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Breaking Dawn’s Mackenzie Foy Makes Breakout Star List on Next Movie

Next Movie has a list of actors likely to rise to the next level after their fall movies are seen. Mackenzie Foy who plays Renesmee landed on the list.

Why She’ll Be a Star: Much to Robsten fans’ dismay, the lovely 11-year-old may be the only offspring (fictional or real) to ever belong to “Twilight” stars and off-screen exes Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. As Renesmee, the hybrid human-vampire daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen, Foy (who says she’s too young to have read the books) gets to interact with the franchise’s biggest players — including Taylor Lautner, her adoring imprinted werewolf Jacob.

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MacKenzie Foy Wants Her Own Breaking Dawn Action Figure

MAckenzie Foy chatted with MTV about her Breaking Dawn future.

MTV: What about promotional material like posters, t-shirts, lunch boxes or action figures? Have they given you an early look at any Renesmeee-themed products?

Foy: I haven’t seen any yet. I don’t know [if they’re making them] but it would be pretty cool. It would be pretty cool to have my own doll from the film, then it would be like, “Look, I’m playing with me!” It would be cool to have lunch box too.

MTV: Aside from how the movie ends for Renesmee and what you might know about how the book ends, if you could think up a happy ending for Renesmee what would it be?

Foy: I haven’t really thought about that but it would be cool to see her happy and having a normal life.

MTV: As normal as possible for a girl surrounded by vampires and werewolves.

Foy: [Laughs] Yeah.

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How MacKenzie Foy Stole the Fandom’s heart

Laura has her bimonthly column up. this time out she talks about MacKenzie Foy and just how adorable won over Hall H.


One of the things about Foy is the fact that she does uncannily resemble both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. In a franchise that is very concerned with character appearance, this was one hurdle met. In an interview last year, director Bill Condon spoke about the resemblances and being overjoyed that Foy both looked the part and had the acting chops as well. “Mackenzie Foy was like; wow that’s it [with her audition]. She looks like their daughter and there’s just a quality she had, you know. I mean and it was such a relief because Renesmee was so tough to picture and imagine, you know? So I have to say she was just like, I think we’ve got it right there, and then I showed her to everybody else and everybody agreed.” Fans also echoed Condon’s sentiment. Every time Foy spoke there were audible, adoring sighs from the crowd.

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Just to add to the adorableness of MacKenzie, at Comic Con I was in the interview suite waiting my turn to interview several Twilight actors for when I spied MacKenzie sneak over at a closet pull something out and hide it behind her back. I instantly thought what was up with that? She was failing dreadfully at being furtive all the while thinking she was succeeding at stealth in they way only 11-year-olds can. Well, about a minute later I found out. When she told one of the room handlers, “Excuse me I have to give something to Mr. Jackson”. She pulled a stuffed toy from behind her back and presented it to Jackson Rathbone for his newborn son, who was at that time roughly a week old. There were no cameras on her. She had no idea I was about to start an interview. It was just a great kid, being a great kid, and Jackson seemed rather touched too.

Meet MacKenzie Foy and Renesmee What Has and Hasn’t She Seen

There so much footage out there, but we like these the best.

When was the first time you had heard of “Twilight”?
I don’t remember how old I was, but I had heard of it.

Had you heard of the movies or the books first?
The books first.

Had you read the books first?
No, I am not allowed to read the books. I saw the movies, though. I saw the first one and the second one.

What were your first thoughts about the movies?
I thought they were really good movies.

Did you ever think you were going to end up being in one of them?
Actually, when I first saw them, I was like, “These are good movies!” I never thought, “Hey! Maybe I will be in one of those one day.” I never thought that. It’s kind of funny.

What was your first day on the set of “Breaking Dawn” like?
It was really cool. I was excited and happy because it was my first time being on a movie set. So I was just super excited.

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Meet Mackenzie Foy

Mackenzie Foy plays Renesmee in Breaking Dawn part 2. She sounds like she’s a really well-adjusted kid who is talented.

According to EW


Foy grew up outside of Los Angeles and has been working steadily — she booked her first gig, modeling for Ralph Lauren at the age of 3 — modeling, appearing in commercials, and acting on TV shows such as ‘Til Death, Hawaii Five-O, and Flashforward. She picked up some new skills while shooting Breaking Dawn, thanks to her famous costars. Taylor Lautner taught her how to throw a football and Kristen Stewart gave her tips on summoning tears onscreen. (“She said to think of something sad for a very long time.”)

The actress, who is homeschooled, just completed fifth grade. She says hopes to continue being an actress — and eventually a director — for the rest of her life. But in the near future?  ”I’m going to swim and eat popsicles.”

Here is how much Bill Condon liked her in a question that Laura asked last year.

One of my favorite movies is Jerry Maguire with the line, “You had me at ‘hello’”. Was there anybody in that casting process that maybe you didn’t know and then you were just like, “Whoa, you had me at ‘hello’!” Who was your—

BC: You know who? Mackenzie Phillips. I mean—Foy…Mackenzie.


BC: She’s a perfect, perfect—yeah, [inaudible] Mackenzie Foy. Mackenzie Foy was like, wow that’s it. She looks like their daughter and there’s just a quality she had, you know. I mean and it was such a relief because Renesmee was so tough to picture and imagine, you know? So I have to say she was just like, I think we’ve got it right there ‘cause it’s possible. And then I showed her to everybody else and everybody agreed.

This video is a really good example of her just being a kid.

Mackenzie Foy and the Swear Word Bucket!

The more I see of her, the more I am in awe of this little girl!  MTV talked with Mackenzie and she admitted that her cast mates had a difficult time keeping their language in check.  She actually had a swear jar for them to put money in when they used foul language and then donated the money to St. Judes.

In response to our earlier post about how she wasn’t allowed to see Eclipse, well, she’s not allowed to see all of Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 either!  She’s was going to have to close her eyes for some moments.  One thing is clear, Mackenzie’s parents are doing a fine job of keeping her innocent in all the madness that is Hollywood!


Mackenzie Foy Admits She is Not Allowed To See Eclipse!

This interview is just precious!  Makenzie talks about working Rob and Kristen and even mentions “Miss Nikki.”  She also comments on why she hasn’t read the books yet and how she is not allowed to see Eclipse!


Taylor Lautner talks Mackenzie Foy, Future Twilight Possibilities, and Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn Cast Starts to Arrive in Vancouver

The Breaking Dawn Cast started to arrive in Vancouver over the weekend. According to People:

“The cast of Twilight is once again converging on the Canadian city, this time to film the Breaking Dawn films, with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart arriving together on Monday…Three other cast members arrived Sunday night on the same flight – Mia Maestro, who plays the vampire Carmen; Myanna Buring, who plays Tanya; and Mackenzie Foy, the 10-year-old newcomer who plays the daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen.

More arrivals are expected as the week goes on.”

One reporter new to the Vancouver scene, who is a Twilight fan, asked MacKenzie Foy for her autograph(seen left video below).  You have to love the newbieness of this particular reporter who seemed stunned that her encounter would end up on a fansite after she Tweeted about it using a Breaking Dawn hash tag on Twitter.  Tweeting with regulars who cover Vancouver  and using a Breaking Dawn hash tag wasn’t exactly low profile. It’s sort of like running into the middle of Times Square waving a huge “I love Twilight banner” and screaming “I’m here” into a megaphone and then expecting no one to notice…subtle it’s not. She just started a new blog about her relatively new career. Check it out here.

There’s also a video of her encounter. MacKenzie’s mom was there as well as security and they didn’t seem to mind the video camera so we are posting the footage.