Dakota Fanning on Marie Claire Cover

Dakota Fanning is on the cover of Marie Claire.  Dakota, who just took the SAT and ACT, is now making the jump from child to adult actor. In fact she missed the Eclipse press junket in the USA because she was taking her ACTs. At the same time she seems to have avoided a path of a party lifestyle that plagues so many young actors.

“She talks about her kiss with Kristen Stewart in The Runaways: ” It’s out of the way, and it was with my friend and a girl – no pressure,” Fanning tells me, smiling and pinkening slightly. “It was not something Cherie [Currie] and Joan [Jett] ever really spoke about, and that’s how it was filmed – as not that big of a deal.”

“When you start out young, people get really attached to who you are at 6 years old,” Fanning says. ” I hope that The Runaways was kind of a moment to be like, ‘You know, I’m not that young little girl anymore, but I’m still not all grown up, either.”

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IGN: Eclipse Cast Interviews Werewolves, Vampires, and Cullens

Chaske Spencer, Julia Jones, and Alex Meraz talk about their views on why the films have such appeal.

Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, and Jackson Rathbone talk about the potential male appeal.

Dakota Fanning, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Xavier Samuel cover their characters and conflict.

Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed, and Liz Reaser also chime in on the male aspect.

InStyle: What Would You Want From The Set

InStyle asked Eclipse cast members what item they would like to take back from the set of the Twilight movies and get to keep. Some answers are sentimental like Liz Reaser’s. Other’s like Taylor Lautner’s are kind of predicable. Kellan Lutz’s choice is just so…well…Kellan (and for that matter, Emmett).

Kellan Lutz
“Emmett’s Jeep! I’ve wanted it since we shot the first movie. I keep saying that, but nothing’s happened. I’m still waiting!”

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While you are over there, they also have a feature on Dakota Fanning’s transformation and Ashley Greene’s. It’s kind of a early days of career to now retrospective.

Reelz Channel: The Cast of Eclipse at the Premiere

Naibe and Reels along with MTV were the first media outlets to embrace Twilight back when no one in media knew what it was. It’s great to see their coverage.

Eclipse | Kristen Stewart | Summer Movies 2010

Eclipse | Kellan Lutz | Jackson Rathbone | Ashley Greene | Summer Movies 2010

Eclipse | BooBoo Stewart | Kiowa Gordon | Kiowa Gordon | Summer Movies 2010

Eclipse | Dakota Fanning | Bryce Dallas Howard | Xavier Samuel | Summer Movies 2010

On The Red Carpet Covers the Eclipse Premiere

Dakota Fanning Talks Eclipse With Jay Leno

Dakota is just the first in what is going to be a very full two weeks of the cast making the talk show rounds.

Hit Fix: The Bad Vamps of Eclipse

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Talking TV: Press Coverage Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the Rest of the Eclipse Cast

Via RPattzz News more below the cut with Bryce Dallas Howard, Dakota Fanning, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone , Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, Liz Reaser, Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer, Julia Jones more [Read more…]

IESB: The Bad Vampire’s Interview, Eclipse Press Conference

BryceeclipseXavier Samuel, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Dakota Fanning participated in the press roundtable.

Q: Dakota, you are so very evil in this. What was that like?

Dakota: This is the first time I’ve gotten to play the same character in a different film. It was really great.  I love playing this character. It’s a fun character to get to play. And, being a part of all that is Twilight is such an honor and still kind of surreal for me. I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

Q: What do you like about this character?

Dakota: She’s obviously not the nicest person, but it’s kind of fascinating to be able to play someone that takes pleasure in hurting people. That’s a weird thing to get to do and, obviously, something I’ve never done before.

Q: Bryce, how is it coming into this world for the first time?

Bryce: I had not only read the books, but one of my friends actually made this little pack of Post-It notes for me with Rob’s face, that said, “Live dangerously.” All of my friends were like, “Why are you so  obsessed?” I was just like, “It’s so dangerous. Their love is so dangerous.” It was very fast and it was very sudden. To be honest, I was intimidated going into it, for a variety of reasons, but I felt so lucky to get to meet this group of people. It’s a group of people that have genuine friendships and are so deeply committed to doing justice to these stories, and who always put the character and the story first. Obviously, that’s translated, and I think that’s why the movies are as beloved as they are.”

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Access Hollywood Eclipse Cast Interviews Extravaganza

Everyone you want to hear from is here: The trio, the Cullens, the Wolfpack, The Volturi, Riley and Victoria. So we didn’t want to overload you computer screens, just hit the “read more” button after the first two videos to get the content.

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