ET: Post Teen Choice Awards

The video is spoiler free and is hilarious to watch Kristen Stewart do a Robert Pattinson impression and for the whole cast to talk about Rob’s hair.


  1. They are all so cute! Love the comraderie! I’m psyched that they are so psyched for Eclipse.
    Finally! someone tells the truth about Rob’s hair! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. lol. i love this vid!

  3. jadedandboring says:

    I’m absolutely dying over the hair talk. My boss thinks I’m insane.

  4. phillygirl19119 says:

    I think us Twilighters should thank ET for the appropriate interview and not going into anything personal w/Kristen. However, Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood did the most disgusting thing that one could do. She tried to pit the cast mates against Robert because he didn’t stop to be interviewed by her. He was being pushed along by his manager and he tried to turn and say hi but he was hurried along. She then turned to the cast and asked them how they felt about being dissed by Robert and he wasn’t dissing them at all. I think it was abhorrent of her to do that trying to make Robert out as if he was a prima donna and it was not the case. The media hounds the poor guy to death with false “pregnancy” rumors and relationships etc… and makes him live a bubble and they wonder why his management is now keeping a tight leash on him. I found it to be disgusting what Shaun Robinson did and she needs to be called on the carpet for it by Twilight fans. Robert has always been accommodating to his fans and even the media. She took it personally and tried to start a riff. If you haven’t seen the video, got to Access Hollywood’s site and look for the Robert Dissing his Cast. It’s terrible what she did and should retract her statement and apologize for her actions.

    • Haha I totally agree…this was the best interview I think. That Shaun Robinson Lady pisses me off she is so obnoxious.

  5. I can’t wait to watch it tonight!I loverd the talk about Rob’s hair!Kristen was so funny.

  6. kristen is SO describing what he does from seeing him in the mornings after their hot nights together. hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Love it!! The cast is hilarious. And KStew’s description of RPattz was dead on. Too cute. Shes glowing and too cute in this interview. Just seems so much more relaxed.

    • Yes, she is glowing and so much more relaxed. I’m so glad that her and Rob get to finally be a couple and act like themselves. I think that will be a win / win situation for everyone.

  8. tater tot says:

    lol! this made me laugh!!! haha when he was like should we talk about him like he isn’t here? and kristen is like “yea lets do it!” lol

  9. Love Kristen Stewart. She’s so funny there. Can’t wait to see her in the Runaways.

  10. lol…chia pet that cracked me up.. i love Kristen <33

  11. Wicked!! I LOVE the awesome vibes when the cast get together and juz goof off like that! (Trying to imagine Rob’s reaction when he sees this one!!)

    Thanks a bunch!!

  12. haha thats sooo great ๐Ÿ™‚ I love how Kellan and Jackson dont even talk and Kellan is eating a lollipop haha so amazing. Kristen seemed in control tonight and not so akward. Well we will see tonight !!

    • I agree, Kristen seemed really confident and not nervous and shy. I think her and Rob coming out slowly has her feeling more at ease. For the past two years with all the rumors about them and her not confirming that she has broken up with her boyfriend probably made it difficult with the tension of having the media constantly ask her about their relationship. Now that they are out and it’s being confirmed slowly it seems that she’s more relaxed and being herself, she has a great sense of humor and hopefully now everyone will be able to see that about her and realize why Rob is really so crazy about her.

  13. Nice and funny interview, some new questions for a change. Though I think Kristen was all the time wating for the interviewer to ask THE question.. she looked a bit freaked out. I hope the cast did more interviews, I love seeing them together, but why wasn’t Rob there? Why are they excluding him again from the interviews? I don’t know if he did any at all.. =(

  14. is it just me or is everyone picking on Rob…. its not his fault he plays the universes most wanted stud,… teenage girls go crazy over Edward Cullen… So what’s with Kristen snuggling up to Taylor and bashing Rob, with everyone else? Even in the other interviews they talk about Rob like hes some “actor who let the fame get to his head”… i just dont see him in the public eye as much any more,

    • Joan, I got that feeling also. I have never heard Rob say anything mocking about any cast member. It bothers me to see them even if they were kidding, and please leave him alone about his hair already.

  15. Oh my God! I love the cast! They are so cute together and I love how they are talking about Rob. I can’t wait for New Moon and the rest of the movies ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. kristen absolutely cracked me up in this video!

  17. what an awesome interview!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Kristen’s impression of Rob – OMG hilarious and blatantly so true! ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

  18. Dude, Kristen is awesome! I think this was like the funniest/beast interview that I’ve seen with her.

  19. Kristen was so awesome in this video. I definitely think that her and Rob coming out slowly basically is making her feel more confident and less shy or nervous. She has a funny sense of humor yet she usually is quiet and shy because of all the tension of being asked if they are together. Everyone says she has a great sense of humor but maybe with all that tension before of the rumors she couldnt’ be herself. She definitely looked so much more relaxed and open, I’m happy for them. Just can’t stand Nikki, I’m sorry I’ve tried but gosh she just tries to talk over everybody and give input like she really knows him that well, urrghh, her part has been so minimal and insignificant and yet she clings on Ashley and is the biggest attention hogger.

    • kehacakes says:

      You’ve commented three times on Kristen and Rob “coming out slowly” as a couple. I thought they weren’t a couple at all and never have been. Has sometihng been officially released or confirmed that they’ve been together all this time or is this just wishful speculation on your part? Just wondering.

