ET Posts Outtake Video

Most of this we saw already. There is some extension to the previous ET interviews and now you have Stephenie Meyer’s opinion.

ET and Access Hollywood: MTV Follow Up

Also remember to check out ET tonight, according to their producer New Moon will be featured tonight. As far as we know, ET was the one American entertainment outlet that was given access to the Italy set.

Behind the How To Be Scenes

ET has a look at what went down behind the scenes on How To Be.

Screen Caps from Twilight Poison

Twilight Poison has a great gallery of screen caps of the ET footage that has been run over the last few days.

Look for more coverage from ET tonight.

New Moon Exclusives from ET

Here is the video of yesterdays Entertainment Tonight New Moon Exclusive.  There is about 20 miutes of footage some of which you have seen before most of which you have not.  There are extended interviews and some vampire fashion tips.  Thanks to everyone who sent in the link.

More New Moon Exclusives from ET

Entertainment Tonight ran another portion of their New Moon exclusive tonight.  Some of the stuff you have already seen, some of it is new including Kristen being asked Edward or Jacob and some words from Stephenie.  It hasn’t been posted on ET but check local listing as ET usually re-airs late night on Saturdays and you can probably catch it then.

It is currently available HERE but the quality isn’t that good.  As soon as ET has it posted we will let you know.

Thanks to Mary for the heads up.

Mary Hart On Interviewing The Twilight Cast

Mary Hart was on the LA Fox affiliate station this morning talking about her Twilight experience.

ET Exclusive Sneak Peek Videos

ET is promising more tomorrow!

Reality TV hits Santa Monica

According to ET, the Hollywood reporter got the scoop on a new reality TV show. The Fred Segal outlet store that is frequently visited by tons of young Hollywood’s up-and-comings, including Taylor Lautner, is going to have it’s own reality TV show.

“The Bravo show will follow the daily drama that occurs at the retail outlet’s Santa Monica location, filming the lives of those who work and shop at the store…Fred Segal is a legendary retail haven synonymous with high fashion and style, and the fashionistas who work, shop and gossip at the store promise to have arresting, entertaining, colorful personalities and lives.”

Given how much Taylor has grown, no wonder he needs new clothes!

ET Gives a Peak at Taylor Lautner

ET has another series of teaser videos up. In one, they claim that one of the biggest things on Robert Pattinson’s mind during the Twilight premiere was that his pants were too tight. Check out the Taylor snippet below.