Melissa Rosenberg Interviewed on ET

ET: What can you tell us about ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse’?

Melissa Rosenberg: It becomes bigger in scope. The first film was really a small romance in a way. There was the battle with James (Cam Gigandet) at the end. That was as big as it got. With ‘New Moon,’ we have the werewolf clan, we have the Vulturi — and in ‘Eclipse,’ there is an epic battle, so with every book, with every episode of the movie, it gets grander in scope, which is fun to write. What was great about that, too, is with the small story and the characters … to be able to grow with it and track it through, it has really been a great pleasure.

ET: Are you writing for the chemistry between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

Melissa Rosenberg: When I wrote ‘Twilight,’ I didn’t know who was starring in it, so I wrote in a vacuum. There was some rewriting that had to be done when we knew who they were, because I had started with more of a comedic edge and it wasn’t appropriate for those actors and the tone. I lean toward the dark comedy, witness “Dexter.” So, going into ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse,’ I knew who I was writing for. I knew who the characters were and what their voices were. It got even easier with ‘Eclipse.’ [Author] Stephenie Meyer’s created the character’s chemistry; and those two actors brought so much chemistry. I don’t think the movies would have been so successful without those two actors and their chemistry. ‘Twilight’ was beautifully cast.

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  1. bellaslittlecactus says:

    aww, they were originaly supposed to have a comedic edge…oh well, I like Kstew and Robward just the way they are….

    About to be Three months left till New Moon!!!! Just think, 3 mounths ago was May……………time went by pretty fast don’t ya think??

  2. she looks like jk rowling

  3. cheering4twi says:

    Here Here Melissa, I agree. Twilight was beautifully cast. I never fail to be stunned by how well each character was cast.

  4. allthekingshorses says:

    A comedic edge? She really has no idea what she’s doing. Did she even read the books? Yes, that’s appropriate because there is simply SO much comedy. The dialogue in Twilight was embarrassingly flat. Summit should have gotten rid of her.

  5. AMEN allthekingshorses. I had the same exact thought when I read that she started it out with a comedic edge. Really – does she really think that the whole story needs to be re-written? That is what it sounds like she is saying. Whatever. I just do not like what she did with Twilight and I’m sure I’ll be disappointed with the next three in terms of how she has translated them into a script. I really don’t think she is the best for the job – obviously with comments about it initially having a comedic edge. That just tells me she totally doesn’t get it – at all.

  6. She ruined Twilight. Let’s hope she learned her lesson for New Moon. Otherwise a petition with millions of fans will be signed to have her kicked out.

  7. Comedy? Dark comedy? WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE THINKING? UGH!!!! I really hope that she’s got all the thing of Twilight… Otherwise I am the 1st one to write a million of letters to Summit to kick her out.

  8. Okay, I try to understand her but can’t. She totally messed the connection between Bella and Edward up in Twilight. They had a great sense of humor with each other, and you would never even know it from her script. Melissa never brought out that closeness as they grew. I’m sorry, she totally dropped the ball, people who knew nothing of the books just came out the theater scratching their heads. On the up side, alot of people went and bought the book to read so they could make sense of the movie.

  9. She’s really creeping me out with her pose-y photos(sorry!). I really hope she has improved on her craft because I agree with the people that the screenplay and the direction of Twilight was totally screwed.

  10. To be fair, I think when she says “comedy” she means the back and forth between Edward and Bella. Not slapstick or anything else that wouldn’t make any sense at ALL in Twilight. Too bad she didn’t leave it in, because it would’ve made the movie a little less serious. (And less easy to make fun of.)

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