ET: Kristen Stewart Looking Forward to Breaking Dawn and Renesmee

Video removed due to autoplaying


  1. This reporter is slick. “How’s Rob? How do you guys get away during filming?” LOL

  2. anyone else noticed she nervously laughs everytime she talks about them becoming a family or having a baby together? guess its weird for her to think of rob that way? <3

  3. I can’t wait till “Breaking Dawn” comes out!!!! To bad it is a year away.

  4. I agree with Becky. I’m kristens age and the thought of settling down and having a baby is so odd. I would see how she laughs, its so.far fetched for someone who is so focused on their career. And at the age of 20? Eek lol

  5. The first 2 questions made me so uncomfortable. She handled them well. I love her. Can’t wait for BD. Can’t wait to see Kristen as a Mother and a vamp.

  6. i loved the first two questions. I know that this website tries to stay away from Robsten, but I can’t help it.. the though of them together makes me so happy!!!!

  7. can we get the link to this video since it was removed? thanks!!

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