      I also never read anything about her and her boyfriend officially splitting. Can you point me to something besides a tabloid? Just curious, Did I miss something?

      • I totally agree with you kehacakes. The person you commented to I think is just speculating. I have yet to see anything that screams “couple” like photographical/written/verbal confirmation. I have friends that I spend time with that can make people think we are dating too. It is called good, tight, close friendship. If they are dating good if not good. The latest pictures that I have seen are maybe a hand brush against a leg…OH no not that.

  20. Its all in good fun. They are just teasing rob in a funny sarcastic way. Me and my friends do that a lot. We are all silly and sarcastic like that. And i hate how the media is making rob out to be a jerk just cuz he’s not wanting to do certain interviews and such. Well excuse me but if these so called “reporters” and “journalists” actually asked good questions about their work and projects and keep their private life private without being rude ane envasive then publicists and managers wouldnt have to pull him away as much. Its sad what is happening with the cast being treated like scum just cuz they cant be what you want

  21. Kristen did great last night. She seems to have been much more at ease, and so her sense of humor came through. Didn’t love the dress, but she looked pretty good. As always, her eyes are gorgeous.

  22. Bahaha! A chia pet? LOL! Thats great!!!

  23. woah. im a little lost teen choice awards r tonight ryt?

  24. First, I love Rob but I have to say that I think he may be getting a little to big for his britches. I used to love that he was so different from Hollywood types and now he looks just like any other. With his beefed up security, not doing interviews, never smiling in photos anymore, not joining his cast,etc. Too cool for school and I am glad Shaun called him out on it.
    As for this video, Kristen and the cast were really cute.

    • Rob hasn’t changed, his status in Hollywood has changed and that of course affects how he is treated in events like these. I’m certain Rob didn’t decide not to do these interviews. It was Summit’s call. I’m sure he would rather do interviews together with the rest of the cast than be pushed around by his agent. What happened with Shaun was entirely Nick’s fault. And yes he smiles in photos, you’re generalizing a bit I think..

  25. RockPaperScissors says:

    Kellan Lutz is soooo stinkin’ Emmett, all sassy in the corner with his lollipop. Love it.

  26. I loved the part “it’s a chia pet.” I totally spit out the water I was drinking…

  27. Kristen was so awesome in this interview ๐Ÿ˜€
    I love how the poked fun at funny.
    Oh and someone said they think he is too big for his britches with beefed up security and no interviews, etc.
    1.) Rob needs that security to keep him safe from all the crazy fans (does the incidents back in June when he was in New York City ring a bell?)
    2.) Maybe there is a reason why he can’t do interviews, I heard Summit keeps a tight lid on who he is allowed to do interviews with.
    3.) He doesn’t look like all the Hollywoood types, I think all these Hollywood men are trying to look like him.
    4.) His britches are just fine ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Well said. If the media and some fans weren’t such a threat to him things would be different for him. You are right, his britched are just fine !!!

  28. Naomi Fisher says:

    Look, you guys, you need to stop this whole “I think it is helping that Kristen and Rob’s relationship is slowly coming out….” Please. I am sick of it, and I can tell you that if Kristen and Rob thought their fans were saying this they would think it was ridiculous.
    WHO KNOWS if they are going out. I am not bashing you for having your suspicions about their relationship, but I just think it is immature for you guys to credit Kristen’s relaxation in this interview with her new found relationship with Rob. That relationship has never EVER been confirmed by those two or any of the other cast members, it has only been due to speculation of stupid tabloid magazines looking to make money with a story they know people will buy.
    Of course you can have your suspicions about it, but don’t act like it’s fact, because that is what makes Rob and Kristen uncomfortable.

  29. I love to see everyone get along so well and have fun together. It’s really great.

  30. No there isn’t a confirmation from Rob and Kristen that they are together. But as of late with them spending all week together says something to me. Maybe they aren’t together and that’s fine but I would think if they were really uncomfortable with people thinking they are they would have set the record straight within the last several months. And everybody has a right to their own opinion.

  31. Kristen was soooo awesome in this interview!! she seems so realx and comfortable..I can’t believe I am sayin this but shes actually funny =)
    p.s Is she hittin on Taylor now?

  32. cristy_702 says:

    This video was funny! I can’t wait to see the TCA’s!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. LOL at Taylor saying Kristen can’t wait for the TENT SCENE!!! ME TOO!!!
    I love Eclipse because it’s the 3 of them together and the vamps and wolves get together to fight!! It’s my fave book!!!

    It was so cute how Kristen had her arms linked around Taylor’s arms through the beginning of the interview and then after she said she can’t wait for Edward, Bella and Jacob to be together, she kissed Taylor’s shoulder… so sweet!!!

  34. It looks like Justin is trying to look like Jackson! 0_o

  35. haha, love kristen in this interview, she doesn’t look so shy anymore! hopefully she is feeling a little more relaxed

  36. I think /Taylor/ is looking forward to the sleeping bag scene xD

    It’s cool that they joke around so much

  37. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    That thing Kristen did was super funny. And Taylor looks super hot. omj i can’t wait to see new moon.

  38. Twilight Nymph says:

    I have to agree Kristen’s interpretation of Rob was so hilarious. It was dead on. It was like so him. LMAO. He was doing that even while he was receiving the awards. LMAO

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