think taylor likes her a lil bit whereas kristen loves him as a friend/bro] i wud loveeeee to meet taylor, its a dream of mine =D

  15. Magdalena says:

    Frankly, for me Bella & Rob is like old married couple – we all know they’re gonna end up together, so there’s no anxiety and no one’s gonna be surprised. Between Bella & Jake there is chemistry (in the book, I don’t know about the movie yet, of course) and reading “NM” I really wanted to see this love bloom – maybe just because it was doomed to failure from the start, so sweet but hopeless?. Unrequited love is a sad thing, but this was different – Bella had to choose whom she loved more, because she loved them both 8(
    So c’mon you guys, there’s got to be B/J chemistry, not only brother/sister love (I wouldnt want to imagine having kids with my bro, not to mention kissing him and feel good about it, ewwww 8/

  16. i dont see the problem with it being more about jacob/taylor. this book really isnt about edward. give jacob/taylor some credit guys.

  17. i agree with matty. new moon is about jacob and bella’s friendship/relationship growing and about bella trying to put edward and the cullens out of her mind. so it good that summit is making this more taylor/jacob’s movie, because although edward will play a huge part in it, its not his book/movie. im not saying that it is entirely jacobs, of course not, but he plays a bigger role in it than edward.

    summit/chris weitz will do a better job of new moon than twilight for sure. wait till november and then judge the movie, like Lanie said.

  18. i have not read the books at all but loved twilight becuase of the chemistry edward and bella had.

    when i watched new moon i must admit,I didn’t feel much of the connection between jacob and bella.there was a little bit there but i must admit i was waiting and waiting to see when edward was going to come on screen.

    that’s just how i felt.

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