Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner on EW Cover

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart are going to be on the cover of this Friday’s Entertainment Weekly. Entertainment Tonight broke the news last night.

Via Twilight Source

Robert Pattison:So Much Coverage, So Little Time

MTV just about turned over their entire website to Rob yesterday.

First they had the outtakes of his sizzling photoshoot with Dosier.

Then they had an accent expert analyzing his Spanish accent in Little Ashes. The expert seemed to think it was pretty legit. Only the real Castellanos can tell us if he actually nailed the right dialect.

According to their expert, “There is one thing he did that really struck me, and it is something he does as an Englishman well, I say, for example, ‘I am going “ta” the store.’ Like Americans, we don’t say ‘to,’ we say ‘ta.’ And in one little clip, he says [‘I need to go further’] without the ‘ta.’ People who learn English as a second language learn it properly, and a little word like ‘to’ is a hard thing for them not to say properly. So [someone like Salvador Dalí] would say, ‘I am going “to” the store.’ It’s a hard thing for them to break.”

Now if a throwdown is what you are up for, there is the never ending Edward vs. Buffy (et. al.) debate.